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Extra Toe-prah Winfrey?

5/16/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

WTF?! Either Oprah Winfrey is rockin' a sixth toe or that's one mighty corn!
Oprah Winfrey feet
Miss Winfrey attended the Howard U. graduation ceremony in Washington D.C., picking up an honorary Doctorate of Humanities. O, the humanity!

Frumpy Oprah: Click to launchIt seems that Oprah has it all; a mega hit show, billions of dollars ... and an extra toe.


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For one thing, her outfit is way to dressy for flip-flops. And another thing, she can't help what her feet look like but she has enough money to get them fixed, or wear more covering shoes. She's got some beat up feet!!

2725 days ago

Vivian Chapman    

I think it's the sign of the BEAST 666

2725 days ago


it's gross - quit talking about it!

2725 days ago

MS. M    

screw the toe....who dressed her period....or is that freudian, FLIP FLOPS? just shows ya billions can't buy CLASS,.... graduation or 1st communion going to the beach party after? she too old for ruffles & flip flops, maybe she need to find "some good white' fashion designers & foot therapists....BOYCOTTING MSNB/CBS til IMUS comes home BABY!

2725 days ago


that paparazzi needs to have his camera taken away for taking that shot, ya foot freak!
wrong wrong wrong wrong!

2725 days ago


That made her "extra special" to her owner back at the plantation in Mississippi!

2725 days ago



2725 days ago

Tick Tock    

Please fix me!

2725 days ago


Speaking of shoes, check out these Oprah quotes, including one about the shoes she's wearing:

2725 days ago

Tick Tock    

singing - oprah's got a big ol' bunyon - oh yeah

2725 days ago


TMZ HAS REALLY STOOPED TO AN ALL TIME LOW. I've never heard of anyone who WANTED this type of foot problems, and I hope all who were involved with photographing and printing this story have the same exact problems when you get older. It's poor, pathetic and disgusting to exploit someone else's physical impairments.

2725 days ago


TMZ, you should write about how Oprah W. is such a TIGHT WAD!!!

With all the money that she has amassed, she should be a MUCH More GIVING person. And not just to Africans and African Americans but to ALL RACES!

Quite frankly, she is ALL about ME, ME and more Moi.

She should be spending the rest of her life being a serious philanthropist.

Instead she is working on being the "Richest Person in the World".

Like a lot of blacks, she has used the race card to get to where she is today.

She needs to take lessons from Bill and Melinda Gates, and scores of other people rich people who have given their Time and Money GENEROUSLY helping others.

2725 days ago


sorry, but ya'll got to stop hatin' on O. Its like dissin' the pope or Mother Teresa. It's a bunion from poorly fitting shoes. So she is shoe whore...takes one to know one!!!!xoxoscarlet

2725 days ago


She probably took off her heels to give her feet a rest. Women understand that. And so what if she has that, she seems to be able to wear very high heels without any problems.

2725 days ago

MS. M    

#57 Janeanne, I hope you're being terse & not politically correct as it is FUNNY! billions of bucks, going to an awards ceremony & you are dressed like you only had time to stop at Walmart & shop? from an old monied friend, she would say "low class" while shaking her wonderfully coiffed head.....& her foot "affliction" is more than likely casused by her wearing too tight, too small, too high heels, with too pointy toes......BOYCOTTING MSNBC/CBS til IMUS comes home baby!

2725 days ago
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