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Elisabeth to Pop Out Rosie's Replacement?

4/30/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elisabeth Hasselbeck told the world today that she's three months pregnant -- which would bring her little baby Republican into the world just nearly in time to fill Rosie O'Donnell's Birkenstocks.

It was all smiles and confetti between E and her elders on "The View" this morning, when Hasselbeck proclaimed the happy news about her second baby, though Barbara Walters admitted that she nearly plotzed when Elisabeth told her she had something to say, following on the heels of Rosie's exit announcement last week.

This does raise the question of what happens in November, during all-important sweeps period, when the baby is due, because O'Donnell will be gone -- and Hasselbeck's baby will put her out for at least a few weeks. Could there be a Star on "The View's" horizon?


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how do you improve the "view"? get some MALE co-hosts! poor LIZZIE needs a break !!! an "EXSTENDED MATERNETY LEAVE!!! why can't a man can take over for her? HE's PERFECT for her empty seat!!! anybody remembered that show "not for women only" back in the day???

2654 days ago


I did not like Elizabeth, before Rosie, I sure dislike her now!

She chatters like a chip munk, and looks like one.

I watched the View every day when Rosie was on, and always looked forward to the show..

I hardly watch it these days.



2645 days ago


Hey how about Katie Couric ? She'll be needing a job soon.
Actually anyone would be better than RO. I may agree with a few of her issues. But Good Lord ! She goes way over the edge for me.. I hope she takes a long vacation from TV or maybe even retires. Oh well. I do think Elizabeth is great for the show, and I agree with many of her opinions

2689 days ago


try to remember that the show is called the VIEW. Each lady is allowed her view and that used to work pretty well until Rosie came along. Regardless of anyones particular opinion on any subject matter spoken of Rosie is a big bully with an agenda. From day one she had an agenda when she came on the view. The first day and every day she has been on the view there has been little room for anyone else to have an opinion! Rosie has just dominated the whole scene and I am not referring to her physical size either. Rosie reminds me of the class bully. The one we were all afraid of because we knew that the bully will get you later if you dare to express your opinion.
I have always liked Rosie a little with her own show and on the View. I emphasize a little because she always makes sure you get too much of her. She should run for political office because she makes everything political.
Now on the other hand Elisabeth Hasselbeck is not any where near a bully! She has been just expressing her opinions on the View since she joined on. (Something that actually was her job) She has been really great and since she has about the 4th in line of dominant voices her opinion hasnt been heard that well anyway. For Rosie to assume that everything Elisabeth says is some kind of Republican agenda is just simply a major dig and just a political move on Rosie's part. Rosie is on a path of destruction. She is out to destroy anyone who disagree's with her. She has been the little child who has a plan for Vengeance. She uses words that are inappropriate for her discussions. She has an utter hatred for the President and the republican party. Now anyone with even a very small brain knows that the President and the republican party cannot be total evil. There has to be something good about each of them.
Not according to Rosie. She has totally made it seem like they are the worst thing that this planet has ever known.
So Rosie is leaving the View and I am very happy about that. She should never have been on the show in the first place. She cant control her tongue and she is way too political for the show and she is extremely rude in that she doesnt let others speak!
Put your name on the ballet Rosie and then you can see if America loves you in the political sense or not.
Hang in there Elisabeth. The bully will be gone soon and then The View might have a chance of returning to what it should be- just a bunch of women telling their own stories with their own views!
Jeff from Chicago

2688 days ago


Rosie changed the show to something people wanted to watch. She was the most intelligent and well-informed on news and events around the world. She turned the show to an interesting and informative show to watch. I regret her departure and will miss her. The other ladies on that bad day showed no support for either lady. Suddenly, they had no loyalty, guts or courage to stand on the side of their choice. As for Elizabeth, she's young, inexperienced, narrow-minded when it comes to politics, is not well informed, adds nothing to the show and was only selected because she was in "Survivor." And at that she was fairly good. So, she needs to find a show in the junjle or an island. Her token invitation to the Queen's dinner was only because of her support for stupid Bush. Grace should be able to go serve in Iraq in about 12-15 years. Then, we'll see how she feels about that because Bush won't care a hoot about Grace. I honestly believe Elizabeth needs to be replaced with a more mature individual that doesn't push the Republican party down one's throat on a daily basis. I wished she'd been around during the VietNam war. Then, she'd understand that our government doesn't give our soldiers (healthy or wounded or mentally unhealthly from the war) the proper care, support, help, thanks or pay. It's shameful of our country. Elizabeth needs to wake up and face the reality, facts and truth about this war and still be Repbulican. She's simply never cut it as a host and Barbara is playing dumb and not setting down the rules and expectations...Maybe it's her age but, she's been a coward through Star's ordeal and now Rosie's. Elizabeth should have to face some consequences for her ugly behavior and disrespect. The show is just falling apart and I don't see it getting any better without Rosie.

2687 days ago

Agnes Buckley    

This is not about Her coming baby, but about how well she did facing Rosie O'Donnell about her horrible comments.I don't think anyone such as Donald Trump should attack physical problems people have such as
weight or funny hair do's but it is okay to disagree with their views. That is why the program is called THE VIEW
However to call someone a COWARD is wrong. Rosie, grow up.

2682 days ago

Agnes Buckley    

Blah BLah Blah Blah

2682 days ago


Dear Barbara,

In charge and supposedly in control of The View's agenda has become weak and lacks the courage to stand up to these ladies. I like and admire Rosie for always speaking her mind with a blunt opinion but, always honest. She might be loud and fights for her beliefs and that I respect as well. She has and always helped people and kids in need and has always given away so much. She's simply misunderstood and taken out of context. She has suffered, hurt and pained over all her criticism. Barabara should have given Elizabeth some consequnences for her poor behavior, disrespect, rudeness, yelling and for bring Trump back into the picture. She was totally out of line...Republican or Democrat. Rosie did the right thing by leaving early because she had no real, honest, caring, loving support from any of three ladies. They are jealous of her for one reason or another.

As for Elizabeth well, she simply is too unexperienced and has the greed in her to be number one. All Republicans want to be number one. She was show cased in "Survivor" and did very well. However, she needs to go back to another game show..."The Amazing Race." She'd be good at that too. Now, she's married to a football player (quaterback) that not many ever heard of and she thinks her voice should be heard. Being a Fox groupy and a Bush groupy she was the token invited to the Queen's dinner. Oh, was she proud and bragged the next day. But in about 10 yrs. she'll be having to say, Bye to Grace because she'll be sending her to Iraq. And I promise you Bush doesn't remember her from Adam after the dinner was over. It's okay to a Republican just admit the errors he has made and the trouble and hatred he has caused for America. But she won't budge. I believe she's a smart allic and a spoiled brat. And should have certainly had some consequences after that show for her disrespect, rudeness, yelling and bring in Trump into Back into the picture. Elizabeth was way out of line and hit below the belt. Rosie did the smart thing to leave because the show is going down hill fast. Or they better replace Elizabeth because I know I don't watch anymore. She's boring and self-centered thinking she's Ms. rightous & religeous. Now, that's a laugh.

2680 days ago

peytons mom    

Good for Elisabeth-Im happy for her and her husband. There is nothing more important than bringing a child into the world!

2712 days ago


what do you mean a few weeks.duh 3 mo. maternity leave just like with her last baby.however.guaranteed she will go to fox i said all along.......

2712 days ago


Who cares? I can't stand her

What the hell is the big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2712 days ago


I am so happy for her...for me, whether she goes to Fox News or stays on The View, I will still watch. I think she is wonderful!!! Congrats Elisabeth!

2712 days ago

carol ard    

The view really needs someone like or Patricia Heaton big time!

2712 days ago



Like who cares. She is such a big B.

2712 days ago

Buck Naked    

Who's the daddy ? Rush?

2712 days ago
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