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Is Rosie Ready to Ditch "The View" -- Right Now?

5/23/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's ballistic warfare this morning push Ro over the edge -- and into an early exit from "The View?"

O'Donnell has three weeks left before she's done, but from the sound of her blog at, even that might be too long for her to handle. "It may be time to be done," was what she wrote this afternoon, after the brutal verbal bashing she and Elisabeth smacked-down on one another, while also suggesting that it should be Elisabeth, not she, who should apologize for the dust-up.

Rosie clearly wasn't happy with producers of the show, who saw fit to split-screen the shouting match in flagrante, which made for riveting television, but unquestionably ratcheted up the rancor. "It was sickening," wrote Ro.

Rosie said she wouldn't be going to work tomorrow, but a "View" rep tells TMZ that O'Donnell scheduled the day off to celebrate partner Kelli's 40th birthday -- and that's all.


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2623 days ago


Oh brother. Leave already. make sure you get a night gig because I will be watching.

oooohhhh interesting....

2623 days ago


i hate rosie.

2623 days ago


BARFF...................BARFF.............."WHO LET THE DOGS OUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BARFF BARFF!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ROSIE FANS ARE AS SMART AS SHE IS...............

2623 days ago


who cares... rosie should just go and take all her politically incorrect rantings with her. i say Buh Bye. Dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

2623 days ago


It's time for her to leave nice, she's such a cow

2623 days ago


Those who can not think of anything intelligent to say, usually name call. It's an insecurity that prevails in the minds of most of the uninformed. It's ok it makes for entertainment alright.....isn't that the point ABC?

2623 days ago


Rosie seems to be having A MENOPAUSAL MELTDOWN!!!

2623 days ago

Rib Scott    

Elisabeth is not a coward. She is slightly retarded. Elisabeth is trying to get her name in the press by going on the attack in major way....she wants to raise her profile to get a gig at fox!

2623 days ago


Leave NOW!!!!!!!! You Big Mouth Bitch!!

2623 days ago

judy j    

Rosie is one sick puppy. She refuses to let people talk if they don't agree with her. She is angry at the world and says nothing uplifting and positive. Can't wait till she's gone.

2623 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

DARE WE HOPE????? Let us all keep our thoughts positive in hoping this loud mouth, uneducated, stupid, ignorant communist spewing piece of crap leaves NOW!
Next time she hangs upside down in her little swing, let us hope someone thinks she is something hanging there for bat practice and knock the hell out of her putting her and everyone else out of misery...

2623 days ago


All I can is - please leave now - so tired of your butch, bullying big-fat mouth. Being loudest does not make you right. Brag, brag, brag...sick of listening to her - I tape the show, so I can fast foward her nonsense. She's bragging about being so rich but there are so many more important things in life! This may not only be the end of Rosie but it may be the end of the View - she has destroyed Barbara Walter's reputation and it is understandable why Bill Getty doesn't want to be on camera anymore.
Regardless of what the big mouth says, she started the Trump fued when she threw her greasy, straggly hair to the side and made fun of him. He has the right to make decisions for his show - shouldn't be her business - she can express her view without shouting and making fun of people. Many comedians (which she is no longer considered) are funny without being belittling and obnoxious.
Will I mss rosie - hell no, I even miss Star now!

2623 days ago


Both Rosie and Elizabeth have become annoying, and in many cases incredibly misinformed. Why can't we hear more from Joy who knows more than both of them and presents it without irritating rancor and screaming.

2623 days ago


I'm so sick of Rosie! She's a loud mouth and a bully and berades and beats up anyone who doesn't share her same opinion. I'm so sick of her and her tantrums. I don't like E. Hasselhoff much better but I sure like her more now that she's shown she can hold her own against Rosie. Don't know what's wrong with this show. First they had Star Jones, who looked more like a drag queen after her weight loss and talked about her religion like she was above the rest of us. Ratings were failing and they went with Rosie for controversy and got just that. I think though that people, like myself, who used to tune in to enjoy fair debate amongst the hosts, are now just shaking their heads - quite sick of this Rosie beast that's taken over. I'll be glad when she's gone. If she'd tone down a bit, she'd be a great champion for any cause but with that big mouth, nobody wants to be associated with her. She is a joke.

2623 days ago
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