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"Lost" Diary -- The Brig

5/3/2007 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey, it's Daniel from TMZ here, back with another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

So I try and avoid promos and commercials as best I can, but they always find a way to creep in. This week, some people posted on TMZ about a confrontation between Locke and Sawyer. With Locke's dad looming on the island, I have to assume that this could be the week we learn that Locke's dad is the original Sawyer (the man who conned Sawyer's parents, driving his dad to kill his mom, then himself). If that's the case, tonight's episode could be off the charts.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way.

This week it's a special East Coast edition of the Diary. I am back in Queens, N.Y. for the week, so I am not with the usual crew. Instead, I am watching with just one other person; my mom. If she says anything about Sawyer along the same lines as Lauren usually does, it would be uncomfortable. Let's roll:
10:00 -- The "previously on 'Lost'" goes through Locke's history, so I imagine this will be the night we find out what he's been up to since we last saw him.

10:01 -- We're flashing back to eight days ago. I love when "Lost" does an "on island" flashback.

10:02 -- Normally during "Lost," I have no problem typing while a scene is going on. When Locke and Henry Gale are involved, I barely even breathe, much less type. What did Locke's dad mean when he said, "Don't you know where we are?"

10:03 -- "Would you like to come with us?" -- Henry Gale. Can I come too? Is it weird that I want to be Anakin Skywalker to Henry Gale's Chancellor Palpatine? Actually, don't answer that.

10:04 -- We cut back to Kate and Sawyer spooning. Would have thought Kate would have been the little spoon. Oh well.

10:05 -- I bet Lauren even finds Sawyer taking a piss to be sexy.

10:08 -- So Locke has Henry Gale tied up in the forest -- would have thought it was his dad. Actually, I still think it is. I just figure Locke would have had a tough time explaining that one to Sawyer.

10:09 -- "We've been waiting for you." -- Cindy. That rates pretty high on the creepy scale.

10:10 -- So as a gesture that he is ready to be a true Other, Henry Gale wants Locke to kill his father. And why should this take any convincing? I would think Locke would jump at the chance. Oh right, he's not a killer. We shall see.

10:12 -- My mom is actually taunting me with Charlie's presence. She's a loyal reader and more than aware of how much I hate him, but she doesn't have to rub it in.

10:13 -- So Desmond and the crew are keeping parachute lady hidden in a tent on the beach. My mom recognizes her as the chick from "Vegas." Good catch, mom.

10:14 -- Locke is bringing up Sawyer's parents. I feel my prediction is on its way to coming true. I am downright giddy.

10:16 -- Sawyer says he won't kill anyone, Locke says he'll change his mind. Prediction time: since it's pretty obvious Locke has his dad tied up somewhere and not Henry Gale, do you think Sawyer will kill Locke's dad? I go with yes.

10:19 -- Let's welcome Sayid back to the show. All together now, "Hi, Sayid."

10:20 -- Parachute lady is named Naomi. Good to know. Other than that, I don't know what to make of her whole story.

10:23 -- "It's time." -- Henry Gale. Well you just know something cool is about to happen when Henry Gale says that.

10:24 -- "The hesitation that you're feeling is just the part of you that still feels like he has a perfectly good explanation for stealing your kidney, throwing you out of an eight story window." -- Henry Gale. I bow at the feet of Henry Gale.

10:25 -- Locke's dad doesn't think that Locke can kill him. He can't do it, we all know he can't do it. Why doesn't Henry Gale know it?

10:26 -- Man, the Others sure enjoy gathering to watch a man get stabbed on a pillar.

10:27 -- "I'm sorry, he's not who we thought he was." -- Henry Gale. Reminds me of the scene in "The Matrix" before we found out Neo was the one. I guess that makes Henry Gale our Morpheus.

10:28 -- "It's an old slaving shape, mid 19th-century." -- Locke. Is there anything he doesn't know?

10:29 -- Yup, Locke's dad is the one tied up. Things should really start to get interesting.

10:33 -- OK, seriously, Naomi's "satellite phone" is really just the iPhone. I didn't check the credits closely, did Steve Jobs produce this episode?

10:34 -- If Locke weren't harboring a couple of hostages, I would hope that he would have asked Rousseau what she wanted with all that dynamite. I am pretty sure a crazy French woman should never be given a whole crate of explosives.

10:35 -- So Alpert gave Sawyer's file to Locke so that he could figure out Sawyer's connection to his dad. Great move.

10:37 -- "If there were any bullets in that gun, why would you hold a knife to my throat?" -- Locke. That right there is what makes him John Locke.

10:38 -- So, apparently, the Others staged a car accident so they could get Locke's dad onto the island -- or at least that's how it sounded. Interesting note: Locke's dad referred to Locke as his "dead son." This probably confirms Naomi's story about Oceanic Flight 815 being "found" and everyone aboard being "dead."

10:40 -- "If this isn't hell, friend, then where are we?" -- Locke's dad.

10:41 -- "A con man goes by many names, friend. I've been Alan Seward, Anthony Cooper, Ted Maclaren, Tom Sawyer ..." -- Locke's dad. God this is getting good.

10:42 -- "Sawyer's my name too." -- Sawyer. Just a great scene all around. Very possibly the best scene not involving Locke or Henry Gale this season.

10:45 -- "Don't tell me what I can't do, John." -- Henry Gale. Locke's favorite line, thrown back at him.

10:46 -- "Unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, don't bother." -- Henry Gale.

10:47 -- Wait a sec, you're telling me Sawyer still has that letter on him? Come on.

10:50 -- "You wanna go to hell?" -- Sawyer. Great line to say as you're strangling a guy with a chain.

10:51 -- "Thank you." -- Locke. So Locke didn't actually kill his dad, but he might as well have. Not sure how this makes him feel any better about it.

10:54 -- "Anything you can say to me, you can say in front of her." -- Jack. What a tool. My mom had a better description: "A**hole."

10:56 -- "We should tell her." -- Juliet. Well, I guess that confirms that Jack is working with Juliet somehow. But tell her what exactly? Something is up here. They are definitely double-crossing Henry Gale somehow.

10:57 -- Locke is giving Sawyer Henry Gale's tape recorder so he can go back and warn the camp that the Others are coming soon. Seems like Juliet and Jack might be on verge of warning them anyway.

10:58 -- "I'm on my own journey now." -- Locke.

10:59 -- Remember when Henry Gale said, "Unless you're carrying your father's body on your back, don't bother"? Guess Locke is taking that literally.

I can often judge an episode by how many quotes I write down. I am a huge fan of dialog -- Aaron Sorkin and David Mamet being the masters. When Locke and Henry Gale are prominent in an episode, I know I am going to get some great scenes. You can just tell the writers of the show love writing for those two characters.

I am giving this episode a B+. I really enjoyed seeing how Locke had spent his time with the Others. The performances and writing were top notch and there were at least three scenes that had me holding my breath. No startling revelations (we all saw the Sawyer/Locke's dad thing coming) and no killer ending is what kept it from getting an A.

A couple of leftover, random thoughts before I finish. What did Henry Gale mean when he kept saying that Locke was the one that brought his dad to the island? Will the island take revenge on Sawyer for killing someone? A meeting with the black smoke monster, perhaps?

Before I get to this week's question, I owe you guys my answer to last week's. "The Wire" is my favorite show on television and is probably the best show of all-time. If you don't watch it, and if you trust me on the matters of television at all, you'll rent season one when you have a chance. Nothing else compares.

On to our question for this week: As a fan of shows like "The Shield," I have no problem when good guys do bad things. Locke's dad was a shitty guy who ruined Sawyer's life. I am perfectly okay with Sawyer killing him. Are you? See you next week.

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"It's an old slaving shape, mid 19th-century." I believe this is the same ship where Leslie Arzt blew up (dynamite) perhaps that is where Locke picked up that info. Man, Rousseau doesn't get involved in anything, does she??? thought she might interject in the situation, but no, and doesn't even flinch when Locke says, be careful, that it's highly unstable - I have to give this episode an A - Locke, Sayid, Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Ben, Juliet - Sawyer kills his namesake Sawyer (the man who drove his father to suicide/murder) Don't feel all that good, though about the killing, Sawyer has lost something now and it will be interesting to see how his character changes in the coming episodes - "Would have thought Kate would have been the little spoon." Uh, yeah, is Kate the guy and Sawyer is becoming the woman in the relationship, here (sorry to sound sexist) but Kate wants to ----- and Sawyer wants to cuddle, wanted to go back to her tent, but nooooo, Kate don't play that game... anyway, What about that PHONE??????? Sayid gets it to work, but what the fudge is blocking the signal and when her helicopter gets closer, clouds come in (the monster????) IS THIS THE PACIFIC BERMUDA TRIANGLE??? maybe they will find amelia earhart - Now we know for sure Penny is looking for Desmond. Juliet/Jack, what's the deal? knew from get go something going on between them, but is Juliet doublecrossing Jack or is Jack pretending to go along with something with her (surely he must know that bringing her back and siding with her would cause distrust in him by many on the island) this better blow up big in the season finale - Kate, Kate, Kate, are you pregnant? couldn't they find any condoms in those suitcases? morphine, bandages, guns, but no condoms, not even in a someones wallet??? Cindy is creepy - her and Ben could make for some creepy, flesh crawling moments -
I mentioned this to my daughter a long time ago and now she can't get off of it, she believes they are in purgatory, but I'm starting to think this is too easy....but if they are, I don't think there was any plane crash, they are all connected to each other somehow....
So 3 more episodes left? Where is Walt and Michael? Are they actually done, did they complete what they need to on this island? Did Locke? (please, no) Is killing what gets you released? Michael killed Ana Lucia and whatshername - but Walt didn't kill anyone, did he - Now Sawyer has killed, but Charlie killed (several times as Desmond pointed out) and he is still here (sorry Daniel) or is it WHO you kill???

2668 days ago


This episode was awesome, and I can't wait until next week! I definately believe that Kate is preggers or soon going to be. There's no Walgreens on the island so condoms are probably not readily available...unless of course Dharma is suppling those too. Here's a thought, how about if Jack and Juliet are pretending to have a "relationship" to push Sawyer and Kate together? Another thought I had was that if the island is pergatory, how about if THE OTHERS are using the pregnant mothers for reincarnation? Is that even possible? Wait...anything is possible on LOST.

I love this show!!!

2668 days ago


There is no way you can quantify Sawyer as being a "good guy[] do bad things." He is a bad guy. He was a con-man and a killer. He killed Tallahassee man because that was his life's mission--his purpose. He completed his purpose, like others on the island. So it may be the end for Sawyer. This show never quaranteed that any of the "main" characters are safe, so Sawyer may be taken from the great beyond. I think this episode blurred all of our theories and blended the idea of pergatory and secret island. Tallahassee spoke of dying in a car accident and felt the island was his pathway to Hell. I am more confused than ever.

2668 days ago



I also think that the only explination for this whole show would be a time warp/worm hole thing but I can't see that being the case....I mean don't you think that would take a lot more seasons to explain? It just seems too confusing an explanation.....In a podcast with one of the creators and and writers, they said that the "Adam and Eve" (that were found in the caves) where going to play a verry important role in the finale/explanation of the show.

2668 days ago


Ok Daniel, I know you try and not watch the previews for next week but I had to say something about this one! In the previews for next week they show Locke walking up to a sign saying "Namaste! The Dharma Initiative". I paid attention in cultural anthropology class....."Namaste" is the word for placing your palms together over your head, to form a you see in Hindu statues. The gesture means recognizing a common divinity within the other person. It has roots in South Asian and Hindu culture and has many translations such as "I salute the God within you.", “The entire universe resides within you.” and “The divine light in me salutes the divine light in you.” All of these translations seem to have a common thread...........I think the next few episodes are going to be VERY interesting.

2668 days ago



I found your weekly summary a few weeks ago and I have been a faithful reader each week. I've been telling friends about it so they can enjoy it too.

Sawyer was right to kill that awful man, but as many have already said, it will change the character and person of Sawyer.

I may have missed this in posted comments, but did anyone else notice the subtle grin/smirk on Locke's face right before Sawyer followed him into the jungle and right after Locke picked up his dead father and walked off at the end of the episode?

2668 days ago


I saw that too!!

2668 days ago


I thought the show was great last night! In response to Daniels question....NO! i have absolutely noproblem with Sawyer killing Locke's sperm donor...I would like beat Kate's ass for running and tattling to Jack though....She only did it bc she thought it would score her some brownie points with Jack....Does anyone else think that Naomi has been sent by the Others? Thats my guess and the whole story about the plane being found along with all the dead bodies makes me wonder if either thats a trumped up story the Others made up or they really are in purgatory/hell....things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm?!?!?

2668 days ago


CORRECTION!!! Locke did not say to warn "Kate" about the raid for pregnant women,,,he said Sawyer needed to warn "the camp"..........I just re-watched it..

2668 days ago

Asian Caucasian    

Poster #2... Fluet... tsk tsk... GIT ER DANIEL, GIT ER GOOD!!!

2668 days ago


I love this show. The possibilities and suspense of what is going on consume me. I'm dreading the season ending because the weekly puzzle piece is addictive.

I still maintain that Lostie's flight out of Sydney was set-up. I think all those people were personally selected to come to the island. And those 'observing' with the others, were already a part of the others clan. But, time shall tell.

A few questions roaming my noggin:
1. Who is Jacob? I liked the suggestion that Rousseu was actually Jacob... great idea! She does seem to show up at the most peculiar time and never wants to be seen or around the others! However, I also suspect that rich Daddies play some significant role here. Jack's Dad, Penny's Dad (with the polar bear painting in his office), Sun's Dad...
2. The "Hostiles" were mentioned for the focus of next season... is Naomi a part of that group? Thus, is Penny behind the Hostiles?
3. Jack & Claire's dead father... where the hell is that body?
4. Walt...(& Michael) his power of showing up to Shannon, dripping wet, as if trying to warn her, telling her to be quiet... where the hell are they? Benry wouldn't let those powers leave the island!
5. When Kate, Jack & Sawyer were first apprenhended by the others... weren't Locke and Hurley told they weren't "on the list," and set free. The why is Locke all of a sudden so 'special?' They realized his healing powers... but, why wouldn't they know that back then since their personal files are all-knowing.

So many different turns this show could take. Pergatory/Hell is too obvious and they'd lose all their fans if that was the end result. It has to do something with the Dharma scientific studies - which what - all of a sudden stopped? The others...being all knowing, all prepared and definitely having the upper hand. The losties being simply lost...

Definitely addictive!

2668 days ago

Asian Caucasian    

Is it possible to eject from a helicopter?? Wouldn't you... ya know... get chopped the F up?

2668 days ago


I think this one deserves an A..Sawyer was the star in this one...yum

Not a big fan of Locke--he's a PUssy!! and this episode highlighted that all the way around--he's a traitor and a coward. Sawyer, on the other hand, is well on his way to leading the LOSTies group, at least for a while since I still think Jack is the chosen one. Right now Jack's not to be trusted-if for no other reason than because he fell for Juilet's lying BS)

Sawyer is the only one that benefits from the death of Locke's dad is- he's the one that had the cojones to follow through and rid himself of the shadow this guy cast over his life. I predict that his(Sawyer's) character is going to soar to new hights. He's going to surprise us -Locke just sat outside and whimpered like a girl! (and I'm a girl-but even I'm harder than Locke!) So, as far as Locke gaining anything of substance from that --null- he didn't do anything and he wont get what he wants from Ben!
Also, love that Kate might be prego cuz that's going to send Sawyer into protection-mode overdrive...Love it! He's proving to be the only real man on this island. (Lauren would agree I'm sure :)

The other thing that made this epi. great was the references to them all being dead-- which I'm still not willing to believe, that'd be way too easy. I think they're trying to steer the audience in that direction only to switch it up in the finale. But the fact that they are toying with us on this issue just piques my interest in the LOST mysteries. Loved it!!

2668 days ago


Hi! I am ok with sawyer killing locke's dad, but i am a little concern about him getting kill by smokey. KATE is getting on my last nerve. She is using Sawyer (who you can tell loves her) and on top of that she is a rat. She is sooo desperate for jack liking her back that she does not care about anybody else. Sawyer is sooo hoooot!!!! doesn't matter what he is doing. He make me cry when he gave locke's dad his letter. He look like a little boy.

ps to the writers of lost: if you want me as a viewer DO NOT KILL SAWYER!!! you can kill Jack instead.

2668 days ago


One more thing i just remembered......Does anyone remember at the end of last season when desmond "turn the key" and blew the hatch to hell the scene where "someone" phones Penny and said something to the effect of "It's done"???????????????????????????????????????????

2668 days ago
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