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Ty Pennington Charged with DUI

5/8/2007 7:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ty Pennington"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" star Ty Pennington has just been charged with two misdemeanor DUI counts stemming from his arrest Saturday morning.

Sources tell TMZ Pennington had a .14 blood alcohol level when he was stopped at 12:35 AM in Los Angeles. The legal limit in California is .08.

LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo filed the case.


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He isn't the nice guy he seems to be on the show anyway. The show was working and taping near someone I know and she went down to meet the crew. She was having pregnancy complications and was in a wheel chair. She was let in (by security, I believe), but Ty walked right past her and said to another "they let anyone in" in a pissy tone. If he didn't want to be bothered, that's understandable, but he didn't have to be snotty and especially not say that in front of her. He's a jerk. Well, a drunk jerk now.

2725 days ago


Awe poor TY. Even BEING HE WAS SO DRUNK AND COULD HAVE KILLED SOMEONE, I think he should be let off, along with a new contract deal for the next big hit TV show.

2725 days ago


Hey "C".....what was your pregnant friend thinking going over to the set to "meet the crew"? Do you have friends come by and visit you at your workplace? Just because these people are public figures does not mean we are entitled to meet them, get autographs, drop by their work places.......and then have the audacity to complain how badly we were treated when we shouldn't be in their faces in the first place!

2725 days ago


Ty,you have done sooo good for others-be good to yourself!

2725 days ago


What will Oprah say???? Bye Bye Ty

2725 days ago

He's Boring now    

I hope Sears dumps his sorry drunken and rich ass. His behaviour is an insult to "Americas Store". Sponsors arent real keen these days to having drunks as their spokesperson---especially handling power tools and machinery.

He's an actor, he can put together a sorry apology on a moments notice, I dont buy his bs anymore and want him dumped. Give the slot to someone who truly is going to live the message they are portraying instead of an ungrateful drunken hollywood playboy. Guess you cant take the hick out of the hick even when hes a star. His star has fallen and reputation that line of work is all you really ever have.

I hope he resigns..I mean it all seems to phony now, the whole shtick of helping and being concerned about the plight of others and than driving around all drunk and endangering innocent people

2725 days ago


Throw his Buttttttt.......... on probation.....civic duty.....clean up the strees of paper etc....or wear a sign that says..." I HAVE A DUI" and have him walk up and down the street in front of the court house..............

2725 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Yea, Ty knows better. But, unfortunatly "Life Happens"....I'm glad no one was hurt and the difference between Ty and Paris.......He has our respect.....He made a mistake.....He has owned up to it......Now call a cab next time, and continue with your wonderful contribution to peoples lives......You and your team make a difference. And I Thank You!!!

2725 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

................................No Drugs #9, That was just TMZ trying to make things seem worse............

2725 days ago

Kevin Keckeisen    

lmao I like how his Bayer pain relief asprin ads are still on the air. Saw one this evening on the (national) nightly news. I guess the folks over there at Bayer REALLY stand by their man, huh??!! Brilliant.

Switch to generic ads for a while.

2725 days ago

Marge Billings    

I saw Ty's comments about his DUI and he certainly wasn't whining like Paris! He apologized to the public and took responsibility for his actions! He is ok in my book!

2725 days ago

legalize now    

160. DUI should be legal. oh yes. It seems like everybody is being arrested for this. With it being so common, it might as well be legal. There are much bigger crime problems in the world than this.

2725 days ago


He has helped so many people, and not just with home makeovers. I'm not abandoning him now. Love Ya Ty.

2725 days ago


Love you Ty! You will be just fine...lots of support out here dude!

2725 days ago

Pete Best    

I'm willing to give Ty the benefit of the doubt here - he's admitted fault and taken blame for his actions. The key to it all will be whether or not he gets caught on a DUI again - in that case, throw the book at him. Yes, what he did was dumb, and he's extremely fortunate that no one got hurt or killed - but unlike a certain brain-dead Hollywood socialite, he's stepped up to the plate and accepted blame. If he keeps his nose clean, then all's forgiven in my book - one screw-up does not (or, more correctly, should not) make or break a reputation. One question, though - how does this qualify as a misdemeanor? Just wondering.

2725 days ago
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