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Stapp's Wife: Scott Chucked Orangina Bottle at My Face

5/21/2007 12:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott StappScott Stapp's wife claims that she was "in fear for her life" when the rocker flung a glass bottle of Orangina at her face during an alleged incident Sunday morning.

According to the police report, Stapp's wife, Miss New York USA 2004, Jaclyn Nesheiwat Stapp, claims that she called 911 after Scott stumbled into their $5 million mansion around 8:00 AM and got "very angry" when she asked if he was "using drugs." Jaclyn told police that Stapp began yelling at her to "leave him alone," before he grabbed an Orangina bottle and launched it at her face, nearly hitting her.

When cops arrived, they found the shattered bottle ... and several handguns locked in a safe. According to the report, "Scott was very cooperative" about handing over the firearms, which were immediately confiscated. One of the responding officers claims that Stapp did admit to throwing the bottle, but the former Creed frontman also said, "Jaclyn was no where in the area."

Stapp was then arrested on suspicion of domestic assault with intent to commit a felony. After spending a night behind bars, a judge lowered the original booking charge to a misdemeanor. Now, the case is in the hands of the State Attorney, who has 30 days to charge the rock star or reject the case.

According to several published reports, Jaclyn has dealt with Stapp's demons before. The singer was arrested at LAX in 2006 for being publicly intoxicated while waiting to board a plane to Hawaii -- for their honeymoon -- but no charges were filed.


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Karen Roberts    

It's amazing to me that all of you people can sit there in judgment of this man, someone that you don't even KNOW. So buck up and listen - Scott saved my daughter's life. Literally. I can guarantee that 100% of all of you that have written your not-so-nice comments have skeletons in your closets, too. But until or unless any of you can say that you've saved another human being's life, keep your smart-ass comments and ill-meaning remarks to yourselves and let the guy breathe. And yes, he CAN sing, and the lyrics he writtes have more meaning than most of you could even fathom in your lifetime. Instead of slamming someone when they're down, why don't you try to focus on all of the GOOD that they do.

2700 days ago


I don't feel any person should judge another. We are called to love the sinner and hate the sin. I feel that he is extremely talented and gifted. I feel that he has an amazing message in his music. However, I also feel that HE needs to remember that he has children who see all that he does and says. His behavior is his business and his marriage is between him and Jakie. His kids are inncocent and seeing that I came from a household where "Out of control violence" was the norm, I can speak on the effect that this has on Jagger. He is struggling to understand why dad is like this and he idolizes him. Don't show him weakness, show him the strength of an overcomer. A conqurer. All things are possible.

2672 days ago


Scott is still hugely talented but he's wasting it by not acknowledging his alcoholism (in a more serious way). This isn't cute badboy rockstar behavior... it's killing his marriage, his career, and HIM.

I wish people would stop being so jealous and/or hateful of him. He's really struggling and always has. If you can't admit he's one of the most talented musicians we've ever had, you've got a problem of your own.

2693 days ago

Page Hutcheson    

I am saddened in my heart for Scott and his whole family. This man has so many wonderul qualities. He's a caring giving person--read about all his charity work. He can writes music that really speaks to people. He has a great voice--and no, it's not Eddie Vedders voice(whoever that guy is) Here people are trashing him for his failings instead of wishing him well-and for healing. He has a problem, I hope that he can get help. People should pray for him, not call him names and put negeative thoughts out there. Just last week he was at The Haven visiting children that are wards of the state and giving a donation from his charity org. Frankly, I'm tired of all the bad press.

2711 days ago

she smiled    

hmmm...maybe he should stop drinking.

2715 days ago


Ugh I used to love his voice, his music. WTH happened to you Scott? Get your life together already. You have a gift, go back and find it and get off the drugs and booze. So tired of all these famous people with either too much money and boredom or them losing their fame and turning to drugs. What a waste of talent God gave you.

2715 days ago


Doesn't sound like anything really's not like he actually hit her.There have been lots of times i got mad at someone & threw something (not at them just at the wall or to the floor)..I could see this as "worth posting" if he actually hit her or threatend to kill her or somehting but not just breaking a bottle & yelling i mean come on that's nothing!

2715 days ago


Over endulged a*shole.

2715 days ago


Obviously you have never been on the receiving end of a bottle coming at you from a drunken whacked out fool stumbling in the house angry and wasted. This isn't the first time either that he's been wasted, he was pulled off a plane for being drunk a while back, a week after he was married.

2715 days ago

who cares?    

who the f*** cares! who are these a**holes?????????????????????????????

2715 days ago


#8 Nice name you skank!

2715 days ago


Time for Scott to surrender to the fact that he can't drink like a normal person anymore!

2715 days ago


Time for his wife to do the tough love thing and leave for awhile until he gets help. I've lived through similar circumstances with my husband

2715 days ago


What a shame. I loved this guy!! He used to shuck oysters
at Barnacle Bills up the street from me. Just a regular guy
trying to break into rock. Now he is a bloated has-been
that cannot seem to come to grips with the fact that his
celebrity is OVER. Come on Scott, get some help.

2715 days ago




2715 days ago
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