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Fur Flying After Celebrity Pet Eats It

4/21/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The bodaciously-bosomed Barbi twins claim their beloved kitty was killed in the contaminated pet food mess -- and now they're busting out in front of a class action lawsuit against some of the world's biggest pet food manufacturers. Meow!
Barbi Twins
The Playboy Playmates turned animal rights activists, Shane and Sia, along with Shane's actor husband Ken Wahl, allege in a suit filed this week in Los Angeles County Court, that Menu Foods, Purina, Nutro and Del Monte foods are responsible for the death of their cat, Cutest, and thousands of other cats and dogs nationwide. Menu Foods recalled 60 million cans and pouches of pet food in March, after discovering a chemical in their food was found to have caused kidney damage in cats and dogs.

The Barbi twins are asking for unspecified damages to cover veterinary bills, attorneys' fees and other costs ... and "burial and disposal costs."


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Well good for them!
As a nation of pet lovers we have to make sure that this sort of thing can never happen again.

2741 days ago


What's with the plastic faces?

It's sad that 44 year old women live like this. The co-dependence is precisely why I never want to have twins.

2741 days ago


Gretat blog. I just got 2 little chihuaha puppies for easter so tiny and cute. I am really careful what I feed them. I hope this never happens again.

2741 days ago


The cat probably actually looked at them and keeled over in horror, or perhaps the toxic melamine leaking from their plastic injected bodies killed their cat. My God, celebrities should just lay off the plastic recycling already. They remind me of the Joker's victims in the Batman flick with Jack Nicholson. Spooky!

2741 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

Notice how much they look like Anna did in the last photos at the Hard Rock with Hulk Hogan. Must all be going to the same plastic surgeon.

2741 days ago


I'm not kidding: at first glance, I thought I was looking at two Lisa Rinni's with hair extensions.

2741 days ago


They are out of their plastic minds. I just read the file that they have for their lawsuit. They are suing everyone and anyone who might be involved in this dilemna. They should be doing this for the people who don't have the money to bury their animals or the people who have had to sign the rights to their pet over to the ASPCA because they could not afford to pay the bills for their sick and dying pet. These ladies have money just look at all the crap they pay doctors to inject into their lips.. That is scary. They need to stop spending the money on that and pay THEIR VET BILLS THEMSELVES and whatever money if any they get from this lawsuit, they need to donate it to the people who lost their beloved animals for their vet bills and burial costs and so on and so forth.
People who are greedy like this don't deserve the attention they get. They really need to think about the rest of America's pets because the average pet owner doesn't have tons of money to shell out like they most likely do for the bills they get when an animal is sick.

CatLover in MA who thankfully didn't have any problems with my baby's food.
But who knows there is more and more news everyday about more and more contaminated food.

2741 days ago


I am more worried about what WE humans are puttingin our bodies that's coming from China!! Maybe that's their plan to slowly off us, does the food stuff even get tested that comes from there?? Scary as hell.

2741 days ago


as far as the scary plastic surgery, I think they're all geting those vertical facial lifts... makes their faces look all the same, weird mannequinnish.

2741 days ago


These so called Barbie Twins are freaks! They will do and say anything to get their weird looking faces in the lime light, They need to get over them selfs, they are over the hill and still try to dress and look as if they are 20 years old, and what are they 44ish? Honestly I think they are fibbing about their ages, I think they look as if they might be more like late 40,s or even early 50,s? Im sorry about their cat, and the many others who may have lost their pets but come off it , sueing is not the answer, it just shows people how greedy you are, I know you two need the money but geez get a job.

2741 days ago

big joe    

what was that bitch eating 10 year's ago.

2741 days ago


People who have lost their pets can sue for cost of the pet, at todays market value. They can sue for vet-bills, but sadly thats it. Pets legally are considered property. Just like a car, or bike.

2741 days ago

concerned citizen    

As an animal lover, I'm truly sorry for anyone who has lost a beloved pet during this crisis. However, I do have to agree with poster # 9 Keep the Fight. We also have to look at our own food that is coming in from other countries. What is the FDA doing to insure our safety in this matter? How are we to feel secure what we purchase is safe? FDA puts strict guidelines for our own domestic farmers and yet are these same guidelines enforced with imported foods? I wonder. Can someone ease my mind on this?

As to the twins and their faces. OMG! Do celebs that go through these extreme surgeries really think that it makes them look attractive? Someone needs to tell them the truth! I can understand if you want a little improvement in an area or two, but to go and disfigure your face in such a manner is Scarey! They do not look normal at all. A previous poster said it reminded them of the Joker from Batman and I have to agree.

2741 days ago


Well, putting aside any judgement on the twins....which has little to do with the issue and nothing to do with the pet food problem....I am grateful that someone with SOME degree of celebrity is bringing more attention to the pet food situation.
I don't understand why we are buying pet food products from China in the first place! Other than GREED of the pet food manufacturers, there's no reason for it.
THEY EAT CATS in China! They work for pennies a day and probably can't afford to use soap when they bathe, and the regulations for sanitation in food preparation plants are PROBABLY way inferior to ours! Now that they are a communist country just adds a negative political twist with huge complications.
There are many US made pet foods that are made with US grown and processed ingredients. I am never going to feed my cats anything made by Menu Foods again.

There are toll free phone numbers on cans and bags of pet food...USE THEM and call the companies to find out the sources of their ingredients and let them know that you won't purchase their products if they contain any foreign ingredients.
Out-sourcing to make the CEO get a higher bonus or to make the huge pet food manufacturing conglomerate wealthier is not worth the life of your pets!
We have to draw the line somewhere.

I hope the class action suit pays people for the pain and suffering of losing their beloved pets. Money can't replace the love and devotion we get from our pets, but it buys distraction from the heartache....and hopefully, the loss of it will teach the likes of Menu Foods that we demand more quality control in the future!

2741 days ago

nelly forbush    

Aside from the fact that they look like their entire faces were reconstructed with silly putty, good for them. Each day that damn list keeps getting bigger, and some of the lists tell you at the end that the list may not be complete. And the worst part is that the stores still have some of it on the selves. Every time I see my cat sleeping I think she is getting sick, it has made pet owners paranoid, and rightfully so. I know at least 4 people who have had to take their pet to the vet because of it in the last month. Mainly because the brand you're feeding your pet isn't on the list, then a week later it is added......... PS, when you have to start wearing shades "At night" after you get your face worked, well, that can't be a good thing.

2741 days ago
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