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Pitt's a Proud Papa in Prague

5/11/2007 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt dropped off son Maddox at a school in Prague yesterday morning. We're guessing it went down something like this:

Teacher: "What did you bring for Show and Tell today, Maddox?"

Maddox: "Brad Pitt."

Teacher: "You get an A++!"


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john aitek    

Just because the school is in Czekoslovakia it doesn't mean they speak Czhek there. There are plenty of English language schools all over the world.

This is news because TMZ believe it's what people want to see. If I sent my kid to school it wouldn't be news because I'm not a movie star.

2633 days ago


Look adopting so many kids so quick and traveling all over the world does not bring into a child's life what it needs which is stability staying put in one house, friends, schools and the same bed to sleep in. Being on constant vacation is not the best for these young kids. That being said if this lifestyle works for Angie great...but this seems to be her life that Brad and everyone is living in this family. If Brad is such a good man then why did he check out of his marriage while he was filming Mr and Mrs Smith with Angie. You can not treat another person so badly and cause such pain and be a good man. To have said that Angie was not the reason he left Angie and they are just good friends then months later before his divorce is final she is having his baby. Why on earth do you think Jen was so hurt. Why do you think Angie has had a track record on taking someone else's man. I do not have a dog in this fight but let us not forget how we got to where we are at with this. Brad was not hontest with himself nor his wife Jen and to the public. You treat Jen as if after 2 yrs of dating and almost 5 yrs of marrige is not suppose to matter and she should just forget it ever happend. Love is not a water faucet you can turn on and turn off. So give it a rest on calling her a loser and expecting Angie to be treated as his wife that has always been there. Things can not be so stable and happy when you have this much change in this short of time.

2646 days ago


So what!

2687 days ago


And this is news because??????????

2687 days ago


big deal

2687 days ago



2687 days ago


Big friggin deal.....this is not news.........I dropped my kid off today at school today so did millions of other parents...moms and dads............Gee I am a great mom..bout time they got that kid in school.

2687 days ago


Why are these kids being dragged all around the world? Going to school in a country where he doesn't speak the language, with people he doesn't know? I think that is sad. I would never do that to my kid.

2687 days ago


I see Brad being more of a parent to all of those kids than Angelina.

2687 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

I think the wonderful work this family does is commendable; however, these are adopted children who need STABILITY when they are first placed with a family ............... not to be globe trotting every chance they get.

Stay at home. Let the kids develop friends. Why are the adopted children so often the one's photographed when their biological daughter is hardly ever seen?

THe newest little boy needs adjustment time. If you want to be even better parents .......... step back a bit & give them stability. You can take vacations, but to be on the go as often as you are ~ sorry "seems excessive" in my opinion.

If you want to adopt more children, I'd be careful, as agencies might become concerned about the globe trotting. It's about what's in the best interest of the "child" - not the parents.

2687 days ago

Love Ya    

#7 I was thinking the same thing. How do these kids adjust to going to different schools every couple of months. It makes no since.

2687 days ago


Leslie, I wondered also. How is Maddox even allowed to attend school in another country? Is he registered? Someone explain this to me.

2687 days ago


That poor kid is probably the first five-year-old to attend, like, seventeen different schools in less than a year, and never for longer than two weeks at a time or something.

For all her talk of the importance of education, Angelina Jolie, who hasn't been in school herself since she got her G.E.D. at sixteen, sure isn't doing much for the quality education of her own children. Perhaps it's her own isolation and friendlessness that doesn't allow her to realize how absolutely vital long-term stability and enduring social connections are to small children.

2687 days ago

go away    

I remember when Brad Pitt was a man, to bad all his money can't buy him his balls back

2687 days ago


Angelina Jolie not too long ago stated she wanted to be a stay at home mom for awhile. They bought a house in New Orleans, registered the two younger children for school and supposedly were settling into a "normal" family routine to give stability to the children. Well it seems that she has forgotten her own words. They are again running around the globe, uprooting their children, taking them out of school and creating confusion and instability. It is nice that they want to save the children of the world...but they should start with their own family by being responsible parents. The problem with celebrities is that they have a constant craving for attention to feed their egos. Those type of people always put themselves before anyone else...including their own children. If she needs to globe trot continuously and wants to make film after film she should have thought things through more carefully before deciding to adopt so many children!

2687 days ago
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