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Trump: I Screwed Rosie

4/25/2007 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comDonald Trump has gone on the air taking credit for Rosie's sudden departure from "The View," bashing his arch-enemy to FOX News.

Moments after Trump's attack, the gals of "The View" took a few shots back at Lord Combover on their turf.

We're going to miss this stuff.


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Trump is an idiot dog yapping at the heels of someone who may be flawed but has honesty, integrity and passionate care for others -- qualities Trump can only imagine.

2739 days ago

Yeah, you ARE nuts!    

He is so obsessed with her it seems as though he would like to "screw" her. She said recently she went on a diet to please him because she has always wanted to F*** a bald headed old man.

2739 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

OMG Can't you be an adult and STOP!

2739 days ago


Hey Superman, go leap your tall buildings and do something positive for a change. Hey, I know what - be a daddy to Tiffany - now THAT would be heroic. No, I don't know Marla Maples and could care less about her. I just know a CLASS A JERK when I see one.

2739 days ago

Farrah's Editor    

C'mon, Donald, the credit all goes to Rosie! She is foul and crude and rude and an embarassment to TV. Her actions are what made her decision. Of course, instead of lawsuits and such, they will let her "leave on her own." Now the view will be viewable again! :-)

2739 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

I am happy she is gone but dont' take credit for it, she did this all to herself!

2739 days ago


Donald, Get over yourself!
Rosie leaving has nothing to do with you, noting to do with Barbara as she has no doing with her negotiations with ABC!

2739 days ago


Where did he hear Rosie is leaving now?

2739 days ago


#3 is right. He's pissed cause he can't screw her. Ugh, he is so annoying. He and Rosie both needed to stop. She's said enough outrageous things on the View that she would have been out without him anyway. He just needs to shut the hell up anyway.

2739 days ago


Seriously, I think this man is disturbed in a pathological sense. This is bizarre for a man of his supposed wealth and business sense to act in this manner. His wife and children surely, are humiliated. I am stunned - what else is there to say - words cannot describe his disturbing actions.

2739 days ago


GROW UP!!!!!!! They are BOTH fat, ugly and immature and if they weren't rich people wouldn't give them the time of day.

2739 days ago

MS. M    

Why isn't the donald running his mouth about wat happened to IMUS....OH, that's right his "best of the best" "apprentice" is on MSBNC/CBS....BOYCOTT MSNBC/CBS

2739 days ago


I vomited at the headline

2739 days ago


Donald secretly crushes on Rosie. Why else would he be so obsessed with her?!

2739 days ago


DONALD TRUMP is a spoiled little brat who has nothing good to say about anyone who challenges his manhood. He's annoyed that a lesbian stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun over the fence and met his equal. He couldn't DARE let a lesbian make him look like a fool. Everything that Rosie had said about Mr. Trump was totally true. I don't think the "DONALD" knows anything about morals and relationships since he's now on his 3rd or is it his 4th wife? he's the male version of ZSA ZSA GABOR.
HERE'S SOME ADVICE for you MR. TRUMP. put a sock in your mouth and if that doesn't work, USE DUCT TAPE.

2739 days ago
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