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Cops: Sandra Bullock Watches as Hubby Attacked!

4/26/2007 4:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sandra and Jesse JamesPolice sources tell TMZ that a woman obsessed with Sandra Bullock almost killed Sandra's husband, motorcycle mogul Jesse James, during a frightening attack at the couple's Orange County home late Sunday night.

Cops say that Bullock, along with James' 10-year-old child, looked on in horror as Marcia Valentine "attempted 3 or 4 times to run Jesse James over with her silver Mercedes." Jesse was never struck by the car during the alleged incident.

We're told Valentine also "laid in the driveway and wouldn't move."

Orange County Sheriffs were contacted and responded to the scene, but Valentine allegedly fled before they arrived. After an intense manhunt, officers located Valentine early Monday morning and took her into custody.

Valentine is being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

In an exclusive statement to TMZ, the couple's rep, Cheryl Maisel, said, "The incident did occur. Both Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are fine and it is now in the hands of the authorities."


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An apple a day keeps the doctor away...err...oh... I guess not.

2701 days ago


"By the way, I never said anyone should kill Jesse James, just run his ass over"...okay phsyco... have you ever considered being committed? To a MENTAL INSTITUTION??

2701 days ago

Pam The Real Pam    

I didn't say I agreed that Jesse should be killed. The bitch is in jail and will pay for what she did. I just thought, hey, why not show some love to a fellow poster who obviously had some pain dealt to her, which was brought back to her by reading this article. What could that hurt? It must have been very traumatic for Washington. I, for one, don't get mad I get even. A stuck up snob, in 5th grade, told the gym teacher I broke into a kotex machine, when it was actually SHE who did and just tried to get me in trouble. But adults are pretty wise, the teacher saw right through her and knew she was lying about me. It still scared me pretty bad. Anyway, when I got home I told my big brother, he could see I had been crying. He put me on the back of his bike and handed me a brick, and we took off for "Susan's" street. She saw us coming and was running down the street, I hurled the brick and just caught her on the back of her heel. The best part is, she peed her pants! And she limped for days. She was a total bully, was really mean to this pitiful sad boy in our class whose mom had committed suicide. I finally turned the tables on the bitch. She thought I was hot stuff after that, which I was, but I never had anything to do with her.

2701 days ago


WOW!, Ibet jesses ex will put a stop to having custody with them for fear that something might happen to the kid, this would be awful i know jesse must really love his daughter very much and wants her thier with him and sandra....guess we will hear about it soon.

2701 days ago

Tick Tock    

Washington - did you have flash backs when you watched the Wizard of Oz and the tree thew an apple at the Scarecrow and Dorothy?

2701 days ago


Larry Birkhead needs a mother for his child! She's perfect!

2701 days ago

poor britney    

let me get out my violin my god everyone has issues including me please i was groped and taped to a pole by a bunch of kids girls and boys and I was overweight I don't think it gets more embarrassing than that. With scars still on my wrists from trying to free myself and i went to counseling i'm over it, it was 20 years ago I married one of the boys it was a joke. That is what kids the key word kids do. Sandra is probably if the the most one of the most generous celebrities in Holloywood. It seems to me that you have an old fashioned case of JEALOUSLY because Sandra Bullock made it and you are still mulling over a frickin apple 30 years later. I still think you need MAJOR couch time maybe you should buck up 50 more grand GET A LIFE!!!!

2701 days ago

Get a grip    

Who wasn't teased at one time or another as an adolescent? I'm sure Sandra Bullock went through being teased at some point too. We all do. And we all are guilty of teasing someone else at some point too. It's called LIFE. Get over it or get out.

2701 days ago

Britney Get Help    

Okay Lynn who looks like Sandy, maybe someone will throw an apple at your kids head one day and make it bleed then you can tell your kid the same advice you gave me.

I've said my peace..... now..... hopefully Sandy will read this and realize what she did .

2701 days ago


Wow.. California Dreamer I liked your story.

2701 days ago


Never gonna happen. People like my kids,and they are not fat.

2701 days ago

Britney Get Help    


2701 days ago


Washington - Have you never heard that people change??? Lots of kids were mean in school .... most of them grow up. Just like Sandra has. Yeah, yeah, you probably don't want to believe it because then you can't carry around a 20 year old grudge. Get some therapy. It's not healthy to have held onto this hardest-apple-in-the-world thing for at least 2 decades too long.

Good news is, if Sandra can change (and she has) so can you.

2701 days ago


LMAO @ Lynn!!! Good come back

2701 days ago


lee general, you're still an outcast and obviously still upset about the little must be soooo envious of her, lol

2701 days ago
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