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Simon Says: I Don't Listen to the Contestants

4/29/2007 3:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While "American Idol" contestants are singing their hearts (and lungs) out every Tuesday night, there's something Simon Cowell isn't doing -- paying attention!

Cowell admits that instead of listening to the wannabe singers, most of the time he's trying to find ways to screw with Paula Abdul's head! Simon tells Ellen DeGeneres, "I'm taunting Paula throughout the performance ... I make things up about the song, hoping she'll say them, like, 'That was the theme song from "Star Wars," you should mention that.'" After watching Abdul's wacky appearance on QVC, it's easy to see how she might fall for something like that.

Simon's not totally making up his critiques during the show -- he pays attention during the dress run, when there's no audience screaming during the vocals.


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Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Bad Lie

2700 days ago


So much for getting payed to do a job!

2700 days ago


You know, I thought I was the only one who saw Paula's spaced out appearance on QVC. She needs to have her meds adusted or something!!!

2699 days ago


Nigel Lithgow said he's never listened to any of the winners albums. Amazing.

2699 days ago


I have noticed that Simon doesn't even look at anyone Esp: When he is Judging the Contestants. He almost acts shy.

2699 days ago


Simon isn't shy. He is bored. So am I. As for playing with Paula's head, that would be an easy job and one he shouldn't be paid to do. This show is something he must suffer through and when each season is over, he moves on. He doesn't care one whit about these contestants.

2699 days ago


i totally adore simon he makes the show fun on top of every comment he makes i am thinking he just says it like it is which is good
as for paula he is totally loyal to paula and randy and thats what makes him so likable
he is a success because he is smart
love american idol was very upset with the people voting for sanjaya and risking losing good singers why would anyone try and sabotage a show that helps every day people become successful its disgusting that people listened to loser howard stern and was voting to keep sanjaya on when clearly he could not sing
in any event thisamerican idole should live on forever its great entertainment
and i myself enjoy the show

2699 days ago

TMZ Watch    

As usual TMZ you come up short in your news reporting. All week America gives back is the focus, I looked in vain for your reports on this newworthy! topic. You reported nothing.

He also gave his reasons to why he listens to practices. He said that there were echo's and that it was so loud in there with fans, that he could not hear correctly.

He is doing his job, it is unfortunate you do not do your job Harvey and report real news!

Not just snippets of unimportant drivel.

Some of us would like to read those subjects that are worth reading!

2699 days ago


I wanna F--K him SO BAD. I just love bad boys!!!

2699 days ago

Alchemy Unplugged    

Why is Simon trying to increase his fame by playing high school with Paula? Does he not realize he just looks like the dork guy trying to show the pretty girl he likes her by pulling on her pig tails? Well... I think you are cool Simon. Keep pulling those pig tails, just like in the good old days when you were dipping them in ink wells.

2699 days ago


So, someone please remind me again...... What EXACTLY is Simon getting paid multi-millions to do? Wear nipple tight baby tees???????

2699 days ago


It's very plain to see that Simon isn't paying attention to the singing. While the singing is going on he's usually muttering some spew in Paula's drunken ear. Look and see for yourself when the contestants are singing. This show has jumped the shark this year. It's the worst A.I. EVER.

2699 days ago


they should get married

2699 days ago


3 easy payments of $15.00??????????????

2698 days ago

Jane Fox    

I feel that any contestant entered for American Idol should not be allowed to enter if they are of have been paid as back up singers for professional singers like Usher, etc.. This is to find the unfounded talent of the world and if anyone and everyone who was or is a back ground singer and as Randy Jackson calls Melinda a pro - this should not be allowed. You have age limits and this should be another limit restriction. I thank you for your time and attention to my message. Please pass on to your producers for the next American Idol series. Thank you so much, Jane Fox, Ocla, Fla.,

2683 days ago
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