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Mama Lohan Squawks -- Lindsay "Misunderstood"

5/16/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina LohanIt's one of the immutable laws of celebdom today: Stick a microphone in Dina Lohan's face, and she will talk, and talk -- and talk some more! Rather than trying to help Lindsay keep a low profile, Dina just throws up her hands and says, in effect, Hey, she's young! Thanks mom!

As an interview in the upcoming Us Weekly proves, some of Mama Lohan's replies are just disturbingly odd. When asked about how Lindsay's holding up after photos of her surfaced supposedly showing her doing drugs in a bathroom (vehemently denied by her rep), Dina says, "Lindsay doesn't even know who her friends are." Well, that's encouraging.

And then, justifying LiLo's incessant clubbing (even post-rehab), Dina says that the partying "is the fun part of the business," and points out that her progeny will be a ripe 21 in a few months. "She is so misunderstood," says Dina.

Party on, Mom.


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Bet he smells    

Hey Dina.....Tell us how misunderstood she will be....when she ends up like Anna Nicole in 10 years...


2719 days ago

I call bullshit    

Lindsay looks like a well preserved 45 year old.

2719 days ago


Actions speak louder than words, methinks.

2719 days ago

the way it is    

here is a new name Lindsey Hoelan!!!!

2719 days ago


Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan (along with her enabling mother) who ALLOW themselves to keep a drug habit & insanely wild lifestyle & blatantly say it's perfectly acceptable do not deserve the good lives they have. Why should she receive all the mega money, perks, and idolization & in return not care at all that she's being a poor role model & a bad influence on the young people watching her, who made it possible to begin with? It's like a slap in the face. We can't help those who won't help themselves, so we need stop making her the big celebrity that she is and concentrate on giving our respect to celebrities who have talent AND integrity. Sorry Lindsay, but good acting by itself isn't that hard to come by.

2719 days ago

Michael Richards    

Id pork both of them. Both are hot bitches. And Maxim magazine just announced that Lilo is the hottest female today.

2719 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Hey Dina, your daughter is "misunderstood"? What does that mean - us commoners don't understand that your stuck up party princess of a daughter is breaking the law by drinking underage & using coke like it's going out of style? Your daughter "doesn't know who her friends are"? What does that mean - you're upset because a supposed friend of your daughter released a video of her snorting up a storm? Or, does that mean that your daughter is so much of a partying brat that she was publicly dressed down by not only a studio head, but the director & her fellow actors on Georgia Rule? When will you get it through that stupid, empty head of yours that your daughter is spiraling down, and you're making things worse by enabling her & being her apologist?

Prediction - Lindsay Lohan will soon graduate to crack, and will be fired from an acting job for her inablility to report to work in a lucid manner. At that time, she will no longer be able to get work due to the incredibly negative buzz surrounding her, and will squander her money buying more crack, to dull her pain. Her empty headed enabler mommy will definitely write a book about it, so as to make more money off of her daughter (pimping her out, while she's down & out), and to get more publicity for herself. Once a dumbass media whore, always a dumbass media whore...

2719 days ago


Dina is a pathetic parent. She will never speak the truth about Lindsay's behavior. Lindsay is her meal ticket and she would want to upset her.

2719 days ago

Anna D.    

NEW Gossip Blog

By the way, this woman is totally living vicariously through Lindsay.

2719 days ago

Billy Idol Still Rocks    

Cripes!! With a mother like Dina, Lindsay never had a chance. Do not blame her problems on her tender age. When I was Lindsay's age, I was graduating with my bachelor's degree. It may be normal to party when you are in your early twenties, but it is not normal to go on coke binges and get smashed every night. If your partying interferes with the rest of your life, you have a problem!! At least Lindsay has not followed Britney into motherhood yet.

2718 days ago


What a complete loser Dina Lohan is. Talk about bad parenting!!! The mom is just as dumb as she looks. Poor Lindsay!!! The girl is barely 21 and she has gone from a cute little girl, who had some talent and potential,to a train wreck waiting to crash.

I mean people can say that she is trash and that they don't feel sorry for her, but I do. This is a perfect example of how money and fame can ruin a person. Not to mention that both her parents are total enablers. Her stupid father has been in and out of jail and her mother is using Lindsay's latest movie to score a spot as a co-host on the View!

The real problem for Lindsay is her stupid mom ,who is trying to be her freind cause she thinks its cute. How pathetic-Your daughter is crying out for help and u can't even do anything about it! Dina must of been a real loser in her younger days. She might have to wake up one day when something really bad happens to Lindsay and that is really unfortunate.

2718 days ago


Mama Lohan needs to get her head out of her ass and start being a mother and not a "friend".

2718 days ago

just asking    

Tell us where the funeral will be because this is where your daughter is heading.

We all know you suck and her father sucks but do the grandparents have any in fluence with their grandaughterl

2718 days ago


They are both circling the drain. Heard that one in my "Meeting" today regarding people who NEED to be in recovery.

2718 days ago


Lindsay, your mom is doing you no favours!!! If there were not a celebrity mom/daughter duo, someone would have stepped up to Dina and slapped her hard by now! What a terrible example of how to not parent your daughter.

2718 days ago
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