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5/7/2007 12:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Anna Nicole in formerly heavy spokesmodel heaven, and Kirstie Alley's weight loss seemingly at a halt, there's an open position for a celeb weight loss spokesperson. Who's in line for the job? Two boy banders and a Spelling!

Nick Carter, Tori Spelling, Joey Fatone
"Dancing with the Stars" pudgy twirler and former *NSYNCer Joey Fatone (make your own joke on his last name), Nick Carter (seen him lately?) and Tori Spelling (baby weight) have all hopped on the NutriSystem diet. Tori and Joey have been working closely with NutriSystem's VIP/Celeb counselor Stacie Mullen, and according to the stars, the system has done wonders for them.
Former Backstreet Boy Carter has also been raving to friends that the diet is the best thing he's done for himself in ages. Well after watching his family and their reality show, that's clear.

Are these three competing to be the next spokestubby? TMZ chewed the fat with a NutriSystem rep who told us, "Yes, all three are on the diet, but not spokespeople -- Nick's lost 30 pounds, and Joey's lost 25. They're just enthusiastic clients who have no problem telling the world they're finding great success on the program!"


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Nutrisytem sounds like a Godsend to the overweight, but once I received my month of food in ONE single box, I understood why it works... the servings are about as big as a pack of cigarettes, and they taste like cardboard with nasty sauces on them. I'd imagine Jenny Craig's food isn't any better. I agree with DOCS WIFE in #14. Eat what you are craving, but stay within your calories for the day and you will lose weight. That's sage advice!

Betty in Boston

2723 days ago


I read that you add a zero to the weight you want to be, and that is the number of calories you have to eat every day to lose pounds. i.e., if you want to weigh 130 pounds, you need to eat 1300 calories per day, etc.

Carol the Calorie Counter in Cleveland
(say THAT five times fast! LOL)

2723 days ago


Forget the Stars & Celebrities!! They can afford personal chefs, personal trainers and body work from the best surgeons. So many other "regular" people can't. Like me.
I have no doubt that these celebrities get paid big bucks for using and promoting products such as Trim Spa. Do they really need this extra money? Or a slight boost of fame for showing their faces and bodies for a certain product...?? Heck NO!!!!
Why not have just a "regular" person that is overweight who wants and needs the help to get started on their journey to losing and feeling good rather than depressed all the time because of their weight? I would rather see a non celebrity before and after rather than someone such as all the famous faces out there that DON'T need the money OR the free product.
Get a real person who is in the real world who needs real help and looked upon by all the other real people that really need the help.
I for one would love to represent Trim Spa and give it my all. Not to mention be led on to victory with my weight loss and be encouraged by the rest of the world watching and rooting for me - A Real Person.

2723 days ago


Tori Spelling may have lost her baby weight, but she still has a face only a mother could love...plastic surgery and all...ugh!

2723 days ago


I am currently on the NutriSystem diet and I have fared rather well. To Doc's wife, this "diet" is to teach portion control, not have you eating foods that taste like cardboard only to go back to eating fatty, unhealthy foods and pork back up.
To Jan, the foods that they offer now are, in my opinion, delicious. I have been on the program for 13 weeks as of today, and I have lost 44 pounds. They have revamped a lot of their old meals and changed the recipes to make them more appealing and taste better. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to partake in this program. I feel a whole lot better and I have more energy to play and participate in my children's lives. I've never been a thin person, but my weight had just gotten out of control since the birth of my children and I knew it was time to do something about it.
Anyone can say what they want about this program, but after you've been on this program for at least as long as I have, you can try to overeat all you want, but it isn't going to happen because your body becomes adjusted to the amounts of food that you're so used to taking in. I for one am not about to allow myself to regain any of the weight back. With anything, you need to be sensible about things and be aware that this sort of thing isn't a "quick fix" and you can't resume the same unhealthy eating habits you previously had. I will continue to weigh myself weekly and keep a close eye on my weight because I've worked too damn hard to gain it all back. I'm proud of what I've done so far and I will continue on until I have reached my goal. I wouldn't discourage anyone from wanting to better their health or their appearance. Anyone who is even considering it, I say go for it! You'll be glad that you had.

2723 days ago


Regardless of effectiveness, one of the most maddening Adverts on TV.. I wouldn't touch the 'plan' even if I needed to. Sick of Marino and the rest of the crew! Up to 120 seconds per ad!!! Worse then DiTech!!! Please stop!!!! I get it!!!

2723 days ago


Yes, NS did work for me also, I lost about 13 pounds in about 5-6 weeks. I just couldnt keep eating it though, some of the dishes are not that bad but some of the lunches were awful, like the chicken and tuna salad, they were gross. The eggs for breakfast were bad too. Its not something you can stay on for months and months, thank goodness for weekends off so you can eat real food. Oh and the shakes and hot chocolate were awful too. If you are really desperate and can afford to spend $200-$300 on NS food a month plus buy yogurt, salad ,cottage cheese , fresh fruits and vegetables too, (because you have to eat that too along with the food you buy from NS). then I would get it a try... good luck to you all

2723 days ago

rina balin    

i was on NS for several months - food fair - lost some weight - most of desserts awfull -

prefer jenny craig as far as food taste goes - lost weight there too - but.....can't stay on those programs forever.

2723 days ago


I did Nutrisystem for about 2 weeks. THE FOOD SUCKED!! I do not like beans and 90% of the meals had beans. YUCK! I agree with the physicians wife. Count calories and enjoy your food. I work nights and thought a structured diet would do me good. It was so unsatisfying that I would eat regular food on top of the dehydrated stuff they expected me to eat. Weight Watchers is a good plan, but it takes a little work for a while to figure out calories (points)

2723 days ago



2723 days ago

Dave in NY    

I am in my 4th month of NS and have lost 27 pounds. I disagree about the food tasting bad.
You simplly have to choose carefully and only pick things that you like (after the 1st order, at least).
Also - I have a mantra - nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
Plus I'm not in it for "taste" - I'm in it for results.
As soon as I lose another 10 pounds, I will gradually shift to basic calorie counting.
But I know this system has jump started me.
No one thinks you should run a car with jumper cables,
but if you're stranded in the middle of nowhere, jumper cables may be just what you need
to get back in gear.
Then, it's simple - eat less, move more.
Eat for life not for fun. If you think food has to be fun, think again.
Pick another activity for "fun" - preferably one that has to do with moving your body!

2723 days ago


They all look great. I am currently on the nutrisystem diet. I am having great results. I have lost 38 lbs in 6 weeks. I am severly obese. And to the sceptics who are compaining about the sodium and high blood pressure - shut up you don't know what you are talking about. I have been on blood pressure medicine for years and now that I'm on this diet my blood pressure is running 110/60. It's better than it has ever been. Also, the food has just been updated and most of it is very good.

2723 days ago


I am on Nutrisystem and LOVE it!!!! The people who hate it and complain about the food are the people who still won't give up all the junk food and expect to lose weight while eating it. You will NEVER lose the weight if you continue to eat the way you do now!!! It's time for a change!!! I love the food and it has really taught me about portion control. I think the food is delicious and satisfying but OF COURSE if you actually want to lose weight there is no way to eat junk food so it's not going to be like mom's cooking with all the fat and grease. I have lost 8 lbs. and have been on it for 2 weeks!!! I highly reccomend it!!!! It is the only thing that has worked for me!!!

2723 days ago


KARA #21, DAVE #25 and Regina #26: Talk to me in a year. You'll all be fat again. You'll loathe your scales, and gain it all back, even though you had the best intentions. Listen to the Doc's Wife in #14. You're losing now, but you'll all gain it all back AND MORE when you stop that stupid temporary solution to your problems called NUTRI SYSTEM! ...and you'll all tell me I'm wrong, but I GUARANTEE you that you'll remember reading this comment on this blog and hate me for being right this time next year!

Some Guy On A Blog!

2723 days ago


Do all of you Nutrasystem promoters realize the weight you lost is LESS than you could lose counting calories? I've lost 52 pounds in four months, eating everyday foods that I love, including snacks, etc. I averaged a loss of 10-13 pounds every month and eat whatever I wish, as long as I stay under 1500 calories per day, drink plenty of water, and I never crave anything. I make sure my calories include food from all the food groups for good nutrition, PLUS I am losing weight safer than you are - and CHEAPER, too. And I can always stay on this diet and not have to eat something different than my spouse and family when we all sit down to the dinner table! I have just 4 pounds until I reach my goal, and it didn't cost me $300.00 a month in ADDITION to what groceries I needed to purchase for my family to eat each week!

2723 days ago
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