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Master P's G-Rated Rap

5/15/2007 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Master PRapper Master P is taking a stand and pledging to clean up the image and lyrics of hip-hop music by forming a record label "with 100% clean lyrics." What the heck?!

In the wake of Don Imus' on-air racist debacle, everyone from Rev. Al Sharpton to Russell Simmons and even Oprah have called the rap industry to task for its offensive lyrics. In other words, check yo self, before you wreck yo self! Master P and his son Romeo are breaking from the pack and starting Take A Stand Records. The label will feature only those artists who have pledged to be role models, with proceeds going toward scholarship funds for underprivileged kids. Rap with a conscience, yo!

Although Master P admits he was once part of the problem and profited from explicit rap lyrics, he is now ready "to be part of the solution." While he doesn't expect "the entire industry to change overnight," Master P says, "There's too much negativity out there -- enough with the stereotypes. Hip-hop is a movement, and it is time for it to move forward." Word.

Take A Stand's first socially responsible release is due in the fall, and will be a collaboration between P and Romeo called "Hip Hop History."


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rap is crap no matter what you say...

2716 days ago

ashley c.    

!!! all rapers need to clean up their lyrics !!!

2716 days ago



master P should do something after making a fool of himself on dancing with the unstars

2716 days ago


Love it! I will buy the CD when it comes out!

2716 days ago


about time!!! and those with real talent will continue to entertain AND make $$$- think of Will Smith's career. the 'hard-core' stuff has infiltrated society too much. at the same time, shame on the 'ladies' who star in the nasty rap videos- no one is forcing them to act like skanks, and in my opinion doing as much harm towards black women's perception and self-esteem as the rappers screaming 'ho' all the time. if these are the type of women around all the rappers, no wonder they are jaded.

2716 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

Make em say uh---You are the man P. Miller.

P.S. - Your son has a very good head on his shoulder.

2716 days ago


P still raps?

2716 days ago


I think this is very admirable.
The problem is that P hasn't had a hit in about 10 years.
He lost what little bit of street cred he may have had when he did 'Dancing with the Stars'.
If this was coming from someone like Ludacris, The Game, 50 Cent, or even Snoop.. it may start something good in the hip hop community.
Instead, this will just make P and Romeo even more of a laughing stock.

2716 days ago


Wow...I'm surprise Master P is doing this. Good for him! Finally someone takes a stand....

2716 days ago


Its a start.

2716 days ago


Change has to start somewhere. It's an exhausting task trying to keep up with all the music, videos and television programs that are available to my kids yet are so inappropriate. I think it's a great effort he's making.

2716 days ago


You don't have to be foul to be good. Clean artists are known for their talent and respected by a much larger part of the population. The pottie-mouthed rappers will not be respected by anyone other than thugs. Nice legacy.

2716 days ago


Hats off to Master P, it's about time. I hope others jump on board to do what is right, to try to get our youngsters back on the right track!

2716 days ago


WE WILL SEE------------Someone with REAL talent doesn't have to use naked women or girls...and first-grader language to be successful. Let's see what these rappers really have talent wise...give us a clean song that will sell. I still say California is the best rap tune EVER...and I'm an old white woman....

2716 days ago


I'd have to agree old white woman!

2716 days ago
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