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Bikini-Clad News Babe: Sexy Pix "Purely Platonic"

5/1/2007 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The TV reporter who sent NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen revealing snaps of herself in a bikini -- and got an hilariously acidic e-mail response from Eisen's wife (who found them on their shared account) -- says the photos are, you know, just "harmless pictures" that "friends" trade.

Alycia Lane, an anchor at Philadelphia's CBS affiliate KYW-TV, just sent a statement to TMZ saying that she and Eisen have been "purely platonic" friends "for almost 10 years" and that they "regularly exchange e-mail and photos." Including, as Page Six reported, "seven e-mails and several bikini photos" from Lane, which went into the account shared by Eisen and Shuster. Oopsy!

Shuster, in a letter obtained by the Post, hissed back at Lane: "Boy, do you look amazing in a bikini ... congrats! Whatever you're doing, (Pilates? yoga?) keep doing it -- it's working for you ... sorry but those seven e-mails you sent to my husband, Rich, well, oops, they came to the e-mail address we both use from time to time." Ouch -- and Shuster then forwarded Eisen's personal email address, "since you surely are trying so hard to get attention."

KYW-TV tells TMZ it won't be taking any punitive action against Lane. Calls to Eisen and Shuster seeking comment were not immediately returned.


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I really think that everybody is directing too much attention on Alycia. I really believe that all of the criticism that she is receiving really should be directed toward Rich Eisen. He is the one that has continued his so called friendship with Alycia behind his wife's back. If he is having relations with Alycia, there must be something wrong with his marriage. Why would he use the shared email address with his wife. It would have been very easy for him to create a secret email account without his wife knowing. Alycia is a very beautiful woman and I think that everybody is hating on her because of her beauty. This should have been left a private matter between the Eisen's and Alycia.

2696 days ago

ms. canada    

OK---why the beautiful pic of the anchor & not so attractive pic of the wife?? It looks like one of those cell phone pics.

2696 days ago

speculating like you    

All right, everyone's speculating the guy gave her his email addy. Now, thinking like a guy on the prowl, why on earth would he give her an email addy he shared with his wife? Even dumb guys aren't that dumb. Given Ms. Lane's history, it seems very likely she tracked down his email addy, not realizing his wife used it. That doesn't necessarily absolve him, but it doesn't implicate him, either.

In any case, you can be sure his wife will be giving him the third degree as to why that woman thought she could email him bikini pics. If he did something, she'll find out, so lay off and wait for things to work themselves out. They always do. Everyone thought Sara Evans husband was a creep until the truth came out she had a scheming lawyer running him through the mud after he caught her running around. Wait 'til it all comes out.

2695 days ago


This is all just a smokescreen... Rich Eisen is gay.

And his "friend of ten years" is bearding up for him.

Bikini photos... publicistspeak. Who sends bikini photos in this day and age?

Spicy, yet inocuous. Straight, but oh so ghay.

(yawn) (stretch)


2695 days ago

Been There husband (now ex) had a "friend" too......they had a "joy ride" the night my first son was born. They went to dinner too that night.
He married her after me.
Divorced her shortly after.
That woman doesn't deserve to broadcast news. People are supposed to be able to trust the news. How can anyone trust her now? TV Station is showing their support of her disgusting actions, and it makes me sick.

2695 days ago



I agree with #68. It is inappropriate. It may not be "having sex," but it leads directly to that. What in the world do you expect to happen when an attractive woman sends bikini shots of herself to a man and continues to exchange email with him. It leads to an affair. If you think otherwise, you're fooling yourself. We have to govern ourselves, because nature will take over if we allow ourselves to be in certain situations. Because, as you said, it is natural for a man to be attracted to a young, beautiful woman. The woman knew exactly what she was doing. And the man did too. They should own up to their mistakes.

2695 days ago


Why is it always the hot ones!

You know who makes out big on this is the dude. He is probably getting high fives from all of the guys at ESPN. "Plutonic my......" " she's too hot! Besides Pluto is too far to visit.

2695 days ago


Were are the picts? Some one that knows the wife has to get her to post them somewhere!

2695 days ago


the news anchor is a whore!!! straight-up!!! No decent woman who is just a friend send stank ass pictures of herself to her married male friend unless she's trying to get a piece.

Here we have a 100% pure, grade A, unadulterated puerto rican slut!

2695 days ago


Maybe she needs a safety feature on her email account ... instead of a "send" button she should have a "is this a good idea to send" button.... what a dumb bitch

2694 days ago

military guy    

I don't care what any of them are doing. I just want to see the pictures! Show us the pictures!

2694 days ago

Kenny Hyder    

Maybe his wife should go girl jumping to relieve her stress!

2691 days ago
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