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Britney: One Fashion Day (and Nightmare) at a Time

4/23/2007 2:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears was seen in these fur-eaky pelted getups on Saturday, looking (right) like a Radio City Rockette headed for a hoedown in Morocco. The girl just can't pick a look!

Britz was all ovah the place this weekend, changing hats and wigs faster than you can say "Giddyup on over to Target!"

Hop your saddles and take a ride on the weekend fashion trail of the bewigged pop star. Yee haw!


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Federline gets the kids 4 out of seven days. Guess Brit didn't fight too hard. I am so embarressed when I look at her. I don't want to, but with her money and noteriety it's hard not too. No matter how bad my life may ever get, it can never be as lame, bad, ugly as hers. What a loser she is. You would have to be, not to learn from your mistakes or listen to people.

2708 days ago


I feel sorry for her children growing up without a mother....although with a mother like Britney they are probably better off without her. She is just white trash, has no sense of style, taste, manners or class. Why people would pay money to be entertained by her is beyond me.

2708 days ago


First of all, YIKES with the fur! Is that dog fur? Someone needs to take some shampoo and a brush to it. Second, Tater is gonna be lookin for his cowboy hat any second.

How is anyone ever gonna be able to take this chick serious anymore? She can't sing worth crap. Her only apeal was that horny dudes wanted to "do" her and horny chicks wanted to be her. Now she's the chick horny dudes will go for at the end of the night when they realize they'll be going home from the club alone. The next day they'd all tell their friends how insane she is and how crazy her eyes look when she talk! She the "club whore" who is always out trying to get laid and will swear you'd be lucky to tap her...... and will offer up about 20 other guys in the club to vouch for her.

Geez woman!!! Take you money and kids and sit your ass down somewhere!

2708 days ago

Rosa Close    

Brittney ought to go to a fur farm and watch how the butchers skin alive the fur she wears. Most likely she wont't care as she simply UGLY from inside out. There is a lot to be said by a society that turn creatures like Brittney into superstars...It is just sad. Check this web and watch the videos on what they do to fur bearing animals so ugly people like Brittney may think they look good in it:

2708 days ago

my opinion    

That roadkill she is wearing is scary! As a Target fan I resent that cheap shot you wrote. The only thing Britney owns that looks like it came from Target are the jeans. That store would be in bankruptcy if they sold the crap she wears.

She looks like a cone head cowgirl in the first photo.

2708 days ago

La Wanda    

PLEASE, leave her alone. Why is it every time Brittney is in the spot light by TMZ it is something bad or about her bad style. Leave her alone already and pick on someone like Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson for a change are better yet try reporting something good about her for a change and how she is trying to better her self, rather than having so many negative things online about her.

2708 days ago

Kerry McQuaide    

~oh Brit no! What ya doing? Too much time with paris I suppose. Not only is the outfit totally hideous but I thought you were compassionate. Seriously disappointed here.

2708 days ago


Those pictures were HILARIOUS!! Brit, you can't sing, can't dress, and can't be a mother to your kids....but you made me laugh! She's definitely the worst dressed on the planet!!! Is she trying to look like that?

2708 days ago


I can't believe anyone still shivs a git about this self-absorbed nobody.

2708 days ago


For Gods Sake can't SOMEBODY do something with her??? Does she even own a mirror? A nice full leangth one, not a small one for illegal substances...

2708 days ago

Tommy Dreamer    

peta should jump all over her for that. because if its not real fur then its not fur at all! God bless the poor little animals.EVIL PEOPLE!

2708 days ago


at this point, she's crazy and just flaunting her money b/c she has them and can. otherwise, the girl can't dress herself and has no class.

2708 days ago

the voice of experience    

Britney is young but she was old enough to choose to give birth to two it's time to grow up & be a mom to those children. I don't care how she chooses to dress (even though she looks hideous most of the time) ... what's important is the kind of parent she is & it appears, at this point, that she is not a parent at all. GROW UP BRITNEY! If you don't start being a mother to those boys, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

You know, Anna Nicole Smith might not have been the greatest role model in the world but there was never, ever a doubt that she loved Daniel.

2708 days ago


Do any of us know Britney personally? If we don't how can anyone say she is mental? Just because we do not see her with her kids doesn't mean she's not spending time with them. Oh! and by the way having kids does not mess you up I have a few friends who have had kids and they are still pretty, slim and in shape, One of them has 4 kids and from just looking at her you could never tell she has kids. I'ts not having kids that mess you up it's eather you were not in shape when you got Pregnant or you didn't work at staying in shape after having kids. we should not believe everything we see and hear about Celebrities, it's not allways true!

2708 days ago


Why do they put "Y'ALL" at the end of all of her sentences? That's so funny!

2708 days ago
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