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"Rehab" a Laughing Matter for Jay-Z

5/18/2007 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse's hit song "Rehab" is getting the remix treatment, and Jay-Z is taking the opportunity to poke fun at a few celebs who have sought treatment.
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The track features Amy's original vocals, mixed with new verses from rapper Pharoahe Monch and Jigga himself. Jay-Z poked fun at a few celebs who have sought treatment (Britney, anyone?). But Hova didn't stick to just the living -- he even had a little something for those that aren't with us anymore, with the line, "I'ma OD 'til I'm in peace like Anna Nicole."

A bit much, maybe?


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THE TRUTH HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

2697 days ago


Hahahaha that's a good one J! I dont think it's too far. It's entertainment. AND besides...what's the point in goign to rehab if you're just going to leave to go party again?!? Some celebs deserve to be made fun of.

2703 days ago

Big Beat Battalion (Geek Hop Rap)    

Jay Z went WAYYYYY to far with the Anna Nicole Ref.
How dare he...

Listen to Geek Core rap instead, click my link yo!!

2716 days ago

regretting I used to call her a slut    

For once I agree with Jay Z, REHAB IS FOR LOSERS and weak people and drunks and druggies and scum!! Right on Jay Z

2716 days ago


the anna nicole line was a bit much, the rest was funny, all these stars are going to rehab for basically nothing, afterwards they're right back at the clubs, they use it as a publicity stunt

2716 days ago


He didn't go to far at all.. Britney-Whitney-Bobby and the like (alive or deceased) brought this upon themselves.

2716 days ago

how sad    

Give me a break TMZ. What's with the poll? Trying to get everyone riled
up again? It's just a song...BFD.

2716 days ago

how sad    


You sound very intelligent...NOT!!!

It's so obvious that you're jealous of Jay-Z's millions.

2716 days ago


This article is extremely inaccurate its not Jay-Z who made those comments it was the other rapper Pharoahe Monch who said those things. Way to jump all over someone with out all the facts TMZ.

2716 days ago


#12 ...whoa....a little harsh words for the man...don't ya think....I would guess that you or someone close to you has been to rehab...Maybe you need to read the thing over...It didn't say that he talked about regular people in rehab....He poked fun at what??? They want the attention anyway....

2716 days ago


that is great. I'm don't really like Jay-Z's music or rapping style, but the Betty Ford Clinic is a joke.

2716 days ago

Clare W. Kavin    

the ridicule of drug dependent patients is not a joke and should not be treated as one....That is what keep most patients from getting the help they so desperately need....

2716 days ago


Why would he make fun of rehab? Why is rehab considered such an awful place only for "losers" & "scum". It is for strong people who want to get the help that they need. It is for someone who wants to quit using, and have a better life. As a collge graduate, I went to rehab myself for a "pill" addiction. I am a much better person now. I am not a "scum". I am highly educated and live in a prestigious neighborhood. To the "scum" who wrote that rehab is for losers. When you get a college education, and a job, oh and maybe even off the drugs, then you can add your comments.

2716 days ago


I don't think he did..everyone sings about crap that people big deal, if they get offened maybe next time they will stop and think about what it is they are doing and if they would get pissed if someone poked fun at them...these celebs bring it on themselves with all the partying and drugs and drinking "Oh no they are just so rich and can't take the cameras so let go get messed up" Cry me a river! I think its damn funny!

2716 days ago

how sad    

You guys get so emotional. It's just a song...RELAX.

2716 days ago
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