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Hasselhoff Blocked from Seeing His Kids

5/7/2007 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has suspended David Hasselhoff's right to visit his children in the wake of the videotape showing the actor drunk on his living room floor.
Opri and The Hoff
Hasselhoff is allowed to have telephone contact only.

On May 21, the judge will hold a hearing on the videotape and how it will affect Hasselhoff's long-term visitation rights.

The judge also ordered that Hasselhoff, his ex-wife Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff and their kids meet with a psychologist prior to the May 21st hearing. The psychologist has the power to adjust the judge's order after meeting with the fractured family.

Strangely, the judge never admitted the videotape into evidence but said it didn't matter because he's a "normal human being" who reads, among other things, TMZ.

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Who has never been drunk in front of their kids? Uh, me. I've had a beer here and there when they were ASLEEP but never wasted and never with them AWAKE like David was. Yes, he should loose the rights to seeing his Children. Maybe he will wake up and see what he has done to his family.

2724 days ago


Unless he poses a threat to his damn near adult children, I don't see the point. The justice system seems to go too far with celebs, yet when it's Mary down the street trying to get her drunkard ex to stop hitting the kids, then they realize that parents have rights. This is all b.s. As much as it hurts David, it hurts his kids A LOT more.

This recent trend in vengefully airing people's private dirty laundry "for their own benefit" a la LiLo, the Hoff and Angry Alec is unbecoming. Making fun of Paris Hilton's valtrex prescription is hilarious and deserved considering the circumstances. This stuff is about as entertaining as guessing which anorexic starlet will drop dead first. It may be fascinating for a second, but it's sick and really not at all entertaining.

2724 days ago


i agree. Shes no angel and wife needs to be punished. there should be a media clampdown.

2724 days ago


If I heard this "story" correctly, Hasselhoff ASKED his daughter to videotape or in some other way record him if he ever got drunk again and she was around----IN ORDER TO KEEP HIM FROM DRINKING!!!! The man is an alcoholic. His daughter did exactly what he asked her to do for him!!! There is only one way that this tape ever made it's way onto TV and that's through his ex-wife. If either of them should have their parental rights taken away it's her because she has just proven that she has no morals at all.

2724 days ago

Claire Collins    

divorce lawyers should be excecuted. they abuse families and the legal system. they destroy lives for money.

it is very difficult to sustain a career in show business for decades on end. it is almost impossible, even for the very talented, it is daunting for the modestly talented....there is always someone younger, hotter, sexier, either have to be producing, writing or directing your own material or you are raw is sad.

truly. and it is worse for women. it is as bad as porn. it is a vicious business

2724 days ago

zsa zsa    

I'm shocked to read these comments from people who know neither David nor Pamela. I have known Pamela for 30 years and David for 17. If you only knew what David has put her through, his threats, his drunken escapades, his violence, losing control of his bowels and bladder in their bed. I've had to assist her in sneaking him out the back restaurants because he was so drunk he couldn't walk out the front. He's taunted the girls when they were younger. He got drunk one time and put gum in their hair!! They called their mother and we had to go home. Mind you David was stone cold sober when we left and less than an hour later he was tormenting the girls.I've seen Pamela put a pillow under his head and cover him with a blanket because he was passed out drunk on their kitchen floor. I told her to let him wake up on the cold floor but she was worried that he may throw up and choke. I've seen him trash hotel rooms and has been asked not to return to several places. He tried to jump out of a limo one night and I pulled him back in by sticking my arm down his suit sleeve. He literally opened the door, on the 405 going 70mph, and was trying to jump. She wanted to leave many times but he convinced her that he would quit drinking. And, he has. He's been through THREE unsuccessful rehab attempts. Did you know that he DOESN'T pay his support? At least, not until Pamela has to take him back to court yet again. THEN he pays. HE is cheating himself and the girls because of his behavior. However, they know nothing else. They are used to being embarrassed by him, he's been drunk for most of their lives. No one is perfect and neither is Pamela. David has a disease and needs help. He's gotten help in the past but just can't seem to maintain his sobriety. He is one of the nicest, most generous, loving people I know until he gets Vodka in him and then he's truly Jekyll and Hyde. Pamela could have gone to the press with any of 500 incidents but hasn't until now so don't characterize her as a bloodsducking bitch. David has created this mess and HE needs to clean it up! She has stuck by him no matter what he did because she loved him and they were MARRIED! She didn't just walk out like most people do when the going gets tough. So keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

2724 days ago

cape breton .NOVA SCOTIA.    


2723 days ago


I was surprised when I saw pictures of David and his 16-year old and 14-year old daughters. They looked more like 24 & 22. Now that's what I call good parenting, letting children that age dress like that. Shame on their mom.

2722 days ago

zsa zsa    

Excuse me Nova Scotia #94, those are not Pamela's words, they're mine! I said 'we had to leave' because I was with her you dumb ass.

2722 days ago


Parental Alienation - Recognize the pattern

I wanted to share with my friends about "Parental Alienation", and it's devastating affect on the lives of our children. These 2 blogs contains information defining parental alienation, plus I've given more insight into my own life and how this has affected me, at the end of Part 2.

Have a read and see how much of this sounds familiar. Maybe you have a sister, brother, father, mother or friend who is guilty of doing this to their children within ear shot of you. Stand up for our children, this type of abuse must be stopped in order for our kids to be able to have a satisfying and productive life, without being plagued by the ghosts of the past leading them to continue the damaging and destructive cycle with their own children.

Click here: Parental Alienation Part 1

Click here: Parental Alienation Part 2

This is exactly what the Hoff is fighting, as well as Alex Baldwin and many others. They just have come to the 'end of their rope' and are quite clearly in distress from being kept from their respective kids.

Please feel free to post this on your own blog spaces, as the more people that see it the better. This is a crime against our children and we should all fight against it.

Pass it on...

2717 days ago



1172 days ago
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