"Top Model" -- Easy Rider

5/20/2007 4:01 AM PDT
Adrianne Curry really likes her bare body -- and now it's been plastered it all over a custom made chopper!

The original "America's Next Top Model," who quickly disappeared into VH1 reality show obscurity, was given a free Beverly Hills Chopper on Thursday -- decorated with full-frontal illustrations of her fabulous assets. Vulgar, yes, but at least Curry acknowledges that "the children of Manhattan Beach might not appreciate it." Vroom!

Adrianne Curry's bike: Click to launchCurry, who recently inflated her rack, said she may need to get another chopper to display her latest enhancements -- though BHC owner Johnny Fratto and "Sons of Hollywood" star David Weintraub egged on the former Playboy cover girl to show 'em off in another pictorial. Want a ride?