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Jay-Z in a Plane Crash-- NOT TRUE

5/4/2007 2:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ has confirmed that Jay-Z WAS NOT aboard the plane. The three aboard the plane were "white men."

Rumors have been swirling this morning that rapresario Jay-Z (aka Shawn Carter) was in a plane crash this morning.

TMZ has confirmed that a small plane registered to a citizen of Dublin, GA crashed near Asheville, NC in the Smoky Mountains. The FAA tells TMZ that the four-seat propeller plane did go down this morning, but could not provide any additional details.

Sources tell TMZ that he is on his way to Vegas this weekend to take in the Mayweather - de la Hoya fight.


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I hate that Bitch    

It is funny how tmz removes comments in an attempt to quiet angry viewers...

2728 days ago



ONLY 1 PERSON INJURED...............


2728 days ago


wow TMZ, you have sunk very low in reporting. Racist also.

2728 days ago

Tom Campbell    

Identifying the guys on the plane as white men. Isn't that racist???

2728 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

#23 is an idiot. Ge your facts together before you post the wrong URL on TMZ. Amanda, you must have a pea for a brain. What a disgrace to human kind.

2728 days ago

Julie S    

Ya'll should notice that "white men" is in quotations, as if were a direct quote from somebody. DID IT EVER OCCUR TO YOU THAT MAYBE THOSE AREN'T TMZ'S WORDS? Maybe they were just quoting somebody? That is the reason why quotation marks are used, you know.
Stop Hatin!

2728 days ago


Yeah who cares about 3 dead "white guys", one being a doctor who saves lives. Whoever gave the "white guy" comment - whoever it was - is a racist. SHAME ON YOU! One of those 3 "white guys" could have saved your life. I ain't seeing Jay-Z doing no open hearts or gal bladders or anything. Damn people, get your heads right.

2728 days ago


I have been told that two men are "white men" and one man is a "black man." No "purple men" were reported aboard.

Plane crash kills three area men

Crash claims lives of James Connell, Jeff Davis and Jim Hilburn
Stephanie Miller

Three area men were killed Friday at about 11 a.m. when the plane they were in crashed en route to Asheville, North Carolina.

According to Allen Kyzer of Dublin Air Service of the W. H. “Bud” Barron Airport, the Cessna 182 flown by Dublin Attorney James V. “Jim” Hilburn, crashed near Asheville at an area known as Avery’s Creek, after an attempt to land at the Asheville Airport. Hilburn was killed as well as passengers, Jefferson Davis, III, and James Rodney Connell.

The plane belonged to Hilburn and two other Dublin residents, Dr. Steven Garner and Attorney Donnie Gillis. Davis also owns a plane, but it is parked at the Dublin airport.

Kyzer said Hilburn was flying Connell to Asheville to pick up a vehicle. Davis made the trip with the two.

The three men left Bud Barron at about 9:15 a.m. Friday.

“They talked with approach in Atlanta at 9:29 a.m.,” said Kyzer, explaining pilots communicate with air traffic control in Atlanta for this region once they reach a certain altitude. The aircraft had a flight plan on file at departure time.

“When an airplane leaves the field here in Dublin, if it’s not bright, sunny weather they talk with Atlanta Approach,” said Kyzer. “They (then place the plane) as a target on their radar so that if there’s another airplane in the area they keep you separated.”

Kyzer said Hilburn’s plane was making an instrument approach to the Asheville Airport when it went down in “rugged terrain.”

“That’s a radar controller guiding you to the airport,” he said, explaining the instrument approach is used when visibility is hindered and a controller tells the pilot how and where to land based on radar.

The sky over Laurens County Friday was hazy, but the weather was clear, but Kyzer said that was not the case in Asheville.

“We’re showing weather there right now. They’re having rain right now,” he said Friday just a few hours after the crash was reported, based on the computerized real-time weather reports.

An Associated Press report Friday afternoon shows that air traffic control lost contact with the Cessna about 1 1/2 miles northwest of the airport based on their information from Kathleen Bergen, spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration in Atlanta.

The Citizen-Times in Asheville reported Friday that the crash site was in a densely wooded area and media members waiting at the command post set up at the Walnut Cove overlook off the Blue Ridge Parkway were not allowed access to the site for several hours after the crash.

The aircraft was a 1977 Cessna 182, N735DP, or Skylane model, was based at Bud Barron, according to a statement released by Laurens County, which owns the Dublin airport.

According to the Citizen Times, The propeller-driven plane is 29 feet long with a wingspan of 36 feet. It can carry 200 pounds of baggage along with four people and it has a range of 930 nautical miles during about a 7 1/2 hour flight at 10,000 feet.

At the Bud Barron Airport Friday afternoon personnel were fielding calls continuously as word spread and “every pilot in Dublin” had either called or come to the airport.

One of those pilots, William Key, sat over in a chair near the front glass facing the runway, obviously still reeling from the news. Other pilots were also at the airport.

He said he was friends with both Hilburn and Davis and had flown with both on numerous occasions.

“They’re both seasoned pilots, great friends and careful, meticulous pilots,” said Key.

He called the crash a terrible “accident,” adding the news has rocked the entire flying community as local pilots are “like a family, a tight-knit family.”

Several pilots at the Dublin airport were saying the crash had to be because of “mountain obscurity” meaning that fog, clouds, haze, rain — something prevented clear vision of the area. Everyone agreed Hilburn and Davis were both “seasoned” with many years of flight experience.

Kyzer said any conversation between the plane and air control would have been recorded, but is the property of the Federal Aviation Administration until it is released.

2728 days ago


They were going to Asheville to buy a car, and Connell was going to drive the car back to Dublin, as he works as a driver for the Dublin Toyota dealership. That's what they mean by going to "pick up a car."

2728 days ago


why in god's name would TMZ report something like this without checking the facts !!! Whoever the writer was of this article needs to be elminated as a staff member...This was totally uncalled for and malicious and downright unprofessional !!!! Something needs to be done with this writer and the person who allowed this to be published on the site without
checking facts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2727 days ago


when i was told yesterday that it had been jay z that was lost, i didn't really believe it. i went on line to the new york chat rooms no one knew what i was talking about and then when the late news came on and the (updated) head line was about the radical weather i knew it wasn't true. jay z not make a headline especially concerning something like that? come on in! my heart goes out to the families of those they were on board that plane... jay z, good to hear ya still among us playa!

2727 days ago

Clayway Records Inc.    

That is a very sad story either way.

2725 days ago
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