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"Top Model" -- Easy Rider

5/20/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrianne Curry really likes her bare body -- and now it's been plastered it all over a custom made chopper!

The original "America's Next Top Model," who quickly disappeared into VH1 reality show obscurity, was given a free Beverly Hills Chopper on Thursday -- decorated with full-frontal illustrations of her fabulous assets. Vulgar, yes, but at least Curry acknowledges that "the children of Manhattan Beach might not appreciate it." Vroom!

Adrianne Curry's bike: Click to launchCurry, who recently inflated her rack, said she may need to get another chopper to display her latest enhancements -- though BHC owner Johnny Fratto and "Sons of Hollywood" star David Weintraub egged on the former Playboy cover girl to show 'em off in another pictorial. Want a ride?


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Cher: By Hollywood standards...she's a BROKE ass bitch. Most of the world has no idea who she is either, lucky them! Laughing MY ass off!!!

2677 days ago


Can she ride that thing?!?

2681 days ago

Beth Halle    

The whore needs more publicity? Isn't her 15 minutes up yet?

2681 days ago


I'm glad she is doing well .... even with doing ANTM, she had some issues. Getting the breast implants (though normally I don't care for them), was a great idea .... she had some deformity (one was MUCH smaller), and I think it's helped her confidence alot. She looks great, and I love the bike!

2681 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Actually, I liked Adrianne overall persona...
until she bought the boobs. Now I see she's just like the rest of the pack which, of course, confirms what I didn't want to believe because she seemed so different -- same ol' same ol'.

next >>>>>>>

2681 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

...................Any future children will be so proud....Look what I brought for show-&-tell............

2681 days ago


It's funny how she claims her new boobs were just to even out the smaller one, yet gets two implants. She seems to certainly have no shame in showing them off either, so you can't help but question her motive anyhow. Oh well. I used to visit her blog, but it gets old hearing about her beef with ANTM, how sick people shouldn't fly (though she has) even in the case of funerals, welfare families and how she has helped people with drug habits...yet uses pot. Last but not least, how angry drunk drivers make her, but in a recent blog said hubby drove them home after he drank ("but not much"). His eyes look fairly red in the photo taken that night. Who knows. Either way, they can afford a driver so it's an unnecessary risk. After all, it's still drinking and driving.

2681 days ago


To number 6 "me" ....jealous much? LOL

I think the reason she got 2 implants...and btw I did see the pictures and she DID have a very obvious size because, obviously, the day would come when the natural breast would droop and sag while the implant would not. I dont know about you but I wouldnt want to trade one deformity for another if I didnt have to.

I think she looks great!

2681 days ago


I was rooting for her when she was on ANTM, but, I lost a lot of respect for Adrianne when she started bashing ANTM for not bringing her fame and fortune that she claims they promised her. She said they made all of these promises and they didn't come true. ANTM commented back that the show is not to make an instant star, but to open the doors for them and the rest is up to the winner to build themselves from ANTM. In my opinion, Adrianne is who she is because of ANTM , but she is claiming she is where she is because she had to do it herself...well you know what?...if it weren't for ANTM, no one would know who the hell she is...she would be back in Illinois working as a barmade or something. She needs to quit her whining, and appreciate she was given the opportunity thousands of young ladies would love to have had. I also can't believe Chris Knight married this chick...OMG! Many of the contestants are successful models, (not super stars) but models...and in interviews, many of them say they are doing what they thought they would never be doing...ANTM got them in the door and they appreciate it. You don't become a super star over night, it takes a lot of hard work and determination...Nicole Linkletter,CariDee English, Yoanna House, Eva, Naima, etc...are all working for it...Adrianne just wanted it handed to her...she obviously didnt' even want to be a model.

2680 days ago


Chris Knight...You need to have your head examined..yes, both

2680 days ago


Yeah she did say ANTM didn't give her what they promised, so my question is this: If you were PROMISED something at YOUR job and then it was never delivered, would you just be cool with that??? If the winner on that show knew that what was promised to them would never materialize, what would have been the point of going on it in the first place? More power to her for exposing what the show did. If they really wanted to be legitimate, they should go back and give her what they promised, period.

2680 days ago


So, she didn't get work as a model after ANTM? I don't think any of the winners has gone on to fame and fortune, have they? It seems like that reality show is exactly that - a Reality Show - but not really a springboard to success. All the drama makes for good tv, but when all is said is done, that's pretty much all it is. Drama for entertainment. Honestly, Adrianne is the only one I see in the news anymore, which makes me wonder about the other winners.

2680 days ago


what ever happened to peter brady, are they still together?

2680 days ago


love her, shes real and nice, and funny as hell, in a good way.

2680 days ago


Kool, Adrianne rocks!
I cant wait till the new season of My Fair Brady3, and this thursday for her radio show!

2680 days ago
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