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Paris' Summer at the Prison Hilton

5/5/2007 4:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While her pals are hanging in Malibu or the Hamptons, Paris will be spending 45 fun-filled days and nights with 2200 of her closest female felons at Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF).
Paris in Prison
Reopened in March, 2006, CRDF is located in beautiful Lynwood,Calif. -- just minutes from nearby Compton! While Mr. Chow takeout isn't available, according to the AP, CRDF does serve three low-sodium poultry based meals a day. Yum! For her own safety, Paris will most likely be segregated from the rest of her prison pals and live in a one or two-person cell. Cozy. During her days at Chez Clink, Paris will get just one hour a day to shower, exercise, watch TV or talk on the phone. And sorry to say, Blackberries are not allowed. Oh, the humanity!

As for wardrobe choices, Paris will have the option of one of four different colored jumpsuits. Depending on how she is classified and where she is housed in the facility, Paris could don a blue, brown, white or classic orange one-piece from the House of Detention collection.

Paris better get crackin', because with June 5 fast approaching, it gives her just one month to plan her kick-ass going away party!


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Free Paris Hilton? You act like she is Nelson Mandela? She violated her parole and she is going to jail. Be it 45 days or 45 hours, she screwed up and has to pay the price. When the justice system works correctly this is the result.

Whether someone else did something worse or not. She did this to herself and she needs to go to jail.

2729 days ago


Yeah that's really shocking.
Paris should not have recieved a jail sentence. for the sake of her own safety.
I'm a criminal justice major.. and jail's definitely not a safe place for someone like Paris. Especially not with inmates from compton and other areas near LA

2729 days ago


I won't get too excited, her lawyers will appeal this, I'm sure. Jerks! Still, if she does get ANY jail time, I'll be shocked into a coma. I'm still crossing my fingers.

2729 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

She got what was coming to her. And, no one out there is going to feel badly that Paris Hilton won't be wearing designer duds, and sitting at posh eaters the next 45 days.

Grow up you Spoiled rotten brat. You're getting to big to be acting like a 14 year old rebelous teen. Do something with your life and wealth that will make a difference in the world, instead of acting like an over-grown baby.

2729 days ago


I guess no one is above the law!!!! how cool.....

2729 days ago

David Paul    

Paris, you are what we all aspire to be; rich, famous, and free. You are the epiphany of all our dreams. You do as you please 24 hours a day. Most of us are prisoners to our daily grind. We support you Paris because you bring glamour and excitement to our otherwise mundane lives. Some suffer from extreme jealousy, that is why some attack you. Thank you for letting us live vicariously thru you. Good luck.


2729 days ago


Oh Paris, Oh Paris...You did it now. You won't learn a lesson, your just too stupid. This isn't going to be 1 night with Paris but 45 days and nights in jail. Good for you!!

2729 days ago


What goes around comes around. This was bound to happen sooner or later. Obviously she thought she was above the law...obviously she was wrong! :-)

2729 days ago


Paris - You should read this.

You run around and think you can do whatever you want to, because you have money.
You are not that pretty; I have dated women that are much more attractive.
You do not realize how lucky you are to be wealthy, and not have to worry about paying bills, and going to college, you have whatever you want, and you have no respect for that privilege.
I am sure you father is embarrassed that you are such a screw up.

You need to get a grip on things and do something good with all your money and I don’t mean donating to some charity, go out there and find some people that really need some help. Actually I am sure you will make some friends in jail. Do something kind for them.

2729 days ago


# 6 so what iam to. say bye bye

2729 days ago

Troubled by all the mystery    

She thinks she is above the law! She should have gotten more time. MONEY SHOULD NOT GET YOU OUT OF JAIL IF YOU DO THE CRIMES! She is disgusting WHAT DOES SHE DO FOR A LIVING??

2729 days ago


Now she can release her next feature film............"45 Nights in Century Regional Detention Facility'

2729 days ago


Paris deserves to be among the regular folk in general population and not be treated any differently just because she is famous. Shower time might be fun too.

2729 days ago


Who the hell does Paris think she is. A pompous spoiled brat whose only claim to fame is that she has money to buy just about anything she wants. The judge should order the parents to go jail too. they ae responsible for this..Hey Paris, call Martha Stewart, she can give you a few tips

2729 days ago

S Cue    

Wishing the judge would have issued a bench warrant for her non-appearance when she was late, and then held her in contempt for failing to comply with a court order (ie. appearing at 1:30), for which he could have issued additional jail time.

It is good to see a judge that can't be railroaded by one celebrity status. Kudos to the judge!!

2729 days ago
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