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Anna Nicole Smith's Will Officially Filed

5/14/2007 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anna Nicole SmithTMZ has obtained the official copy of Anna Nicole Smith's will, filed moments ago by Howard K. Stern.

The petition to probate Anna's will was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. It is the same will that was discussed during the contentious Florida court hearings. The will doesn't name Larry Birkhead as a beneficiary, but the petition to probate lists him as a party with an interest in Anna's estate.

TMZ got in touch with Ron Rale, one of the named executors, who confirmed that Birkhead has filed a petition to become the guardian of Dannielynn's estate. Of course, you recall, a DNA test confirmed that Birkhead is Dannielynn's daddy. Rale added, "Contrary to any speculation, there is no way in the world that there is any petition to name Larry as a beneficiary of the estate in his individual capacity."

Rale also noted that in the petition, Stern waived any right to compensation as executor.

In the will, Anna is listed to have had personal property valued at $10,000 and real property valued at $1.8 million when she died; however, she still had a $1.1 million mortgage.


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Innocent ByStander    

11478. If Virgie is not saying the truth and Anna truly hated her, that is one thing. And that was their issues. What I am talking about is the tremendous amount of insults about her physical appearance and down right cruel remarks and hurtful jokes about her is so outrageous. I don't know one person who would welcome that mentality as normal thinking, I then find further statements of caring and pleading for help of a needy animal ludicrus. To me that was another attention ploy. That's final.

Posted at 10:42PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Sinister

BRAVO!!! Well said and long awaited for!!!!

2701 days ago

ann is my name    

ARE!Posted at 6:07PM on Jun 26th 2007 by Shut up

SHUT UP YOU LOUD MOUTH ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2676 days ago

laughing so hard    

Mrs. Marple,

Go take some medication, you are like a cranky old poop. Not feeling well after all the calculations and reinactments of the medications and injections. Send it off to the police and they will give you the playboy bunny pin with the smiley face on it for all your hard work, and be lucky you get that. Case is closed. We are now on to the custody and the will. Guarantee you the inquest will go on and Howard will be fine. I will be here to say I hate to be the one that told you but I told you so. Now you have something to look forward too.

2701 days ago


11466. I've been in and out today without posting, seen a lot was going on, but can some one bring me up to date on the Larry/Opri bit?

Posted at 10:21PM on Jun 1st 2007 by No Tolerance For Ignorant People.....J (the original)

Did you read the document that larry filed against Opri on the new site? very interesting.

2701 days ago

Westerly RI    

I wish i could go back and retrieve some posts to remind Patty of her hate messages. I use jaws to type on the computer and some things are difficult for me such as copy and paste. Almost imposible. I'm against hatred not opinion. And Patty seems to have selective memory of all the hatred she spewed about Virgie and other posters and then laugh about it. Is that so hard to understand?

2701 days ago

Patty~Team Howard & Larry    


what is the portrait site? I totally agree about Suzanne and kerry now. In fact, I will never try to intentionally hurt thier feelings. They were both cool with me yesterday. I have to warn them though, when a Virgie story comes out, to just ignore me. I will go "hog wild".

You are way funnier then me!! Stop saying that!!

Virgie will be there for sure, she is living out here life's dream of lights, camera, action.

I'm sorry about the raid, they scare me to death!

2701 days ago

Now Hiring    

Why did Howard K. Stern change his behavior the same noon Anna died ? When Taz and Brigitte found Anna unresponsive she has purple patchesin her face and upper body. That means she must have been dead for approximately 1 hour or more. Was Anna already dead when Howard left the hotel room saying that Anna was asleep ? Why didn't anyone call a doctor or brought her to a hospital ? Anna did not overdose or commit suicide. If so, I will guess she would have changes in the will. Why did Howard, according to Big Moe, give Anna so much drugs the last couple of months of her life ? Why was Daniel suspisious and hired private investigator Jack Harding ? Daniel dies, shortly after a person testifys seeing Howard throws pills in the toilet ? Why was is doing that ? Something to hide, I will guess !! It is NOT a normal reaction when your girlfriend's son just died. MD Khristine Eroshevich ask MD Kapoor to prescribe a lot of different drugs ? Did Anna really ask for this herself or did Howard ask for them to keep Anna quiet ? We need an Inquest . We need to know why these questions are not answered. If Howard was not guilty and I am not saying he is , then he to would want this inquest to clear his name . ........imo

2676 days ago

get a new hobby    


I posted that in response to her post signed Mrs. Laughing so hard. No she reposted it. I have no idea why.........?????

Here comes an onslaught from her now!

2701 days ago


I think retired soldier is rght it was neither suzanne nor a stern supporter but someone out to cause trouble and it looks like it worked. about the post concerning the Jewish relgion

2701 days ago

laughing so hard    

Oh, it is the Anna site where her painting is for sale on ebay. They have a boring group over there and they came by and told us to come over and they spent some time I read talking about you and me HAHAHAHAH. trying to figure out who we were. but i couldn't read much it was b o r i n g as hell. Windi on Anna's Self-Portrait for Sale I just took that off the right hand side of recent comments.

2701 days ago

get a new hobby    

Here's the link Patty -

BTW, I'm the one who posted about putting the spiders outside, not lsh!

2701 days ago

Sue Me For Being Argumentative........J (the original)    

11485. 11466. I've been in and out today without posting, seen a lot was going on, but can some one bring me up to date on the Larry/Opri bit?

Posted at 10:21PM on Jun 1st 2007 by No Tolerance For Ignorant People.....J (the original)

Did you read the document that larry filed against Opri on the new site? very interesting.

Posted at 10:58PM on Jun 1st 2007 by Just think about it
No I just came right in here, and I'm still reading threw pages trying to catch up on todays events.......seemed a little crazy in here today.

2701 days ago


Jackie Hatten was on "Larry King Live" more than once, but this is a fairly in-depth interview (transcript). I absolutely believe that Howard tried to kill Mark "Hollywood" Hatten. Anna lived with Hatten for two years and to get the full story, just google it. Jackie is no idiot. There is another interview on LKL with both Jackie Hatten and Peter Nygard (billionaire), also telling the same story but more of the facts that lead to Anna's death.

Virgie had the best reason in the world, for visiting Mark Hatten. She's Anna's mother, that's why.

(portion of transcript)

(Larry) KING: What did she say?

HATTEN: She said that, you know, Mark was -- my brother Mark was very camera in looks to Larry Birkhead and basically she always was crushed out on my brother. They did live together for two years after a blind date.

KING: Your brother and her?

HATTEN: I hooked them up in a blind date. They fell madly in love. They were trying to have babies the first day they met my bed, OK?

I have pictures of them in my bed together.

KING: So you think she was in love with Larry and had Larry's baby?

HATTEN: I believe so, yes.

KING: Why did they break up?

HATTEN: Howard.

Why did my brother and she break up?


Why did Peter and she break up?


Why did Jonathan and she break up?

Howard. I mean he gets in the way of everything. He tries to get close to her -- if there's someone closer to him, then he tries to get in between them.

KING: An e-mail question from Carl and Warsaw, Indiana: "I'd like to ask Jackie what Howard and Anna's relationship was truly like?"

Were they -- if they weren't a real couple, what were they?

HATTEN: He did her legal advisers. He was the gofer. He would go get her food. He would go carry her bags. He would -- that's what he did.

KING: And why was he doing that? He couldn't make money elsewhere?

HATTEN: You tell me. He wanted to be a celebrity, I guess. I don't know. You know, that's the only thing I can think of. He was infatuated with her. He was obsessed with her. He wanted somehow to be tied in with Anna Nicole Smith.

KING: All right, why did she acquiesce to the fact that he was the father? Why did she put his name on the birth certificate?

HATTEN: Because...

KING: Didn't you talk to her after that?

HATTEN: Yes. Because of the fact that he -- she felt bound to him. Where he could handle things, she could not. He's a pusher. At the end of the day, an addict is going to succumb to the addiction, no matter what. An addict will succumb to the addiction. And that is what truly happened in this situation.

My friend went ahead and went to the Bahamas because another friend of ours, an ex-boyfriend of hers and a friend of mine, a billionaire, a very affluent and a good person, who we trust very much, lived there.

We used to vacation there with him and basically she went somewhere that she felt safe, that she could go and have some time and have a baby and get away from the love triangle of Howard getting in the middle of her relationships.

So he caused a fight with Larry Birkhead, they broke up, she went away to have the baby and get her thoughts straight.

(more at this link)

2701 days ago

get a new hobby    


They also posted again on the Charlie Sheen WTC story. Very sick individual.

2701 days ago

Patty~Team Howard & Larry    


Wake up to the reality of life.

It is funny when I or anyone else slips on the ice and falls down. I don't want them to get hurt, but it is hilarious. I laugh at just about everything becasue life is too short to be mad all the time, or so sinister. The fat jokes were not written by me unfortunately, I found them online. I have never been fat, but I have gained 10 pounds I didn't want in the past. I understand it is hard work to stay in shape, but it is a smart life choice. I have a hard time understanding why someone would want to be fat. For obvious reasons.

I think you are a party pooper. You are a downer. YOU would have looked at my little bird and left it alone to die. You are Sinister!

2701 days ago
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