Bobby Trendy -- The Claws are Out!

4/27/2007 2:20 PM PDT

Bobby Trendy -- The Claws are Out!

Anna Nicole Smith's lip-glossed and bejeweled buddy Bobby Trendy is fighting back at her (Anna's) former hairdresser -- using flattery as a weapon. Move over, Trump and Rosie!

In one of the most ludicrous fights caught on tape, Trendy went off on a wacky 10-minute rant against stylist Daniel DiCriscio, calling Daniel the wrong name and comparing DiCriscio's opinion to his own ass, while offering him a "fame bone." Trendy's tirade is something that truly must be seen to be fully understood.

Trendy's most bizarre moment -- donning a DiCriscio-inspired blonde wig while showing off an over-sized Barbie he styled to look like his new arch-rival.

The catfight between the two started when Trendy was cast as himself in the upcoming Anna Nicole Smith biopic. DiCriscio then told TMZ he believed Bobby's character shouldn't even be in the flick because Anna never liked him.