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Britney to Mom - No Time for You!

5/16/2007 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsThings have gotten so toxic between Britney Spears and her mom Lynne, that according to published reports, Brit wouldn't even visit her mother in the hospital -- on Mother's Day, no less.

The bewigged Brit, report the National Enquirer and Star (via MSNBC), has "cut off all communication with her mom" and is "flat-out refusing to speak" to Lynne, even ignoring her on Mom's Day when Mama Spears was hospitalized with pneumonia. That's not all -- Britney also reportedly didn't call her mom on her birthday, either.

Where's the beef? Brit is still "furious" that mom made her go to rehab, feels "betrayed" and "refuses to get over it," says a source.

Anna Nicole – Hated by Mama Virgie, Loved Implants

Speaking of mothers and daughters, Anna Nicole Smith's mom Virgie Arthur was "so jealous" of Anna that she hated her "so much," according to new excerpts from Smith's diaries. But if Anna's relationship with her mother was all about hatred, Anna loved -- loved -- her breast implants, writing that she was "so excited I could scream" just before she got her new silicone friends.

The diary clips were obtained by the AP, and are from the early years, 1992-94, including references to Smith's elderly oil tycoon husband, J. Howard Marshall. But most of the writing focuses on bad-boy boyfriends, rough sex, and in one poignant case, the fear of getting pregnant: "I'm so scared! How can this happen to me ... Cant do it!"

Paris – Watch Your Back in the Shower

There's more prison advice for Paris this morning, in the footsteps of open letters TMZ conveyed to Miss Hilton from Candy Spelling and Patty Hearst. Page Six spoke to Natalia McLennan, a former high-priced prostitute who served 26 days at New York's notorious Rikers Island, who tells the heiress, "It's the worst experience of your life." Among the indignities Paris will have to endure, says Natalia, are a full-body cavity search, being ogled by lesbian inmates, and "disgusting" food. "She'll want to make at least one good friend, like a Nicole Richie, to watch her back for her when she takes a shower," says McLennan. Uh, have you seen Nicole lately?

Party Favors: Kate Walsh Gets Engaged! ... John Mayer: Political Strategist? ... Gere and Shetty Cleared in India

Everything's just falling into place for "Grey's Anatomy" star Kate Walsh. First, she got her own spin-off series on ABC, "Private Practice," and now she's engaged -- to FOX exec Alex Young. Walsh revealed the big news to at Tuesday's upfronts, saying she was "on cloud nine." ... Pretty-boy rocker John Mayer is giving advice to none other than pretty-boy pol John Edwards, reports New York magazine. The younger John chatted with the slightly elder John at the recent Time 100 gala -- about how to reach out to "the youth" -- and how to watch YouTube videos that are longer than 20 seconds. The pair will be meeting again soon. ... Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty are free after an Indian court dismissed the obscenity charges against them.


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Patty~Team Howard & Larry    

TMZ, you are the best! Thank you for sticking with the core of Anna Nicole's relationship with that vile creature named Virgie. These were Anna's writitngs from years ago right? How will the brainiacs who know everything spin this?

2717 days ago


Maybe, just maybe....if Paris followed the laws of the land that she lives in she wouldn't have to "worry" about all the horrible things that are going to happen to her in (puff) prison. Go serve your time for the crimes that you have committed, thank God you didn't kill yourself or anyone else, shut up and improve your life.

2717 days ago


Well, Britneck, what comes around goes around.....You've got 2 boys that dont' have a stable life now....hate to be you when they get older.....on a positive note...they will look better then you with a shaved head...

2717 days ago

Ryan B.    

Britney, Britney, Britney! Stop finding peope to blame, what's done is done...

Now, I think it's gotten to a point where people are just trying to scare Paris. I'm sure it's a dreadful place and completely unlike any Malibu mansion, however, it's 45 days (maybe less) and we really think guards are just gonna throw her in with the whole lot? I know what TMZ says and I know what the courts say as far as special treatment but surely anyone working there knows if they make it through on her good side, they will be rewarded.

Time will tell but I'm very, very interested, and still completely in protest.

2717 days ago

Mrs. Laughing So Hard    

Where is the proof? This is just Srenoid propaganda! It is designed to take the heat off of the real culprit Howard K. Stern! The one that was there when Anna Nicole and Danuel died! The one that provide the drugs in his name when Anna Nicole and Daniel died! The one that has not had a job in 12 years and still there does not seem to be any intention on his part to get a job now. Mommy still paying you bills, Howie? Not planning on ever getting a job are you Howie? Virgie is standing in the way of you and your little black duffle bag living happily ever after Howie? To much support for Virgie you have to race out with an anti-Virgie spot? It is not going to work!

2717 days ago

laughing so hard    

Poor, Anna. After watching Virgie in action, I can only imagine what she went through. We can only thank Howard for protecting her in life and now in death. Howard, Anna would be so proud of you.

2717 days ago

how cruel    

First of all the Teletubbie is shear inspiration thanks for the laugh!

Now, what about the will? Are you not going to comment on Howard's latest (and probably greatest) moves? He is suing for the Bahamas house - right? He does not list the boat or dollars from the sale of funeral and deaths as assests in the will - where is that money? Why is Larry not represented by a lawyer on these issues - very curious about this. The inquest is a week away - will all these issues disappear after the inquest - is that what Larry is waiting for?

Britney's Mom did the right thing (rehab) maybe someday her daughter will wake up and thank her for trying to help her, one can but hope.

2717 days ago

Patty~Team Howard & Larry    

Mrs Marple I haven't really followed the ANS saga, but there are Vergie supporters? Are you kidding? The whole thing with Howard and Larry is confusing but anything to do with Vergie is pretty black and white. You must be crazy to back her. Anything in print or in person shows Anna hated her, and vice versa. Vergie wants money, nothing more nothing less.

2717 days ago

Jinxy Cat    

If something bad happens to your mother, you are SO going to regret
it, She has tried to help you, so get over the rehab crap, you NEEDED
to go, and IMO, you STILL need to be there!

Don't know WHY there's all this "helpful advice" on Paris watching her
back in prison...she will have her own little isolated cell (If she even goes)
and will be alone with nobody else, celebs get that kind of treatment.

2717 days ago

laughing so hard    

Heres to Howard K Stern for stopping Virgie. Virgie is a disgrace as a mother and as a human. If the only person who can stop her is Howard, then he should do everything he can. Anna trusted Howard and loved him. He is proving himself to be the best thing that ever happened to Anna. Imagine what Virgie would be doing to Dannielynn if Howard didn't stop Virgie in her tracks. Larry hopefully you can see you need to take a lesson from Howard and step up to the plate and stop this crazy lady from ever harming your precious
little girl.

2717 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Britney is in classic denial. She'll realize later that she is so angry at herself for her own poor decisions that she's made her poor mother pay. You only ever get one mother. Now THAT"S acting like trash; and yet another really bad decision. One of the worst things you can do in life is to make someone regret having cared about you. Who cares what someone accomplishes in the public eye if they mistreat their own mom.

2717 days ago

laughing so hard

heres to the anna we know and love.

2717 days ago

jProud American Author    


Unbelievable. People are also at the point where they have NO TIME FOR YOU EITHER!
That is your mom, child. You need to visit her in the hospital. You are an adult now. Stop blaming others and take responsibility for your life. Get help.

2717 days ago


I support Virgie. TMZ has only be threatened by Howies lawyers-- that is why they are now attacking Virgie because they can't go after the real crook, Howard.

All that girls money has disappeared, hidden somewhere , and 2 people are dead.

DEAD!!!! We are not talking about money here. We are talking about some major
disregard for human lives-- and availability of drugs to a depressed lady and some kind of "accident " re drugs with a young man. And the only one there was Howard. He knows more than he is letting on. I don't think Virgie is the problem here.

2717 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Paris will need to keep her vicious gossip to herself. They'll do more to you in jail than just sue you for slander, and your shrink won't be able to weasel you out of it.

2717 days ago
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