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Posh Titillates Photogs, Jay Leno

4/30/2007 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sporting a see-through black top, Victoria Beckham gave a relentless group a photogs quite a show this weekend, as she made her triumphant return to L.A.

TMZ spotted the former Spice Girl arriving at LAX Saturday morning -- with a welcoming crew of camera wielding paparazzi waiting for her outside the gate. Posh is in L.A. to finalize the deal on her new house, which pap agencies have already began patrolling from the air with helicopters.

Beckham's new neighbor, Jay Leno, drove by the sprawling home in his classic gold hot rod as our cameras were waiting for Posh to exit. Before speeding off into town, "The Tonight Show" host sent a welcoming message to the locals through our cameras.


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Karen Walker    

Dear TMZ.........How much are these people paying you to put them on here every week? And who much are Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight getting paid? No one in this country either cares about this slut or they have never heard of her, so for her to continuly be here, someone must be paying for it. It sure isn't based on our interest in her pointless life. Memo to Jay Leno, put your house up for sale!

2732 days ago


HUGE BREASTS on such a short person look grotesque. When did this shortie make a promise never to smile, would it crack her ordinary-looking face ? But please, let's not call her vulgar names like bxtch, whxre, etc. that is not very classy language. Thank you.

2732 days ago


Geez Debrah, Are you bitter about your size or what? I am 4'11" and to assume that the men I've dated are all child sex offenders is quite rediculous. See, it is possible that people can have a wonderful combination of being smart, witty, sexy, and compassionate, all the while being petite. I know this is a difficult concept for you. Great men, like my husband, fall in love with women who have the whole package. Just 'cause I am short, doesn't mean I act like a 4th grader. Pitty, usually women have more depth than to think that height is the only aspect of attraction. And to be so rude about I guess all of the men who smile at me and hit on me are sickos right? Now, Posh's boob job is a little much, but who cares. Get over it and her figure. Stop obsessing over cute fit women and take a jog or do something good for yourself. Sheeesh.

2732 days ago


I keep thinking she looks so familiar. I finally figured it out - she looks like ET.

2732 days ago


We are all pawns of the media. Just look at us, we are reading this drivel...I know... Me, too.
I guess I need a real person to have my morning tea with.

2732 days ago


hopefully the constant harassment from the paparazzi will convince HER TO MOVE BACK TO ENGLAND..................VICTORIA, YOUR PLANE BACK TO ENGLAND IS WAITING, HURRY!!!!!!!!!!! BYE BYE! KISS, KISS :) GO ON NOW!

2732 days ago


Yawnnnnnnnnnnn can someone please kill this no talent bag of bones already. lord knows we have enough weird ass wanna be celebrities here, we don't need euro trash here seeking publicity for the fake, lame marrige and lifestyle her husband is probley gay, no real man could be with that fake looking wax doll.

2732 days ago


Nice to see Jay Leno being so green in that crazy gas-guzzler

2732 days ago


I like Posh I think she's very unique and has her own style, she's skinny and I admit her face isn't all that great. But she knows how to make herself look her best. Its better to be skinny than to be fat. And actually I think all mothers should look like her. Thats whats wrong with people they think mothers should all be fat ugly women. She's not a slut either she's been married to this guy for a long time so she's also monogomous which is another plus. And so what if she doesn't smile maybe she doesn't feel like smiling. Why should she walk around smiling?

2732 days ago


Good point #26. It's hlarious to me that every time a picture is posted of a fit or attractive woman on here, all of our fellow females bash her. What's the deal ladies? I thought we were all in this together? What did Posh do to any of us? Why are we so quick to cut each other down? And we focus so much of our energy on trying to get men to respect us, but we do nothing but disrespect each other.

2731 days ago

Dr. Quest    

Yawn. A minute and nine seconds of my life I will never get back.

2714 days ago
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