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Is Rosie Ready to Ditch "The View" -- Right Now?

5/23/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's ballistic warfare this morning push Ro over the edge -- and into an early exit from "The View?"

O'Donnell has three weeks left before she's done, but from the sound of her blog at, even that might be too long for her to handle. "It may be time to be done," was what she wrote this afternoon, after the brutal verbal bashing she and Elisabeth smacked-down on one another, while also suggesting that it should be Elisabeth, not she, who should apologize for the dust-up.

Rosie clearly wasn't happy with producers of the show, who saw fit to split-screen the shouting match in flagrante, which made for riveting television, but unquestionably ratcheted up the rancor. "It was sickening," wrote Ro.

Rosie said she wouldn't be going to work tomorrow, but a "View" rep tells TMZ that O'Donnell scheduled the day off to celebrate partner Kelli's 40th birthday -- and that's all.


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Rosie got the shoe put on the other foot, and it doesn't feel good, now she's cryin like a little bitch
I hope she drops off the face of the earth after her time is up on the view...

2708 days ago


Please fire Rosie NOW. She has ruined the show. Her rants are just awful. The View use to be an enjoyable show. Even Joy was entertaining at one time, now now. She has been influenced by Rosie. I admire Elizabeth to finally stand up to Rosie.

2708 days ago


what is with her, she can not get along with anyone, if she is that unhappy with her job she needs to quit.

2708 days ago


EH seemed to be inflamed even before RO got into the conversation.
RO asked a "yes" or "no" question and it is cowardly to not answer with honesty.
EH responded with condescension almost immediately. She came off as combative and defensive from the very start.
I hope RO stays her last 3 weeks~but who could blame her for leaving?

2708 days ago


Anybody who does any thinking will argue politcs with family and friends. However, the majority of us are lucky enough not to have millions of people who "think" they know us watch and weigh in on what they think we meant. There is a simple solution: When the arguement between Rosie and Elisabeth escalated, I turned it off. I usually find their debates interesting and harbour no delusions about "knowing" either of them although I am more often than not in agreement with Rosie. This morning I felt that things got out of hand and became more a personal arguement. At that point, I feel that the director should have gone to commercial rather than showing the women in split screen. Personally I felt that this was intrusive and in very poor taste. Unfortunately 2 individuals have been used in the name of television ratings - something they should have been able to settle personally became fodder for the almighty dollar. I may be mistaken, but isn't this a sweeps period?

2708 days ago


For all her yelling and screaming, fights with soooooo many people, apparent (one-sided) knowledge of the world, no good ever comes from her behavior---nothing ever positive--nothing ever gets better because of the way she acts. Only worse. LEAVE ALREADY ROSIE-have a three week birthday party with Kelli, don't come back at all to "The View". Then get some seriously needed professional help.

2708 days ago


#25 Rosie has a nanny...Irish lady named Geraldine...she speaks about her often....Kellie also works full time

but what does that have to do with any of this anyway? She has been pouting and looking miserable for a few weeks now.....this has been a long time coming.

2708 days ago


Elisabeth is a no talent idiot. She has never been an asset to this show and has almost been fired before. She has no insight, empathy or compassion for anyone else. I pity her poor husband and daughter. I agree with Rosie but I do not care for the fights and I wish she could tone it down. She makes great sense, but to be taken more seriously needs to tone it down to offend less people. Bush is the WORST President ever and has caused irreprepable damage to our country. Elisabeth will defend him and his Administration to her death.

2708 days ago


I don't always agree with RO but today I do. How hard was it for EH to answer her question? If EH had answered no would her friends of at Faux News and the RNC banned her from any more of their Republican games? Today's show was truly disgusting on so many levels.

2708 days ago



2708 days ago

Sally Bryant    

Rosie is upset about what the news says about her. The facts are she is a FAT, LOUDMOUTHED, RUDE LESBIAN. She is just another spoiled celebrity who is ungrateful. She has two mansions, a cook, nanny, chauffeur on call 24 hours a day, hair person, makeup person, assistant, maid, a million dollar apartment in NY City. Not only does she have two mansions, she has two craft houses bigger than most of our houses. She brags all the time how rich she is. She work four hours a week. All she has to do to work is open her big mouth and spew her rude and nasty comments. She has been so nasty and rude to so many people. Now Elizabeth stands up to her and we are suppossed to feel sorry for Rosie. Give me a break. Rosie needs to adjust her meds. She is so negative and ungrateful. I feel sorry for her kids. She is so miserable on tv, she must be the same loudmouth to her kids.

2708 days ago


This best describes how I feel about Rosie:


2708 days ago

Can't Stand Rosie    

Rosie is a fat rude big mouth liar! I can't stand her, the high ratings are due to the "Springer" effect she has, it is like wanting to watch an accident, you don't like it but want to see it. She likes to call people out but remember she became a star by being a fraud herself, hiding her partner (who she insists on calling her wife because she can't handle reality) and pretended to be a straight typical American mommy........big lie that she became famous on. She was the first to sling mud at Elisabeth on The View today, she called names and spoke over her and then plays victim on her website blog. She stated Donald Trump started the fight between them but in reality........she started it with making fun of his physical appearance with the famous hair flip and mimicked his voice. I think she has serious mental health issues. Bi Polar? Borderline Personality? Not sure, but definitely appears mentally ill.

2708 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    


2708 days ago


Rosie is Not a team player!
It doesn't matter who the co-host is,she will
argue with them, and drama will follow. If anyone stands up against
anything Rosie says is gospel, Rosie will attack them. It's either Rosie's view
or no view.
I think she should finish her contract, and be an adult about it.

2708 days ago
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