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Extra Toe-prah Winfrey?

5/16/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WTF?! Either Oprah Winfrey is rockin' a sixth toe or that's one mighty corn!
Oprah Winfrey feet
Miss Winfrey attended the Howard U. graduation ceremony in Washington D.C., picking up an honorary Doctorate of Humanities. O, the humanity!

Frumpy Oprah: Click to launchIt seems that Oprah has it all; a mega hit show, billions of dollars ... and an extra toe.


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Speaking of schools.
Where are the scholarships and donations for the American Schools and Colleges?

2604 days ago


#160 Oprah is powerful, influential and she's Black. There's no way in hell she deserves to be taken off the air. Most black people are not racist, and she is one of them!

2664 days ago


LOL I had to laugh at this pic...its actually a Bunion :) And to the one stating that 'black people always have foot problems' don't be ignorant, any woman wear tight, pointy high heels all the time, especially if they're too small for her feet will get bunions, even men get them. It has no racial exclusions

2659 days ago


Uh...O...Uh...O...Uh...O...Uh...O..Uh...O...HAMMER TIME! Geez Oprah "Yo Feet Sho Is Ugly"

2634 days ago


hey - oprah is just human like the rest of us

2592 days ago


I wore army combat boots for twenty years, I even ran at least two miles in them for a short period of time (during basic training). I have since retired, but I continued to have foot problems, namely, bunions and that's O's problem. I have had a bunion removed from each foot and a hammertoe shortened on my right foot. The procedures took me out of circulation for at least two weeks and there is PAIN involved; nothing is like BONE PAIN. However, the doctor who performed my most recent surgery prescribed oxycodone for the pain, I was on four a day, or as needed for the pain. I have no idea how Rush Limbaugh functioned on a daily basis on those drugs (yes I do, he was hooked) I was SOOO incoherent when I wasn't sleeping the effects off. Granted, they look terrible, but should she take the time to have the damned things removed; she will have gorgeous feet. I'm not sure about that sixth "toe."

2658 days ago


Really people why is everyone commenting on this. It is quite simple, Oprah is gaining her weight back cause she's stressed because she can't manage her life correctly and she's always walking on her feet and that extra weight is making her feet wide. Which concludes to she still has that pipe dream of being married one day so she supposely tries to look sexy by wearing these shoes that she knows is too small, while internally she's dying inside from the pain , and Woolah what does that equal out to..... A busted rich , ol hag with bad feet.... In other words this crow is a mess!!!

2618 days ago


Man! She needs to get a border collie and have that thing chewed off!

2674 days ago


At first I thought this was going to be a camel toe photo, I guess we're let off easy.

2674 days ago


Its called a 'bunion' which is very painful and can be surgically removed...dah

2613 days ago


Oooooo!!!!!!I when I read this article and saw the picture I was laughing so hard I almost wet my pantie. It appear that she is rocking a six toe but I believe she just has wide feet and maybe before she became famouse and rich she may have worned too small of a shoe.(hand me down). One would have to to comment on that extra toe or a huge bunion. You would think Oprah with all the cash she has she would get that taken care of....So what extra toe or huge bunion I have no beef with Oprah..... I remember when Oprah first aired in Chicago she look a mess short nappie afro and blue eye shadow. She have came a long way. Oprah what up with all that weaves, a sister can wear to much and she definetly wears to much.

2648 days ago


UGH She ought to have those things hidden at all times!

2669 days ago


My mother had bunions and my sister also has them. It can be genetic but can be aggravated by wearing narrow toe shoes. High heels will make it worse. Myself, I wear sneakers most of the time. When I put on heels my husband, who was a shoe salesman in college, makes a comment that they are not good for you. I am sure if I came home with a pair of designer pointed shoes he would have me take them back. Yes, it can be corrected with surgery. My sis-in law had both feet done. Her mother never had a problem. Wearing the correct size and limiting use of heels helps.

2668 days ago

Khira Love    

I think with all the billions of dollars she has, she could have gotten that fixed!

2646 days ago


If a white person had made the same comment Oprah made, about having
good white folks working for her, only they black, Sharpton and Jackson would not have been
able to jump high enough or fast enough to get that word out.
She is just too funny. I think she should be taken off the air, period.
Have a nice day yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll.

2668 days ago
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