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Anna Nicole Smith's Will Officially Filed

5/14/2007 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTMZ has obtained the official copy of Anna Nicole Smith's will, filed moments ago by Howard K. Stern.

The petition to probate Anna's will was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It is the same will that was discussed during the contentious Florida court hearings. The will doesn't name Larry Birkhead as a beneficiary, but the petition to probate lists him as a party with an interest in Anna's estate.

TMZ got in touch with Ron Rale, one of the named executors, who confirmed that Birkhead has filed a petition to become the guardian of Dannielynn's estate. Of course, you recall, a DNA test confirmed that Birkhead is Dannielynn's daddy. Rale added, "Contrary to any speculation, there is no way in the world that there is any petition to name Larry as a beneficiary of the estate in his individual capacity."

Rale also noted that in the petition, Stern waived any right to compensation as executor.

In the will, Anna is listed to have had personal property valued at $10,000 and real property valued at $1.8 million when she died; however, she still had a $1.1 million mortgage.


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Sue Me For Being Argumentative........J (the original)    

When my nephews come over they are always looking for frogs or any bugs and I have to give them tupperware to catch something. Don't think I am mean,
but I make them leave what they find on the deck. hahaha.

Posted at 10:18PM on Jun 1st 2007 by laughing so hard
Your brave for just handing over your!

2678 days ago

Patty~Team Howard & Larry    


let me break this down for you. I am Patty, laughing is laughing. When I say I hate skunks it is because they made me life a living and very expensive hell after they sprayed my dogs. I would never hurt a skunk, but would prefer to never see one again in my lifetime. It is like a tire on fire in your living room. Stinks!!!! And it gets on EVERYTHING because it is airborne.

I don't like Virgie Arthur, I have never swayed from that opinion so you might want to look up the word credible. I am credible in the sense that I have never strayed from that statement and I never will. You can count on it. Child abusers and animal abusers make my skin crawl! ANd Sinister, Virgie is and was a child abuser. Anna was ALWAYS clear on that.

2678 days ago

laughing so hard    

The other thing about this case. Forget the movie. They should have a mini series, like the Rich Man, Poor Man miniseries that was on years and years ago. There is way too much to this story. Imagine 2 lawyers are being sued. Everyone's lawyers but Howards. Gee, he amazes me. doesn't he. Opri and O'Quinn getting sued, by Larry and Howard. As much as I like Howard, and I wished I liked Larry, it seems when I read his lawsuit against Opri, I find him hiring the Trope firm and Howard has the Trope & Trope firm, seems like they are on the same page. Maybe because of the estate of Dannielynn. Any lawyers fees get paid by the estate, if they don't get the Marshall money, seems like everyone will be bankrupt by the time this is done.

I wish a story would come out about Virgie, but I am positive after the 8th we are going to hear from her.

2678 days ago

Just Thinking    

Guess Who ?

Daily Mirror site is blank....

2653 days ago


1264. Einshit you are crazy.

I wrote here for the first time today since way before Memorial Day and I posted as A Lurker.

You must be insane to accuse me of writing an anti-Israeli post. I love Israel and care deeply about what happens there.

I know you hate me and have fixated on me--perhaps now I know why.

As a fellow lansman I wish none of the hate you rain upon me.

Again, I wrote only the few posts today about 'Watch them..." and these few in response to the lunatic who posted about the Mossad, whomever it was.

Don't fret- I won't be back. The "Watch' posts were my long goodbye to TMZ. Of course you are free to write whatever you wish about me, that is your prerogative and I see you have many cohorts that join in the bashing of a fellow public blogger at TMZ...myself.

Doesn't matter.

You seem to enjoy it immensely and so do they.

Goodbye and good luck. Don't let the hate overwhelm you like that by accusing a fellow Jew of writing such garbage. It was truly disgusting, whomever wrote it. But that's the internet. Just didn't think I was blogging on or Aryan Nations.

It's o.k. 'cause I forgive you--lashon hara was learned at my father's knee, a Russian immigrant at age 12 who loved and adored America. Free speech is your right. I claim no such right on TMZ. But I HAVE spoken long and hard today and vented my opinions in my 'Watch' posts and that was an enormous release.

To Laughing so Hard, susieq, Demi, Only Swim in the Ocean, J, AJM, ATX, Canada, ????, Team Howard, Patty, American Justice, name withheld for being guilty, and any others I have forgotten:

YOU have fought the good fight against the tyranny of the majority--YOU have ventured forth in the face of impossible odds in a crusade for the TRUTH and to protect the innocent until proven guilty--with faith in the justice system of the good old US of A and similar faith in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and it's English Common Law.

YOU have sustained the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, you have sounded the fury of your desire for truth and justice and you have lasted far longer than I have in such an atmosphere permeated by the haters and liars that blog here 24/7

Good luck in your lives and leave or stay--your choice.

You know where to find me at World Crossing. BTW there is a another new forum just opened yesterday--so sombody found World Crossing and it's so easy to open a forum and to control it or unmoderate it or whatever.

Nice knowing the Stern supporters, the Anna Nicole Smith supporters and those in the middle.

I have NEVER written a harsh thing about Virgie Arthur and still cannot bring myself to do so, so I was never on that bandwagon, nor was I ever on the Larry bandwagon.

Just for the record.

Arrividerci, Shalom, Adiel

Posted at 5:38PM on Jun 1st 2007 by A Lurker

2678 days ago


Opri didn't set up a trust fund for DL, she stashed it for herself. Some people here scare me with thier inability to read and understand what is being read before making statements!

Thanks for caring about "cutie pie"

Posted at 10:09PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Patty~Team Howard & Larry

On Greta they said that she could take the money and put it in that account but the very second Larry asked for it she had to give it to him and she will be in trouble for not. That she can not hold that money for payment. She has to give it to him and then sue him. What she is doing is called conversion. And I guess you can't do that. They also said if she took money for a fund for DL and cashed checks she is in big trouble, because Larry did not authorize her to do that. Also every attorney said her bill was ridiculous and she won't get paid that amount. That she only appeared in court in Fla and the most she could be owed is $40-60 thousand. She also asked them if any of them would of done
what she did and they all said no. They said that her problem is that she wanted to be TV star attorney. Sorry its long but thought I would say it all.

2678 days ago


Patty - you are one seriously sick person.... you need help my dear...

2678 days ago

Patty~Team Howard & Larry    


I "don't like" bugs either!!! But I do think potato bugs are kinda cute! LOL I spray spiders with raid, they make huge webs right outside my backdoor and have claws. None of us are perfect, but most animals are very sweet!

2678 days ago

I don't like the real Larry !!!    

WHAT'S GOING ON WITH THE INQUEST ?????????????????????????????????
HE CAN CLAIM THAT OPRI STOLE HIS MONEY, I DON'T CARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HE CAN ACCUSE HER OF FRAUD, WHO GIVES A S*#*T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2678 days ago

get a new hobby    

Oh Patty, :(

I catch spiders and put them outside. Still happy to hear about the bird though! :)

2678 days ago

laughing so hard    


I am laughing, and Patty is Patty. Double your pleasure. Double your fun. She is much funnier than I am. I really don't like Virgie and I really do like Howard. But, if you people don't know that by know you all are crazy. And I have fun with Suzanne and kerry. Actually I feel like they are part of my daily routine. I miss them when they are not on. I like this site because we have different personalities and different groups of people. It would be boring like the portrait site if we all got along. This is not your personal myspace. This is a blog for everyone. You just happen to get to know everyone's pet peeves. Today I felt bad for Suzanne because after speaking with her yesterday on here I actually saw how kind and thoughtful she was. It is different to fight with her over Virgie and Howard, but for someone to write such a filthy vile disgusting thing and sign Suzannes name is another thing. I really believe that we will all be here to the end and meet up again when the next story about Howard or Virgie comes out. So in the meantime, you must suffer and know that Patty is patty, l am I, and where did susieq go. Every now and then an imposter will show up and try to stir the pot, but it is all up to you if you let them.

Now back to Virgie do you think she will head to the Bahamas for the custody hearing seing it is just a formality?

2678 days ago

Westerly RI    

If Virgie is not saying the truth and Anna truly hated her, that is one thing. And that was their issues. What I am talking about is the tremendous amount of insults about her physical appearance and down right cruel remarks and hurtful jokes about her is so outrageous. I don't know one person who would welcome that mentality as normal thinking, I then find further statements of caring and pleading for help of a needy animal ludicrus. To me that was another attention ploy. That's final.

2678 days ago

Patty~Team Howard & Larry    

Oh Really,

Go F%$K yourself!

2678 days ago

snow angels    

n my opinion, Child Abuse is being pregnant and continuing to abuse prescription drugs as evidenced in the 'Clown Video'. Child Abuse is filming the abuse for $$$$$$$$$$. Child Abuse is enabling/facilitating the pregnant woman's drug abuse.

2678 days ago

laughing so hard    


If you pick on Patty, I might have to call you names. Patty get your joke book out, these people are getting cranky. This case is not the end all be all. Just use it as a break from your normal routine people. Believe me they are all moving on with there life. They are going to parties, having cookouts and living. They are not spending there time wondering what we think.

Now about Virgie, wouldn't it be funny if she came back out then. Trimspa baby. That would be funny wouldn't it. Like we were all suckered for months over a story that has no ending.

2678 days ago
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