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Pam's Vanishing Trick Exposed

5/1/2007 3:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson needs to work on her disappearing act.

Pam's going to play a magician's assistant for Hans Klok at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. They usually disappear with a poof, but Pam made a very visible exit from Winston's last night, bombarded by photogs as she attempting to sneak out the back door while hiding behind a friend's jacket.

Pam's sometimes party-pal, Paris Hilton, was less resistant to the flashing paps -- one of whom apparently brought a searchlight to brighten up the back of Hyde. The club was also home to Hilton's ex, Stavros Niarchos, and Jack Osbourne -- who told TMZ cameras that nothing interesting would happen while waiting for his car ... guess he didn't see this video of his sister.

Also out: Tonight's "American Idol" mentors, Bon Jovi, "Battlestar Galactica" hottie Tricia Helfer and "Showgirls" actress Rena Riffel with an unfortunately wigged out Mary Carey.

All this and more in today's saw-me-in-half edition of Star Catcher.


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How come Paris is still driving?

2696 days ago

My Two Cents    

who cares??

2696 days ago



2696 days ago


pam and paris share party favors and antibiotics

2696 days ago


I love Pam Anderson because I think she is a smart and sexy woman and very respectable. That's why I'm wondering what in the hell is she doing with the likes of Paris Hilton. Ugh!! The only thing they have in common is the sex tapes. Pam makes her own money and she works hard as hell. Paris is the EXACT opposite. Weird.

2696 days ago

Mike O'Reilly    

That dirty skank has Hep C,gross.Just a matter of time before Tommy uses her as a punching bag.

2696 days ago


I used to think she was hot. Now she's just gross. I bet when she's 60 (if Hep C doesn't kill her first) she's still gonna have that 1980s bleached blonde hair and gigantic boobs.

She has no class.

2696 days ago


number 5,dont you get it? pam anderson is lost in the middle of all the losers,and she hangs around with who ever is popular for the dont see that duh...i even seen her in a pick when burkhead who was staring in all the news,where was pam,right there,lol did her sex tape,ooop's here comes pam again...heather and richie seperate oops again theres pam with denice richards who is dating heathers ex do you get it number 5? pam thinks that if she shows up with the most popular person of the week,that makes her a somebody,all those people need to get a life or are they afraid to be alone,without the camara's.its going to be funny as heck to see pam at 50 trying to do playboy layouts cause ya know that is her goal,seeing farrah did it,pam trys to out do women in general,if she only knew wat people close to her really think,hmmm

2696 days ago


She got more attention by sneaking out - than if she had just allowed her photo to be taken

2695 days ago


I'm a big fan of Pams. Love her!!! ;-)

2695 days ago


number 9. your exactly right,play a game and get thee attention...shes a hog with it!!! fake personality she has and its right out there in plain sight...she acts out as she goes,preplanned for sure,you can see it in her interveiws,phony as heck!!! and to ledbetter,wat you are,you like...if you love god,this women surely isnt into his word so its obvious your not either,your probably a lesbian!

2695 days ago


right...shes trying to save animals but shes destroying her children with her nasty life style,lol...when are animals more important then the souls of the children...and shes a poor influence on all young girls...never mind paris hilton,that girls parents should be ashamed of them selves but i guess popularity is more important here on earth,pam wat youve done to the minds of the young should weigh heavy on your concience,you have some explaining to do at the end of your life but im not sure we will have that chance to explain anything to god,he see's our real person,here on earth...and we will be going to a place acording to the works and actions we did here

2695 days ago


you people are so stupid. pam was at a place called winstons. paris was at hyde. do you a holes know how to read, and pam got hep c from getting a tatoo with her husband. it was not her fault. that is like cutting down a child born with aids. hep c attacks your liver after about 50 can't get it unless you swap blood which most of us do not.

2695 days ago


My 21 year old son made a comment to me about Pam Andersen the other day. Adding to the fact that he thinks Pam is sexy, he wonders what it will be like for Pam's two son's when they get older - they, and all of their friends can see 'mom' naked and in sexual situations all over the internet.

How do the children of naked Star's deal with it? I never thought about it until now.... some major therapy is in their future. Hopefully that will be all that they need to get over their friend's getting off on their mom.

Does anybody else wonder about the psychological effect on these kid's? Nowadays... you have to think about these things. My son said he would have real hard time with it.

2695 days ago

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