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Paris Judge Gets Standing O -- What the Flock?!

5/7/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the Los Angeles judge who sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in the slammer was given a saint's welcome by his fellow parishoners ... with a standing ovation on his weekend visit to church!
Judge and Paris
Sources inside tell TMZ that Judge Michael T. Sauer entered the St. Brendan church in Los Angeles and was greeted with a holy round of standing applause!

Judge Sauer ended his workday on Friday by sentencing Paris Hilton to 45 days in county jail, ordering the wayward heiress to turn herself in on June 5 at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood.

Can I get a witness!!!


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Paris is out of jail in a couple of days. What a crock she could sleep and had trouble eating.Boo-Hoo she broke the law any regular joe smoe wouldnt even get a chance like that.So another example that the rich go free and the poor are scum. Thank you Judge Michael Sauer and Sheriff Lee Baca showing that statement is alive and doing good.Hope you guys spend your brides well. Your a bunch of tools!!!! Cant wait for a crackhead to say Boo -Hoo I cant sleep can i go home for my jail time. You tools just realize you opened up the door of a can of worms. Everyone HAS A RIGHT TO A Fair Trial ( or is It just the rich)so good luck with all your explanations

2695 days ago

Johnny Two Fingers McGoo    

Judge Michael T Sauer needs to check the sheriff's bank account.

2695 days ago

Bill Hicks    

This is just a case of an old, over-the-hill christian right wing judge.
The crime was non violent and the sentence was uncalled for.
Give it up peolpe...Religion Divides...We only have one life here.
There are enough frivolous laws as it is. Shove your self righteous morality laws up your ass!!!

Live life to the fullest without regrets and don't look back!!!

2695 days ago

sick of paris    

Its just another show of infamous people like Paris and her family. I wonder how much this cost her family. Maybe her parents will step up and actually start acting like parents. Pore little Paris, will she ever have to pay for the stupid things she does.

2695 days ago

Lets Be True and Fair!    

Judge Michael T Sauer, with all the respect, we all have stood up and saluted you with a well deserved STANDING OVATION, for ruling in REAL LIFE situation for Paris. She fooled and played with other peoples lives by goofing and disrespecting others at jobs and family homes by doing what she likes the most.

Laughing at these people on her show and we are all pretty sure she is at home once again laughing at the world and sure at the judge (YOU) for whom she is, to get away with the law once again after disobeying and breaking the law... In other words she doesn't care about the judge rules or violating the system again...

Judge Michael T. Sauer show her once again who rules in court and take care of Sheriff Lee Baca for over rule your rules, he should be ashamed and in contempt of court for releasing Paris. Sr. take control of who you are...Amen!!!

2695 days ago


I very much so respect Judge Sauer's decisions, I've never heard of him before the Hilton trial but I believe he is doing the right thing. I do not like Paris Hilton personally, but what I most don't like about her is that everyone gives her what she wants... but Judge Sauer. He stands up for the law and doesn't B*S* anything. If I could email him directly and congratulate him I most certainly would.

2695 days ago

Bill Hicks    

Let her alone you bible thumpin' Right-Wing Fascists

2695 days ago

B Boxer    

I think the sentence was too harsh and a waste of my tax dollars. I would rather see the court costs $$ go towards the sentencing of violent criminals.

2695 days ago


Paris needs her ass thrown back in jail. I am so SICK of her I could puke. There really are two Americas--one for the rich and one for the rest of us. I hope this sheriff, Baca, gets canned over this. Who the hell does he think HE is?

2694 days ago

chris el    

This is the BEST advertising by far that Paris Hilton could had gotten.All of you wake up and put the same energy in things that matter.
This pour girl does whatever comes to her, why is society caters to that?
I think that we are a very very sick society .Why we spend more than a second dealing with this comic affair and not with affairs that effect our quality and future of our lives?Have we become such chickens to face the real issues? We should be ashamed for ourselves that we have released control to that idiotic media, for our choices of attention and apathy to the real events.There I feel better now.CE

2694 days ago


Paris Hilton is being made to be a scapegoat in the true tradition of Roman Catholic Misogyny. The parishers of Sauer's church are the descendents of the mindsets of those mobs who shouted "burn the witch."

How many White Women has the Roman Catholic Church tortured and burned during the Inquistion?

And some of you pathetic Americans have the nerve to denounce Islam as being Misogynistic? Paris Hilton is being made to be a scapegoat for a nation that has failed in finding Osama bin Laden.

2694 days ago


Michael Sauer and all his cohorts are wasting their talents in California. They should be sent to Afghanistan to help find Osama bin Laden and bring him to trial.

Really America is becoming more and more pathetic. A Catholic Church stood up and applauded a man for sentencing an Angel to prison? Oh yes, Paris is more of an Angel than any of you will ever see.

The Roman Catholic Church is the cornerstone of Misogyny. That's 'hatred' of women.
The Vatican is the only 'nation' that has no female citizens. They are completely unnatural in their highest ideals that regard the human body as evil and the sexual contact with women unclean.

It was a standing ovation from the American equivalent to the Taliban.

2694 days ago


Most of you Paris haters have never met her. She has not done a thing to affect any of you in a negative way. You are being manipulated into hating her because she symbolizes a challenge to the old style rule that kept women down for centuries.

You lack the heart to deal with the real issues that affect your life. Take a look at the news. The Muslims seriously can see themselves winning the war. Soon you people are going to have to go beyond your bumper sticker patriotism and serve. None of you have a clue as to what's wrong when a gang of police seem to be following Paris around as if there's nothing else they should be doing in LA. None of you seem interested to know that most of these stops were solicitations for sex and dinner dates.

Why does it take 3 or more LA police to stop Paris? They know its her car? This is another example of a woman being sacrificed for the failings of a nation.

2694 days ago


You Paris haters are the American equivalent of the Taliban. Always dumping on some woman because you lack the courage to tackle the real enemy. He's still at large somewhere on the Pakistan-Afghan border.

This is very similiar to all the abuse Janet Jackson received for the accidental revealing of her nipple. How we had to listen to college educated women who were mothers say that the sight of a female's breast and nipple were inappropriate for children. Apparently in a nation that cannot mention the names of the sexual organs in school 1 to 12 never learned what the purpose of a nipple is. Not a single condemnation of Justin Timberlake. Not a single condemnation of why its appropriate for these children to be watching a game that promotes the use of violence to obtain one's goal or stop others from obtaining theirs.

2694 days ago


Hoorah for the HONORABLE Judge Sauer, Miss Paris needs every day that was given to her, what a cupcake. She is a spoiled lil' brat that thinks nothing of others, nor any fear of the courts. Leave the brat in jail. Boo_hoo

2694 days ago
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