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Bobby Trendy -- The Claws are Out!

4/27/2007 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole Smith's lip-glossed and bejeweled buddy Bobby Trendy is fighting back at her (Anna's) former hairdresser -- using flattery as a weapon. Move over, Trump and Rosie!

In one of the most ludicrous fights caught on tape, Trendy went off on a wacky 10-minute rant against stylist Daniel DiCriscio, calling Daniel the wrong name and comparing DiCriscio's opinion to his own ass, while offering him a "fame bone." Trendy's tirade is something that truly must be seen to be fully understood.

Trendy's most bizarre moment -- donning a DiCriscio-inspired blonde wig while showing off an over-sized Barbie he styled to look like his new arch-rival.

The catfight between the two started when Trendy was cast as himself in the upcoming Anna Nicole Smith biopic. DiCriscio then told TMZ he believed Bobby's character shouldn't even be in the flick because Anna never liked him.


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Best laugh I had all day! Although I will never understand how Trendy, whom Ana disliked, earned a part in a movie and so much publicity.

2739 days ago


Britney is gonna be mad when she finds out Bobby stole one of her wigs..

2739 days ago


Thank you, Bobby Trendy, for helping make this day even more fun! This light video shows why Bobby Trendy is in the movie as opposed to Anna's former hairdresser--jealousy is a destructive state of mind!

2739 days ago


Trendy has become a parody of a parody of a parody of himself. I'm a gay man and am embarrassed and ashamed to be even sharing the same planet as Bobby Trendy.

2739 days ago


This ass - I think he's probably the only person in Hollywood who uses even more drugs than Anna.

He needed to play himself in the film - who else could compare. Speaking of the film - HowardK$tern ought to feel good that he's the only character in the film who was complimented with the actor hired to play him. Anna's Willa Ford looks at least 8 or 9 inches shorter than she ought to be, not nearly enough hair (Anna's hair was always full and awesome) and can never hold a candle to how beautiful Anna was. Larry - EEEEKKK - the actor does not work for me. Daniel's character role isn't too bad. Haven't seen Mama Hog's actress yet. Can't wait for that either.

2739 days ago


The mess that is Miss Trendy is an embarrassment to homosexuals around the globe. Bobby honey, look at you! You’re noticed not because of your delusion that you’re a good designer. It’s because you’re a complete freak show. Disasters like you are the reason gays get such a bad rap.

2739 days ago


My thoughts exactly JV. While not a fan follower of ANS, I watched her reality show & throughout this whole ordeal, there are so many things that have been misrepresented about her that even just watching the show, you would know are false. Bobby Trendy is one of them.

My god, the crap he came up with in the name of being a "designer", it wasn't even made well & then he was overcharging her...maybe that was the only time I saw Howard's temper really flare.

TMZ your standards are really getting low. Quit following this fame whore wannabe around. He wasn't her buddy, that's a falsehood and the only thing that gave him his 15 minutes of fame as a shoddy business...of which, he kept trying to attach himself to her as more.

He even did some local LA tv clip with an Anna Lookalike in a "psychic friends" format. He represents the leeches that Anna Nicole hated...he wasn't her buddy. Let him go, certainly you can find better things to show us like another backward photo of Colin Ferell looking like a KFed wannabe outside some celebrity club.

2739 days ago


TMZ - please don't bore us with Bobby Trendy again. He makes me want to puke for the way he has used Anna's name to promote his worthless self. Cut his 15 minutes off now PLEASE.

2739 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

All you have to do is watch Anna's reality show to know that Anna didn't like Bobby Trendy. He's a liar and a leech.

2739 days ago


What a waste of human procreation Trendy is! It's a real loser and can't do anything successful with itself, unless it's riding on the coat-tails of the tragically deceased Anna Nicole. If in fact she hated it, why would the movie producers script it in? I they hoping to get more audience to watch the pathetic loser?

2739 days ago


Hey! Bobby has more class than hks,the freaky queer hairdresser ,and ,those other two queers who claimed to be anna's FRIENDS and were hanging out at HORIZENS! even AFTER she died.Who's friends were they really????Why did anna surround herself with gays?Was it her or hks?Everyone knows the TRUTH about pretty boy larry now=he's in the closet!!!!!!! Kerrick Ross outed him publicly in the inquier.Maybe hks and Larry will be a couple soon and raise Dannylynn.That is ~IF~hks is gay which i do not think he is.Bobby never had a bad word to say about anna nicole.Bobbyn is wtty,funny,hilarious,and,GORGEOUS honey! FABULOUS! all the other gaywads are J.E.A.L.O.U.S! GET THE F..K over it already.BOBBY was borne a STAR! Shine on my friend.((KISSES))

2739 days ago


Who knows who Anna liked or disliked. She was on drugs and when poeple around her wanted her to quit...then she didn't like them. This is the reason she ended up with one Friend and that's Howard K. Stern.

2739 days ago


#13 I dont know who gave me the best laugh you or Bobby but thanks

2739 days ago


You can tell the comments from itsyourthang (#12) and forreal (#13) are from the same person by the way they are written. Probably from Bobby herself. He/she is disgustingly gross. No one besides her would ever consider Bobby classy or gorgeous.

2739 days ago


what in the world is wrong with his lips?????? SICk I almost gagged!

2739 days ago
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