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Alec Baldwin's

Threatening Message to Daughter

4/22/2007 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An enraged Alec Baldwin unleashed a volcanic tirade of threats and insults on his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, calling her a "thoughtless little pig," and bashing her mother Kim Basinger -- and TMZ has obtained the whole thing unfiltered and raw. And we've learned, a family law judge was so alarmed after hearing the tape, she has temporarily barred Baldwin from having any contact with his child. 

Alec Baldwin Daughter Phone Message
After Ireland failed to answer her father's scheduled morning phone call from New York on April 11, Alec went berserk on her voice mail, saying "Once again, I have made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone," adding, "you have insulted me for the last time."

Switching his train of thought, Baldwin then exercised his incredible parenting skills and took a shot at his ex-wife, declaring, "I don't give a damn that you're 12-years-old or 11-years-old, or a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do." The irate Baldwin went on to say, "You've made me feel like s**t" and threatened to "straighten your ass out."

"This crap you pull on me with this goddamn phone situation that you would never dream of doing to your mother," screamed Baldwin, "and you do it to me constantly over and over again."

Before hanging up, Baldwin warned the child, "You better be ready Friday the 20th to meet with me." That's tomorrow.

We've learned that on Wednesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner Maren Nelson heard the tape and temporarily suspended Baldwin's visitation rights. A hearing is set for May 4, where the judge could permanently deny Baldwin visitation or contact with Ireland.

Calls to Basinger's attorneys, celebrity lawyers Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen, were not returned.

Baldwin's lawyer, Vicki Greene, told TMZ, "Whatever happened yesterday was sealed and confidential. What you're telling me you've got you shouldn't have."

UPDATE: Basinger's publicist, Annette Wolfe, told TMZ: "The voicemail speaks for itself."

UPDATE: A friend of Alec Baldwin's just contacted TMZ to say that the actor called Ireland last week and apologized for his outburst. The friend added that Ireland is the most important thing in the world to Alec and that he is frustrated because over the last six years, Kim has "tried everything" to alienate Ireland from him.

UPDATE: Alec Baldwin's spokesperson released the following statement to the TV show "EXTRA": "In the best interest of the child, Alec will do what the mother is pathologically incapable of doing ... keeping his mouth shut and obeying the court order. The mother and her lawyer leaked this sealed material in violation of a court order. Although Alec acknowledges that he should have used different language in parenting his child, everyone who knows him privately knows what he has been put through for the past six years."


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another protective mother    

#1 We do not know why Ireland did not answer the phone.

#2 Mr. Baldwin did not know why Ireland did not answer the phone
before he left that message for her.

#3 We know that Mr. Baldwin raged at his young daughter and
insulted her mother in that message.

#4 We do not know why Mr. Baldwin raged at his young daughter and
insulted her mother.

Imagine if your child's school teacher called your child a "thoughtless
little pig"?

Why is it that parents can abuse their children but strangers can't?

In this country, a parent can verbally abuse their child but a stranger

In this country, a parent can also molest their child but a stranger can't.

If a parent molests their child, our state offices "reunite" the child with
the parent who molests them.

Don't believe it?

Look into the history of the guy who invented the term,
"parental alienation".

His name was "Dr." Richard Gardner.

He committed suicide a couple of years ago.

Now we have to get our family courts to stop paying evaluators who
use "Dr."Gardner's work in our family courts.

Ms. Basinger does not have a mysterious illness called "parental
alienation syndrome".

She is apparently a good mother who is being a protective parent.

When more good people step forward to protect children from abuse, our families will be healthier, our country will be stronger and the world will be a better place.

2701 days ago

G G    

Alex Baldwin has had a long history of temper outbursts, I feel sorry for his daughter having to listen to his ugly voice saying ugly words to her even if he meant them for her mother, she should not be exposed to this at all. She is a child and needs to be protected from people like him.
Kim Basinger has kept her mouth shut for all these years and God knows what she has had to deal with while married to this hot tempered person. He sounds like the type of person who also hits people in his fits of temper.
I wonder what his Mother and Father feel about what he said to his daughter and his temper fits. I have no respect for him and can't even watch him on tv or in movies, I'd never spend one dime to see him anywhere.

2701 days ago


I'm sorry for both Mr. Baldwin & Ms. Basinger. Their daughter deserves to have both parents. If the allegations are true,.that Ms. Basinger is alienating the child from her father, then that's wrong. We're so quick to judge. Show me a parent who has never lost their temper with their child. I really don't think you can. After hearing Mr. Baldwin's anger, I believe that he truly is frustrated & angry. At the same time, I can understand Ms. Basinger's concern about him managing his anger. But really, a person can only take so much. Sounds like Mr. Baldwin is tired of playing games. Let the courts duke it out for them. Sure go ahead, let them spend their hard earned money to do it, plus the tax payers money for the court time. This too will pass and the public will move on to the next piece of drama that the tabloids put out there to entertain all of our inquiring minds. your Dad. He's the only one you'll ever have in this life. Ms. Basinger...let your ex be the loving Dad he can be. You loved him once...let your daughter know & love him too..& Mr. Baldwin...listen to your brother Steven. Try to find forgiveness & peace. You'll be the better man for it.

2701 days ago


ARe you people kidding me? I thought he had done something extreme. HE HELLED AT HIS KID FOR LETTING HER MOTHER INFLUENCE HER IN THE WRONG WAY ABOUT HER FATHER. It's obvious from listening to the ENTIRE message that this is on going with her not answering the phone when she's suppose to talk with him. I got that. The only thing I wouldn't agree with is the pig, but she probably is a Hollywood brat like so many. This shouldn't even be discussed. A parent yelled at their child, imagine that being the person with the strong voice, oh that's right, we're not suppose to do that we make them fell like their less than people, they have rights. Look at the crime statistics among 11-19 year olds. Look at Road Rules and College Hill, we had better start doing something with our children before it's to late. Baldwin, you did nothing wrong, nothing at all. People drink a dose of reality

2701 days ago


Alec knew he was being recorded. I do not understand how it is a violation of the law. He was not taped without his knowledge. He is an arrogant jerk who has become more and more angry. I raised 3 kids and have 2 granchilden. Even though, we have all been extremely frustrated with our children, there is absolutely no excuse for his behavior. Did anyone notice how he also put down Kim, when he is going around accusing her of brainwashing the child. I am quite sure that he is a verbally and emotionally abusive on more occasions than this. Kim has all the signs of a battered wife. I wouldn't want any of my children spoken to in such an abuse way. Words are poison and this "so called" loving father is damaging that little girl, and you can't bet it is not the first time. He should not get custody. Alec is far to smart not to know how damaging & demeaning this is to a little girl that is also a preteen with enough problems to handle just growing up.

My son has custody of his daughter, but has never berated her mother around her, although I'm sure that is very hard at times. I also know many men who have not gotten along with the ex-wives, but still manage to have a wonderful, loving relationship with their children.
There is no excuse for Alec Baldwin's tyrade on his daughter, at least not one I can think of.

2701 days ago


You people are bogging my mind with your comments. Imagine your child's teacher calling them a pig, yes I'd have a problem my child is not my child's teacher child big difference, there can't be a comparison between what a parent says to their child and what a strange (teacher) says. If the courts have said or if they have agreed that there will be a phone call made at a certain time, on a certain day the bottom line is have the phone on and answer the phone. If I'm making certain that I'm doing this each time and the phone is not being answered each time, then there's a problem. Yes he yelled, I'm sure the mother yells at her to. If you have not yelled at your child(ren) then they are probably the ones that curse at their parents, tell them what they're not going to do, works if they want. He yelled people, we do that. Does his celebrity status make it more serious? Heck no he's a person who's a parent bottom line. Even if he's a convicted felon, he still has parental rights and no other parent has the right to take those rights away by saying I'm protecting the child. In fact, no parent should be discussing another parent with their child, let the child judge for themselves, but you don't have the right to disrespect a parent. What if he could go into the courts and say because my child would not speak to me this month, I think I should get my child support back for the month? Stupid, just as it's stupid to not make sure the child is available when they should be available. Mr. Baldwin may need some help with his anger, but apologizing, no only for calling her a pig. I have to go, I'm going to yell at my son for not picking up his room.

2701 days ago


Did you see the jerk talking about it all on Rosie's show? It was all about HIM HIM HIM...and how HE HE HE feels. He couldnt care less if he acts again, he'd like to leave the hoo hoo..a big self-pity party. And he cant seem to identify with anybody else's feelings except his he is reduced to making excuses, and justifying himself.
He's so self-absorbed he is floundering around trying to think of something to say, and failing miserably. I couldnt believe my eyes, I never knew he was that much of a jerk before.
No wonder she got rid of him, after watching that show I think hes a sociopath, to tell you the truth.

2701 days ago


Please people!!! Clearly none of you have ever been involved in a custody battle. They get extremely ugly and contentious. The system is flawed, and the parents are the systems' puppets. Our system tries to convince us it is doing what is in the best interest of the chld. Nonsense. The system rules in favor of those who have money because it is only those that have money that can effectively utilize the system to their advantage. Unfortunately both of these parents need to take a step back and consider their daughter. So what if Alec mouthed off and called his kid a pig. Give me a break. Do you know how many parents mouth off to their kids and much worse. He's a frustrated dad who has been wasted by the system and it will surely affect his relationship with his kid for many years to come. Yeah, he was stupid to do what he did when he knew it would be used against him. Our opportunistic society preys upon each other and doesn't give a damn who gets hurt. I have been in the system. It can make sane people crazy and crazy people don't always have the best judgment.

2701 days ago


Why don't everyone leave him alone, he appoligized to his daughter. that should
be enough. Just like Imus, after an appoligy, what else do you want BLOOD.


2700 days ago

another protective mother    


by R. Lundy Bancroft

c 1998

A sophisticated understanding of the mind of the abuser, his style as a parent, and of the tactics that he most commonly employs during separation and divorce, are essential to anyone making custody recommendations or working to design visitation plans that are safe for the children and their mother. Contrary to popular belief, children of batterers can be at just as much risk psychologically, sexually, and even physically after the couple splits up as they were when the family was still together. In fact, many children experience the most damaging victimization from the abuser at this point. A genuine batterer can be convincingly play the part of a man who has been unfairly accused, and batterers who will be a grave risk to their children during unsupervised visitation can be hard to separate from those who can visit safely. The insights and expertise of those service providers who have extensive experience working directly with abusers needs to be drawn from, and the level of contribution from victims themselves to policy design also needs to be greatly increased. Custody and visitation battles amidst allegations of domestic violence require policies and interveners (judges, mediators, and Guardians Ad Litem) based in the most detailed knowledge, experience, sensitivity, and integrity. The stakes for children are very high.

This article is drawn largely from the author's ten years of experience working as a counselor and supervisor in programs for abusive men, involving contact with some 1500 abusers, and hundreds of their victims, over that period. During the first few years of this period I worked almost exclusively with voluntary clients, and during the latter period worked primarily with court-mandated ones. The characteristics of the clients changed remarkably little during that shift. In the late 1980's, professionals in batterer programs began paying particular attention to the behavior of clients with respect to probate processes, and we began asking victims more questions about the man's conduct with respect to visitation and custody. Since leaving direct work with batterers, I have served with increasing frequency as a custody evaluator (both as Guardian ad Litem and as Care and Protection Investigator), and have worked closely with child protective services.

I also have drawn from numerous published studies, several of which are listed in the back of this article. [I have chosen for reasons of ease to refer to the abuser as "he" and the victim as "she," but I am aware that there is a small percentage of cases of domestic violence to which this language does not apply.]


Generalizations about batterers have to be made with caution. Batterers come from all socioeconomic backgrounds and levels of education. They have the full range of personality types, from mild and mousy to loud and aggressive. They are difficult to profile psychologically; they frequently fare well in psychological testing, often better than their victims do. People outside of a batterer's immediate family do not generally perceive him as an abusive person, or even as an especially angry one. They are as likely to be very popular as they are to be "losers," and they may be visible in their communities for their professional success and for their civic involvement. Most friends, family, and associates in a batterer's life find it jarring when they hear what he has done, and may deny that he is capable of those acts.

The partner and children of a batterer will, however, experience generalizable characteristics, though he may conceal these aspects of his attitude and behavior when other people are present:

The batterer is controlling; he insists on having the last word in arguments and decision-making, he may control how the family's money is spent, and he may make rules for the victim about her movements and personal contacts, such as forbidding her to use the telephone or to see certain friends.

He is manipulative; he misleads people inside and outside of the family about his abusiveness, he twists arguments around to make other people feel at fault, and he turns into a sweet, sensitive person for extended periods of time when he feels that it is in his best interest to do so. His public image usually contrasts sharply with the private reality.

2700 days ago

childs view    

Gee, I wonder why Ireland doesn't want to have a chat with Dad- why would she want to pick up the phone to be abused? If his heart is in the right place, perhaps he can communicate via email or old fashioned letters. Obviously Baldwin doesn't realize that threats and abuse do not produce reciprical love, and can scar a child for life. He says he loves his daughter, but it sounds like his hate for the ex wife is way more important to him. He is still blaming her and taking it out on the poor child. What kind of man calls a 12 year old girl a pig? Is Ireland mandated by court to pick up the phone and be subjected to abuse on a regular basis? Doesn't she have a choice in the matter?

2700 days ago


Come on people. Would you want to spend the day with ANYONE who called you a thoughtless pig? That's vulgar and harmful, especially to a kid. I remember my mother blowing up at me once and calling me a fat elephant. It still stings when I think of it, and it was 40 years ago.

2700 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    


He did not have a miles long track record of unprovocked abusive and violent behavior towards others, which he always got away with.

It is not about the bad ex-wife, the bad media that ruins lives, like his and puts words into his mouth.

Excuses, excuses, excuses,

Everyone else is bad except him, the so called VICTIM.

He better get some help before he kills someone or someone kills him in self-defense,

Yes, it is this bad and HE and Rosie does not see it.

2700 days ago


Well, I agree that this should never have been made public. If this was anyone else that was the average person, it would not be made public. Think of the embarrassement of the child to have her friends know about this. I know from experience of how a parent can cause the other parent to get so frustrated that instead of taking it out on the parent they take it out on the child. I don't condone that they do this, but it does happen. Whoever made this public should be held liable for this. As mentioned earlier, this is a family issue and now the child not only has to remember in her mind, her father's words, but it is now being repeated over and over again in the media. I agree, the mother should be held liable for breaking court orders on not doing her part to make sure her child keeps that relationship growing with the father.

2700 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

They have gotten away with the rages, intimidation and lashing out at innocent people,

and now with car thefts, what next?

Bad bunch of people, who blame the press, ex wives, children, etc

Then they ask the view for help.

2700 days ago
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