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Cry Me a River, Paula!

5/22/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Abdul had a weepy breakdown yesterday -- and it was caught on tape!

Cameras spotted the nose-outta-joint "American Idol" judge, bawling her eyes out as she left her Hollywood Hills home! Her driver handed the sobbing mess a tissue before Miss A got into the limo.

We're not sure why Paula was crying ... perhaps she got a look at her outfit.


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Good grief! I can't believe some of these posts. Do any of you ever cry? My guess is YES. However since none of you are washed up" has-beens" no one cares enough to take your picture. I'm praying each one who posted negative thoughts would realize if they went out and did one nice thing for someone without getting anything back for it you would be a better more productive person.

2719 days ago


I don't understand why some blogger's come to this site, snoop around then leave blogs telling TMZ & everyone else the subject matter is not anyone's business! lmao why are they here?
click off and go someplace else if you don't approve. it's that simple.

2719 days ago

Michelle LL    

She didn't break her nose, she smashed the cartilage in her nose, not the same thing.

2719 days ago


#30 Faye....nice post!

2719 days ago


paula. have you heard of REHAB ????/

2719 days ago


#15 good point Laura.

You people (tmz included) are mean!
No one should be made fun of because they are crying!
Let her cry in peace!

2719 days ago

Eye Candy    

I also believe Paula has a medical condition that the public is not aware of. It has nothing to do with booze or drugs either like you narrow minded people think.

If you posters are an adult, then act like an adult. It is not mature of you to make fun of a person that has a disease and an illness.

2719 days ago


Laughing in the face of humility?. Can't wait till it's your turn. Loved one die? You know what they say about payback? Grow up. You have the rest of your pathetic life to do it.

2719 days ago


She has an incurable, degenerative disease, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. And she goes on with her work with quiet courage, never talks about it. I sure would, if the public kept mistaking it for drunkenness. Leave her alone. All of you who would put her down: if you have her health, you don't know what good health is until it fails you. Have a little human compassion. You made need someone else to be decent to you someday.

2719 days ago


She is out of pain pills.

2719 days ago


I would cry too if I broke my nose before the season finale and had to be taped geesh you guys are harsh

2719 days ago


You are so ffing rude.
This lady has a painful condition Causalgia and she also suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis.....this means she suffers a lot of physiacl pain....

She needs medication for pain and to help her cope with it....She is a genuinely nice person and she DOES NOT drink.....

Get a life !

2719 days ago


Yes Causalgia was the original name for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

This lady is in pain...

Leave her alone....she does a great job....considering her painful conditions....

2719 days ago


People in the pubic eye suffer enough with everything they do exposed to the world. This lady is just another human. Like your mother, your sister. She has feeling, she's human. The nasty things said about her stems from jealousy. Please leave her alone. Love one another/ PEACE

2719 days ago


why do u all even bother .who cares

2719 days ago
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