Hardcore Fans Hump for Imus

5/9/2007 12:27 PM PDT

Hardcore Fans Hump for Imus

Porn producer Kick Ass Pictures is getting into the charity game. The adult entertainment company, which bills itself as "the only porn company in the world to guarantee all natural breasts in all of its movies" says they are releasing a new adult DVD tiled "Nappy Headed Ho's." They say $1 from the sale of each DVD will be donated to a retirement fund for fired Don Imus.

The film will feature "girls with closely twisted or curled hair (the dictionary definition of 'nappy'), who have sex for money (the dictionary definition of 'ho')." This promises to be a great leap for society.

In a press release, Kick Ass president Mark Kulkis said, "We see this as a free speech issue. As an adult media company, we're especially defensive of free speech. Don Imus is a loudmouth and perhaps a bigot. However, CBS Radio was hypocritical in hiring Imus to be blunt and outspoken, then firing him for the same reason. Fellow broadcast personalities Ann Coulter and Pat Robertson spew anti-gay slurs, yet they are not fired by their networks." Hmmm, porno with integrity!

Kulkis says that if Imus turns down their donations, they'll donate them to the United Negro College Fund. As Imus proves, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.