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Imus to CBS -- You Wanted "Irreverent," Now Pay Up!

5/3/2007 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Imus may get the last laugh -- because the contract he signed with CBS seems to court the very behavior that got him fired.

In Imus' multi-year contract with CBS Radio, seen by CNN's Jeffrey Toobin, the shock jock was told by his employer to be "irreverent" and "controversial. " CBS fired Imus for his "nappy-headed hos" comment. The question for a jury: Did Imus give CBS exactly what it wanted?

Imus is still owed $40 mil on the five-year deal. CBS is clearly in a bind, because not only does the contract require Imus to be "irreverent" and "controversial" but the document says those qualities are "desired by Company" and "consistent with Company rules and policies."

The fired shock jock has lawyered up with one of the country's top trial attorneys, Martin Garbus, who says that Imus plans to file a wrongful breach of contract suit against CBS.


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Lud Habada    

When the TV was originally designed, it had a unique feature designed right into it, in which the person watching was able to change channels if they didn't like what they were watching. Why on Gods green earth, do I have to be penalized for idiots not smart enought to change the channels? I am sick of all this political correctness. If those of you who are so smart spent as much time learning about our government as you do reading about the damm sports scores, this country would not be in the mess it is in. Get over your damn double standards and get Don Imus and his Group back where they belong. Don, how about talking to Rupert Murdock. You belong on a network that is fair and balanced.

2674 days ago


I hope Don Imus gets every penny he is asking for and I also hope that he comes back to the airwaves/ television soon. He is the only broadcaster who told us the truth and he did so much good for many charities . I support by purchasing items each month to help kids with cancer. And I miss Imus with all my heart.

2647 days ago


He should get the money. No matter what he said or believes they pushed him to be controversal. So they have to pay him. Its that simple

2646 days ago

ronald p doran    

My life has been screwed up since he has not been on.
A lot of you out there forget he is a recovering alcohol and
drug user, I am also and have been clean for 21 years, it
is not easy staying clean but we handle each day as it comes.
inside Mr Imus is a loving caring person, his lovely wife can see
this thru his rough exterior. I will be 70 in a couple of weeks and
I have a wife 24 years younger than I and not as pretty as Ms Imus
but enough to turn heads and I get the daughter bit all the time.
Mr Imus you did nothing wrong and it was nice that you said some
kind words to the girls teams, you did not have to do this but you
did. As for these 3 black so called ministers they would be nothing
if they were stopped from running around sticking there noses into
and inflaming their so called flocks and hogging the media and
making mountains out of mole hills. I live 21 miles outside of Detroit
Michigan which is a city that is dead because of what the blacks have
done to it. I best stop now. I truly miss your program and side kicks
it made my day. Hang in there and get what is owed to you. Ron Doran

2645 days ago

Haha suckers...    

Good, I hope he wins.

2695 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Good, they shoud not have fired him for that stupid comment anyways.

2695 days ago

this guy looks so scary.. wow

2695 days ago


I hope Imus gets what's coming to him and MORE. I miss his show sooooo much.

2695 days ago


I hope he wins too!! Friggen burn on CBS

2695 days ago


It is not about winning or losing. Question is does he believe what he said was wrong. He has apoligized for it and it was accepted by many.

2695 days ago

Wasabi Pea    

A contract is a contract......hope you win.

2695 days ago


Wow how funny, I don't think that he should have been fired in the first place, Now let's see CBS pay him triple ha ha ha Maybe the Rev. Jackson will help pay him off ha ha Do you think, ????? I bet he doesn't speak up about this

2695 days ago


While I don't condone Imus' remarks, I don't feel that he should have been fired. If what this information is saying is correct, which I believe it very well may be, Imus deserves the rest of his money...point blank. Like someone above said, "A contract is a contract!"

2695 days ago

Buck Naked    

You dont sign a $40mill contract without dotting the "I's" and crossing the "T's."

CBS dumped Imus, not out of outrage over his comments, but becuase their revenue base (ie advertisers) were deserting them in droves (advertisers dont want to be tainted by association.)CBS realized Imus's revenue pull was no longer there.

Now CBS, having lost the revenue base, will also have to fork out many $$$ in compensation ... what a pack of losers.

2695 days ago


Don't Worry CBS, Al sharpton will help you pay, since you allowed him and jesse jackson to bully you into firing him...HAHA!...good luck dummies!

2695 days ago
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