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Elliot Mintz No Longer on Paris Patrol

5/7/2007 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just two days after a judge sentenced her to 45 days in jail for violating her probation, Paris Hilton's longtime publicist Elliot Mintz has announced he is no longer representing the heiress. In court Friday, Paris claimed that it was Elliot who had mistakenly assured her she was able to drive, even though she had a suspended license. The judge, however, didn't buy her claim, and sent her to the slammer.

TMZ contacted Mintz Sunday evening, who issued the following statement:

The day after the hearing, I sent an e-mail expressing my sadness over the ruling of the judge and the irrational sentence he imposed. In that e-mail I also offered my sincerest apology for any misunderstanding she received from me regarding the terms of her probation. To the extent that I have miscommunicated information I received from her attorneys......I am deeply and profoundly sorry. I told her that I assume personal responsibility for my part in this matter. I believe when stated in court that she believed it was o.k. for her to drive under certain circumstances she was being absolutely truthful. Due to this misunderstanding, I am no longer representing Paris. For the record, I have nothing but love and respect for Paris and her family. Paris is a wonderful person and does not deserve the punishment that was handed down by the court. I only wish her my best.


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Is Paris Hilton going to give up her fur collection?

Let's us know.

Mike The Cat

The Indiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


2699 days ago


Elliot the flunkie,

In the words of Donald Trump, "You're Fired"!

2734 days ago


That judge sounds mean.

2734 days ago


Oh a sacrifical lamb for Paris and her "innocense". Perfect., but she lost that long ago! I don't believe you and even if you did advise her poorly, she should have asked her attorney. This is absolute bull carp. You were bought out... with additional pay for your statement after she had to fire you to for her "stay out of jail" card. Let's not forget, Paris is an adult. She can read the Order from the Court and if she is sooooo business savy, she would have known to ask her attorney! Did you sign the "notice of suspended license" that the cops gave to her too? Did you misdirect her about her rehab classes too??? Bull crap. She is a bimbo and ought to take the shot and face up to something in her life without playing victim all the time. She continues to be a very poor and ongoing bad example for kids out there that might think she has something to offer. Send her to jail... .she belongs there because of HER OWN CHOICES.

2734 days ago


her publicist is a total DIVA!

2734 days ago


#4 I agree with you 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2734 days ago


WOW, I wonder how much he got paid to say that???? Or how much is his book deal???
Please if the judge dosn't believe you why do you think that anyone else will?????

2734 days ago


No press for Paris is good press for everyone!!!! Let's see how long see will have her show???? It needs to go like Paris needs to go take a lesson in "REAL LIFE".

2734 days ago


Lets not mince words, Elliot. Who are you kidding? John Lennon must be laughing his ass off at you for ever taking the job of Putrid Hilton`s publicist. You lost all credibility years ago. Greedy with no pride! Pathetic!!

2734 days ago


omg! At the next appeal this will probably used to get her off,and she will continue to drive recklessly.She will be laughing all the to the bank (so to speak).But what has she done for her dui? Did she learn anything? I think not and how do you get in your car at night and not turn your lights on? The only time I can think of is if one is drinking or using drugs. Who knows what will happen now.

2734 days ago


Hmmmm..... money buys EVERYTHING!
This PR guy who is NOT responsible for Paris (who is the world's worthless human being) going to jail has to publicly apolgize to her and kiss her feet as she walks into jail !!! God I feel sorry for him! Paris DESERVES every bit of this sentence.
I give three cheers to this judge!

2734 days ago


Everything has happened as it should....Paris, karma has come for you. Just embrace it and learn from it...and please become a better person.

2734 days ago

big fat, bald white guy who loves everyone except Paris    

Elloiot Mintz is her publist not her lawyer. Are we to believe that Mr. Mintz was practicing law without a license by telling Paris what she can legally do? I don't think so. Why the F would this stupid bitch ask this queen about legal advice when she has the cry baby Wessel Witzman to give her the high paid legal advice? That whole crew should be ashamed of themselves. Oh, my the way, before TMZ took it down, their was a photo of Kathy Hilton standing next to her daughter, basically topless at a party. Its no wonder Paris is so messed up.

2734 days ago

jack sparrow    


2734 days ago


Elliot the minion, puleeeeeeeze !!! He is just trying to ride the Hiliton gravy train.
Ok, so Paris is a bit of an "air-head".....her social climbing mother did nothing to further her daughters education. That sex-tape should have been a "wake -up-call" for that stupid bunch . With that said I kinda feel bad for her because she has had very bad parenting....I wish Paris well, and I hope she gets her act together and volunteers somewhere in Africa or South America working with the underprivleged....she should also be made to clean cages at Animal Shelters in LA and maybe then she would see real suffering, and not use dogs as an accessory.

2734 days ago
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