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"Lost" Diary -- D.O.C.

4/26/2007 12:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, it's Daniel from TMZ here, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

While we were watching "Lost" last week, Ari joked that when Charlie "died," all the Diary readers were probably thinking of me. And, lo and behold, I got several comments last week like this one: "Man when I saw the arrow go in Charlie's neck I was saying to myself Daniel is going to so love this." Or this one: "The first thing I thought of when Charlie was shot in the neck was 'Daniel is going to be so happy.' "

You guys are the best, really. And the offer still stands: When Charlie really does die, party at my house.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes. I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. We got the OG crew back together this week: Ari, Lauren, April and Matt. Let's roll:
10:00 -- We're all curious about what's going to happen with Sun's pregnancy. Who is the dad? Will the Others want her or her child? Will she survive the pregnancy? Now Jack is curious too. A little too curious, maybe?

10:02 -- It's Sun flashback time and we've jumped back to when Jin and Sun first got married. I like that the flashbacks lately aren't completely linear.

10:03 -- Some of you may remember that I always make fun of Jin/Sun flashbacks because they use the words "honor" and "shame" in nearly every scene. The fact that Jin's mom is a prostitute will apparently bring shame to Mr. and Mrs. Kwon. From now on, whenever the words "honor" or "shame" are used, you have to drink.

10:04 -- I love Desmond as much as the next guy, but I think he's better in small doses. Am I wrong here?

10:05 -- "Oops." -- Hurley.

10:09 -- Nothing really interesting going on yet with Sun and Jin, except that after nearly three years of "Lost" I now am 100% certain which is Sun and which is Jin. I used to get it backwards every now and again, but I am good now.

10:10 -- Yup, Sun is suspicious of Jack. I don't know why it's weird when a doctor asks a pregnant woman how she's doing, but it just is.

10:11 -- Sun confronts Juliet about her "research" and Juliet acts like she didn't know Sun was pregnant. Riiiiiiiight.

10:12 -- "They die. They all die." -- Juliet. Glad you asked, Sun?

10:13 -- The crew of Desmond, Charlie, Jin and Hurley is really starting to bore me.

10:14 -- But then Mikhail comes running out of the woods. Which wouldn't be weird except for the fact THAT HE DIED!!!

10:17 -- Jin serves Mikhail up a nice helping of Korean whoop ass.

10:18 -- "As your friend pointed out, I already died once this week." -- Mikhail. Fair point.
10:19 -- Desmond takes Mikhail up on his offer to save the parachutist. Given the circumstances, I'd say it's the right call. Though I'd like to point out again, MIKHAIL DIED ALREADY!!!

10:20 -- Sun found Jin's dad and asks him why he wasn't at their wedding.

10:21 -- Drink.

10:22 -- What are the odds that the blackmailer is Jin's mom?

10:23 -- Drink.

10:24 -- Juliet wants to take Sun somewhere, just the two of them, to answer Sun's questions about the Others. Here's my question: has it been a week since Ben told Juliet he'd see her in a week? Cause if so, say 안녕 to Sun. (Yes, I looked up how to say "goodbye" in Korean.)

10:28 -- Sun is hesitant to tell Juliet when the last time she had sex with Jin was. The paternity of Sun's baby is "Lost's" version of the Anna Nicole Smith saga.

10:29 -- Sun is asking her dad for the money to pay off the blackmailer. This scene is almost over and no one said ...

10:30 -- Drink.

10:31 -- Interesting turn -- Jin began his career of "working" for Sun's dad because of this whole affair. There are always consequences.

10:32 -- After Mikhail saved her life, parachute girl muttered something in Portuguese. Mikhail says she said, "Thank you for saving my life," but I don't buy it for a second. Some Internet research will be required. (Apparently she said, "I am not alone.")

10:33 -- Juliet has taken Sun to the creepy hatch. This is definitely the last place a pregnant woman should be hanging out.

10:34 -- Juliet just gave Sun some bullshit speech about wanting to give good news again and Sun tells Juliet about her affair with Jae.

10:36 -- Man, that's a lot of security for a nursery.

10:41 -- "On this island, the wounds are a bit different." -- Mikhail. Understatement.

10:42 -- "Phone!" -- Jin. His english is really getting good.

10:43 -- There is no doubt that Desmond is making the wrong choice in letting Mikhail go, but at the same time I respect the fact that he did. He gave his word and, even on the island and even when the Others are involved, that has to mean something.

10:44 -- Juliet has great bedside manner, you know, for a lying bitch.
10:45 -- Ok, so I wonder: Assuming Ben and the Others are after Sun's baby, does finding out where she conceived change what they do? Do they want her either way or only if the result is one way? And if it's the latter, I think they want someone who conceived off the island -- isn't that what Juliet said a few weeks back?

10:46 -- "I don't want to be in your father's debt anymore than we already are." -- Jin. Brutha, you don't know the half.

10:48 -- Alright, daddy sweepstakes time is almost upon us. I am saying that Sun got pregnant off the island and thus, Jae is the father.

10:49 -- Sweet moment as Sun sees her baby for the first (and only?) time. Man, they are setting this up to end soooooo badly for her.

10:50 -- And Sun got pregnant on the island. So I lose, Jin wins and Sun dies. So if Sun is Anna, that makes Jin Larry Birkhead, Jae Howard K. Stern and Juliet as Judge Seidlin.

10:53 -- Sun goes to meet the blackmailer. I am loving my call that she's really Jin's mom. Not a tough call by any means, but I need to get one prediction right.

10:54 -- Sweet! I'll take any victory I can get. Lauren has proclaimed that Sun is her new Korean idol.

10:55 -- According to Juliet, Sun doesn't have much time and she has no chance of even giving birth. Damn. Is abortion not an option?

10:56 -- Juliet is going back inside the hatch for some reason. Hmm, that doesn't sound suspicious at all ...

10:57 -- Sun should lock Juliet in the hatch. That would be awesome.

10:58 -- Juliet is leaving Ben a message. Apparently her assignment was to find if the women on the island were pregnant -- or at the least the one's who aren't just milling around in the background.

10:59 -- "Flight 815, they found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead." -- parachute girl.

11:00 -- "What?" -- Hurley.
Sometimes I think I am too hard on an episode, other times I think I am too easy. This might be a week that I am too easy.

We got a few answers tonight (the paternity of Sun's baby, more info on Juliet's "mission") and got hit with a few more questions, too (Mikhail is alive? Everyone on Flight 815 died?). It was a good mix of give and take and the flashback had just enough information to keep me interested the whole way through. Add it all up, and the episode gets a B from me. Not bad considering it didn't have Locke or Henry Gale in it.

One of the first "Lost" theories about the show to become popular was that the Losties didn't survive the plane crash and they were all in purgatory -- producers quickly said this was not the case. The ending of tonight's episode sure lends credence to that old theory.

Assuming they aren't all in purgatory, and assuming this woman isn't lying (after all, she was looking for Desmond) here is a quick theory that will no doubt be proven wrong: Once the plane crashed on the island, Henry Gale called back to the Hanso/Dharma people to tell them what happened. The powers that be decided they couldn't have rescue teams come looking for the plane because they might find the island. So they somehow staged a fake crash site to keep people from looking. Could be, right?

So I am going to continue the theme of "community" that we have here at the "Lost" Diary with my question to you this week: Obviously we're all "Lost" fans here (except the guy who posts under the name No Longer A Lost Fan), but is "Lost" your favorite show? If not, what is? Catch you next week.


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i think that the others def set up a fake crash site so they wouldn't have anyone poking around the island. in fact, i believe in season 1, all the crash stuff (fuselage and other debris) were swept out to sea in the unusually high tide... perhaps rigged by the others in order to create said fake crash site?
also, i forget what website i saw it on, but they said that the superhero conversation between charlie and hurley held a clue; i think it was when hurley was saying that the flash could vibrate through buildings. perhaps in the same way, mikhail "vibrated" through the security fence. and maybe the black smoke can't go through the fence because of differences in electrical charges? i don't know. i do know that lost RULES and i can't wait for charlie to die.

2745 days ago


Ok here is the deal. Many people have died and or been taken at the hands of the others. Mabye the first few taken were used in an elaborate setup by the others to stage the plane crash somewhere else with some identifiable passengers.

Also if that is what the outside world believes of the crash of 815 then that totally rules out Michael getting to far in his boat. Because we know he would tell about the other losties or for that matter once he was asked where he came from the story would get out.

As for eye patch dude. I say he was not dead when he passed through the fence. They never really checked him and well he healed like Locke and Rose. SOme say the fence may not have been on for that matter but then again does he carry alka seltzer with him at all times to fake his death; foaming at the mouth etc...??

I agree with Daniel. We need more of Ben, Locke, and anyone else in their area while those two are on.

No way Jin is the Dad. Good fake out by Dr baby death to make herself out as the hero and winning the prize of going home...right just ask Michael...

Lost #1, Boston Legal #2. Love Shatner with "mad-cow" and would believe anything Alan Shore tells me if I was on a jury.

2745 days ago


I wish they would get to the point already.
I hear the next season will be the last.

I watch too many show to have a favorite.
Nip/tuck... (sex, sex and more sex)
Stargate Atlantis
Workout (I know it's reality but gay drama is the best drama)

2745 days ago

Real Cool    

Oops... Best line of the season!

2746 days ago


I still like Lost. My hope is that it is coming around. It isn't what it used to be, but that is typical in TVland.

Anyone think that Kate may be knocked up too? Remember she and Sawyer did it - and Juliet had to go back to get more info for Ben regarding "Austin". That's Kate right? And I think, Juliet still will want Sun - they are scientistis after all.

2746 days ago


I was kinda going back and forth about how good this episode was until the very end. When she said they found the plane and everyone was dead i felt like i was watching a classic episode with a huge twist. Lost will always be my favorite even with some crappy episodes along the way!

2746 days ago


Okay, so im really Lost after this episode. everyone on Flight 815 died? is that what the media says or are they really in purgatory?

personally, i love Jin and Sun on the island, but i hate their flashbacks. going into their past helps me none on the island, on which i think they are cool characters. funny how you tied them into the Anna Nicole Smith paternity thingy.

so... Kate is pregnant, or so they hope?

Mikhail... alive... wtf??? so wounds heals fast on the island? that would explain the dried up blood on his ears.

i love how Juliet is working for Ben even though she hates him. also loved how Jack and Charlie's dialogue was kept to a minimum.

im looking forward to next week when we learn what happened to Locke all this time. a flashback of time spent on the island should be cool. besides Lost, the Simpsons is my favorite show, even though the last episode on Sunday sucked really hard.

2746 days ago


Oh. My. Goodness.

I give this episode an A, I can't help it. Mostly because the last 45 seconds nearly made me pee myself. Then I started to cry (I'm a crier, it's not a shock) because Hurley turned into a desparate eight year-old boy for a moment, pleading with Naomi (parachute lady) to tell him that she was there to find them. I love me some Hurley.

Are you still swearing off promos? Because the episode next week got me nearly as excited as the last 45 seconds of this week's episode.

Lost is definitely my favorite show, of its genre at least. I have to say, I love me some Family Guy, or King of the Hill, or Saturday Night Live, even old classics like Quantum Leap - but I would forsake them all for Lost.

Keep up the good work, brutha

2746 days ago


Juliet (into the recorder after she has turned it off): "I hate you."

WOW! She hates Henry! So that means, she is really not evil and really is doing Henry's evil handiwork just to get off the island and I think that Jack is in on it too!

I give the show a B-

2746 days ago


Lost is definatley my favorite show and I have to say this blog rocks! I don't miss either...

What did I miss about Sun's dad's "business"?

2746 days ago

Madam Mimm    

I happen to agree with your theory that Dharma/Hanso staged the crash to keep search crews away from the island.... I LOVE that Mikhail is back and watching Juliets conflict over the what she's being forced to do...delicious.
Lost is unfoubtably my favorite show-- I got a TV and cable after 3 TV free years just to watch the show; which I got hooked on via Netflicks (played on my computer) between seasons 2 and 3-- couldn't even wait the 6 hours for an itunes download to become avaialble and got TV again to watch the show. There is not and has not been another show I would do that for; although I now enjoy Heroes, the Riches, Entourage and Supernatural whenever new episodes air.
Thanks for another great edition of the Lost Diary.

2746 days ago

Just a thought    

Daniel - luv your blog answer to your question - YES - LOST is my all time favorite show - ever !!!!!!!

With that said, I thought D.O.C. was a very informative episode. But, I'm not so sure Juilette is being so honest about the D.O.C. for Sun. Juilette might be lying about the D.O.C. so Sun can have a healthy baby on the Island & convince Benry that her "work is done" and it's time for her to return home.......

2746 days ago


Hahha I really like your analogy to Anna Nicole Smith. Picturing Jin as Larry Birkhead cracks me up. That said, I think this episode deserves an A; I felt what we learned was significant, and that the episode was pretty exciting.

As to favorite TV's tough, but I think it has to be "Lost" by a nose. I'm one of those few, but diehard, "Veronica Mars" fans. When V was on Tuesdays, she and "Lost" were neck in neck for number one; when "Veronica Mars" is good, it's just as exciting, although in a different way, as "Lost" is.

2746 days ago


I think the idea of a crash site set up is right on. I think a bigger organization wants to cover up the fact that the Losties are still alive. I thought this was a good episode. I loved when Juliet records "I hate you." when making her message for Ben.

2746 days ago


I think this episode was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Juliet is a bitch, I think sun should have locked her in the hatch for sure! I HEART HURLEY

2746 days ago
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