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Britney's Paparazzi Parade

4/25/2007 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone and their photographer is on Britney's tail!

While driving her convertible in Malibu on Tuesday, Britney was followed by eight of her closest pap pals -- nine if you include the one who actually took the pic. Just another day in Spearsville!

The snapping, flashing caravan shows just how intensely competitive getting a shot of the wigged wonder has become. Makes you want to be famous, doesn't it?!


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Kimberley, TX    

Majority say
"Poor Britney... Leave Britney alone... Let her be."

I say
If the b*tch didn't want an audience, she wouldn't be driving around a Convertable!
One smart one would think "I don't want a "paparazzi parade" so I'm going to purchase a vehicle with semi tinted windows... keep my mouth shut, have some class... and go about my business.
There is NO "Poor Britney."

2708 days ago


There are lots of big name stars that aren't being tagged all the time. This girl loves it and asks for it. Like somone else said "why the convertable?". Get over youself spears.

2708 days ago


i understand her bitching about it and all, but.... come on... put your panties on and dont go out partying everynight when you have 2 babies at home.... and eventually the paparazi will get bored of you...

2708 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

I find it amazing how most (not all) of you are sounding like you are defending her......Just last week most of you were ripping her to shreds......Fickle bunch, aren't you..............
Personally, I believe she has used up her "fame" time. The quarter has dropped... Time to settle down with the rest of us and have a "normal" life, or end up dying young......Most likely for her, the latter...........

2708 days ago


dear Lord didnt get the video of this driving down the street like x17 did.. Once she saw the paps pulling up to her , she removed the convertable top and started putting on lipstick for the paps in her rear view mirror. You should hear the pap in the video say.. No one does this, not demi moore no one. Britney loves the pap attention. SHe does love all the attention .. has the best on this day and how she purposely poses for the paps. SHe is bonkers in a real different kind of bonkers way to want this kind of attention daily.

2708 days ago


I'm sick of her. I don't care what she does.

2708 days ago

pop culture junkie    

these sad little photographers (using the term loosely) Get paid big bucks for these pics. The problem is's big money to chase,stalk,verbally abuse famous people. Diana's 10 years later and not much has been done. they should create a law that only one photographer can follow at a time but then again...they'd be running eachother off the canyon cliffs competiting for the spot...

2708 days ago


Geez- can't the green police get these people off the road? 7 SUV's cruising around LA all day? If y'all goin' to the same place, why don't you rent a van and carpool. At least spare the air and save millions the headache of LA traffic since you're already slowly killing this one girl. Azzholes.

2708 days ago


Jesus Christ! That's utterly ridiculous!! Why don't these idiots leave her the EFF alone & go cover premiers or some other celebrity event! Good God what kind of world do we live in anymore!

2708 days ago

kill bill    

i can't beleive that many cars are wasting gas on a no talent never to do anything again , or did she ever have any?

2708 days ago


I think the paparazzi are out of control. To be honest, the public really doesn't give a DAMN!!!

2708 days ago


You know she LOVES this attention!!! If she didnt want to get photographed, she could take the necessary steps. First of all, driving around in a convertible all the time makes it much easier for her to be found. Secondly, why then isn't there a pic of Jayden by now? Surely, there would be a pic of him either entering or exiting Britney's houses. If she really does have possession of the two boys half of the time, a pic of him would be GOLD to the paps. They obviously have figured a way out for him not to be photographed -- whether it is leaving /coming to Britney's/Kevin's.

One way to minimize this would be for Brit to get a garage. And a van or auto with the windows fixed that people cant see inside. And then occasionally have van's coming and going -- with Britney not even being inside. When the van finally arrives at its destination, and if the paps were following it, if Britney doesnt emerge when the doors finally open, they will soon tire of following a wild-goose chase.

I'm sure there are other solutions as well to prevent this from happening. But Britney is such an attention-whore that she doesnt want it to stop happening

2708 days ago

george vieto    

If Britney knew that this would be the price of fame she would have stayed back home in Kentwood or gotten a recording deal singing Frank Sinatra's songs.

2708 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Why are the photogs following this nutcase, has been, shaved headed, talentless hack? She's OVER; her "career" (if you want to call it that; I call it a trainwreck) died years ago, when she decided she wanted to follow (just like a mindless lemming) the latest celebrity trend & whelp 2 pups...

2708 days ago

Auntie Em    

No wonder the buzzards are so despised....I can certainly understand why they are continually punched, smacked and spit upon by those being constantly hounded.
That would send any normal person over the edge...much less, someone like Britney who's not "all there" to begin with.

2708 days ago
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