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Blows Into Paris

5/11/2007 1:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Momma-licious Salma Hayek took a windy stroll with her billionaire baby daddy, Francois Henri Pinault, after having lunch near the Louvre in Paris on Thursday. The Mona Lisa's got nothing on sexy Salma!

With her delivery date nearing, Salma's baby bump will soon be as big as her lovely lady lumps!

Salma's pending birth isn't the only baby in her future. The "Ugly Betty" executive producer recently signed a major deal with MGM to create Latino-themed films with mass-market appeal. And if there's one thing Ms. Hayek has, it's mass-market appeal!


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my god she even looks gorgeous pregnant...always loved Salma, got to be thr prettiest Latina out there and alot more real than j-ho

2617 days ago


Happy Mother's Day, to Salma!

Those of us who are short with a voluptuous figure (non-stick thin for her critics!!!!) carry our pregnancy big and, especially, with a boy!

She's a lot more beautiful than all the young wild things who make TMZ and deserves a better photograph but (at least) she's accompanied by her future husband who is very proud of her!

2617 days ago

the DQ    

#29 - I've known PLENTY of women who do not gain the kind of weight she has. She's older, higher risk and she's gained WAY to much weight. Like I said before, I hope she has a trainer all lined up and she's going to have to work like hell to get back into shape. Or, as somebody else mention, she can just have some nip tuck done like she did when she got her porn boobs.

2617 days ago


Those of us who are short with a voluptuous figure (non-stick thin for her critics!!!!) carry our pregnancy big and, especially, with a boy!

She's a lot more beautiful than all the young wild things who make TMZ and deserves a better photograph but (at least) she's accompanied by her future husband who is very proud of her!

Posted at 5:08PM on May 11th 2007 by Mary.

Well I'm the stick thin type, and looked like I swallowed a beach ball when I was pregnant. (Guess what, Mary, all boys).

What do I look like now, without having had the benefit of a personal trainer, nip tuck, nanny to take care of the kids while I go to the gym -> I look stick thin. Didn't go on a diet, either.

Maybe it's just me but I think Salma looks fine. Unless she wants to go on a bikini shot a week after having the baby she will probably go back to normal afterwards given time, whatever that was for her to start off with.

Maybe her knees are always fat. Is it a big deal? Better ask Mrs Banderas, she's been criticised for having thin knees, you just can't win in this shallow world.

2617 days ago


This is so silly. Did she have sex with her grandfather? I'm 29 and in shape. So u mean to tell me she goes for the Grandfather type with money to spend on her? Give me a break. She's way too hot to be having sex with wilfurd brimley or what ever the hell this old man river mans' name is .

2617 days ago


Yes and the baby's father looks older than my great grandfather. What type of "role model" would she make when it's clearly a case of a young woman going crazy at the thought of an old fools money. She's dated everyone from A to Z ...and yet ..the person who finally gets to have a child with her is old enough to be Jesus' father ? This is insane.

2617 days ago


are some of you ppl..or should i say IDIOTS, serious? you are calling her fat? what a joke! geez, you need some entertainment in your crappy boring life. she's pregnant--duuuuuh. it's nature. damn, is this 20yr old more mature than you?? because i'll bet 5k you are way older than me. anyway, i love salma, she's refreshing, compare to all the so called celeb morons.

congrats salma! :)

2617 days ago


I just love Salma! I love her even more now for wearing heels and being so big and pregnant.

2617 days ago


gorgeous? compared to what?
she is so annoying. i hope she stays home and raises her kid for about 30 years.

2617 days ago




2617 days ago


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Good luck salma

2617 days ago


Why aren't they married? Lots of bastards being born these days. Nobody's thinking about these children, who are not born into families with a committed mother and father. They are born into families with parents who think all this is some kind of game, a part time gig, for as long as it is fun. Then off they will go.

Frankly, I'm really tired of adults not being mature enough to make a commitment to another adult and the resulting children. Marriage is a commitment. Having babies without being married is not a commitment, just a sport.

It's fun for the adults but hell for the future of these children.

2616 days ago


Salma is a beautiful woman. I admire all that she has accomplished in her life. At times (for films) she has slimmed down and looked incredibly gorgeous. If you've been watching her on Ugly Betty, her weight is very average on the show and she looks great. I read where Salma was tired of remaining skinny and wanted to be comfortable with her weight. I'm thinking she's 5 or 6 months along, so she has gained a lot of weight, but if she maintains her current weight, she'll be fine. Kevin Costner's wife was twice this size at 7 months, which is a mistake, because we all know how difficult it is to loose that weight afterwards. I'm thinking the baby is "freedom" from dieting and the ladies go overboard with the eating portion of the program. Since Hollywood ladies have plenty of money at their disposal ( plus nannies to care for the baby while they're off jogging), the weight will fall away shortly. My doctor told me 23 -30 lbs was the most you want to gain while pregnant, which I adhered to, thankfully. No major weight loss program for me when the baby arrived. I don't understand young women married to men old enough to be their fathers (well, ok, lots of money and perks. Better then marrying the gas attendant by a long shot. But hey, you have to wake up to them each morning. Gross). Best of luck to Salma. I hope she's happy and that the baby arrives healthy!

2616 days ago

Connie Sugar    

Wow, she is so plumpilicious! A woman's body, especially the first pregnancy is so tenderly very beautiful, to look at, to touch... that roundness and tenderness! and she has that tender, sweet and very healthy pregnant look all over her body. After a 2nd pregnancy, only the stomach gets all the roundness from FAT!

2616 days ago

George William Gockel    

Yes Salma Hayek and I have to meet each other!!!!

2616 days ago
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