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Is Rosie Ready to Ditch "The View" -- Right Now?

5/23/2007 7:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Did Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck's ballistic warfare this morning push Ro over the edge -- and into an early exit from "The View?"

O'Donnell has three weeks left before she's done, but from the sound of her blog at, even that might be too long for her to handle. "It may be time to be done," was what she wrote this afternoon, after the brutal verbal bashing she and Elisabeth smacked-down on one another, while also suggesting that it should be Elisabeth, not she, who should apologize for the dust-up.

Rosie clearly wasn't happy with producers of the show, who saw fit to split-screen the shouting match in flagrante, which made for riveting television, but unquestionably ratcheted up the rancor. "It was sickening," wrote Ro.

Rosie said she wouldn't be going to work tomorrow, but a "View" rep tells TMZ that O'Donnell scheduled the day off to celebrate partner Kelli's 40th birthday -- and that's all.


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how sad    

I'm sure Rosie really wants to leave now. She's been feeling that way for awhile.
ABC won't let her out of her contract, because she too good for ratings. I think it'll
be interesting to see what happens. When is May sweeps week?

Rosie saved The View. The View will tank when Rosie leaves.
I certainly won't be watching. Elisabeth is too annoying and dumb.

2672 days ago


Can't wait until she hits 70 yo. she will be the biggest bitch ever. Over the time she has been on the VIEW, i have lost all respect for Rosie, previous to that, I enjoyed her. Not sure what has happened to her, think she going mad, well, maybe she is already.

2672 days ago


OMG--Some of you are soooo rude!!!! I'm only here to post some words of support for Rosie, but felt it necessary to read all of the comments--why, I don't know. The last one about someone with an obvious Latin-American name presenting his papers---What an awful thing to say!!!! Why the hell would he have a forum that discusses Liberal/Conservative views if he wasn't able to participate in the dialogue? Let me guess, you think the only way he can voice his opinion is to show up at a pro-immigration rally in L.A. and hurl rocks at the police? Believe it or not, there are Mexican and South Americans who are in this country legally!!! I sat next to some at a awards ceremony just last night (where their incredibly intelligent daughter won an armful of awards). IDIOT!!!!!!!

2672 days ago


I can't help but notice that in this "discussion" among TMZ readers, not one person bothers to address whether it's OK for Hasselbeck to weasel around the simple yes-or-no question: Does she believe Rosie called U.S. troops terrorists? Why the hell doesn't Lizzie just answer the question yes or no? I would say that is right about why not: Because Lizzie is consciously undermining her, Republican-style, by insinuating that Rosie is unpatriotic.

2672 days ago



2672 days ago

Over it    

The show is a PATHETIC 'circle', and it's really about time that some big-wig at that network pull their head out and end this traffic accident. There are plenty of people who can co-host the show without it having to be all about them. NO ONE deserves to have to sit and be berated over and over by that 'mouthpiece'. And the viewers shouldn't have to suffer any longer through Rosie's display of insecurities any longer. That's the only reason she's leaving - SHE can't take the heat as we all all sick of her powering over people to prove she is 'something special' when in actuality she has no self-worth.

2672 days ago

sharon reinert    

Dont know much about E.H, but how do you know the e.p. prompts her in debates. That came off Rosies blog. Wouldnt happen to be not true would it cause it cam from rosie. Has to be true then.
Rosie would do well to not be such a bully. She is alienating a lot of people. She is an unhappy, mentally disturbed human being who should maybe up her meds to calm her.

2672 days ago

jokin' right    

She's off tomorrow for the birthday thing and Friday is already taped. Between Friday afternoon & monday morning an announcement will be made that Rosie will not be finishing out her contract. She's already gone...and she's taking the view along with her. The view will not make it past next season. Too much has gone down for them to recover now and Babwa is a fool if she continues to tarnish her reputation with this trainwreck of a show.

2672 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Well Bye-go now and don't let the door hit you in your big old nasty azz

2672 days ago

truly dissapointed    

I can't believe how cruel and hypocritical most of these responses are. You are calling a woman hurtful disrespectful names all because you don't believe in what she says. Shame on all of you.
Do any of you actually watch "The View" or are you just listening to media hype and re-worked sound bytes?
Rosie has never said anything that wasn't backed by actual fact and has been trying to bring important subjects to light through discussion. I guess most U.S citizens would really prefer to only talk about Paris Hilton and Linsday whats-her-name.......or keep your heads in the sand.

2672 days ago

Can't Stand Rosie    

Rosie started the fight with Trump by flipping her hair over to the side and then made a very unflattering facial expression while mimicking his voice. She made fun of Star Jones's weight loss and physical appearance. She has a history of making fun of people's appearance, have you not been listening to the show or have you not seen her old show "Rosie O'Donnel Show" in the past?? In my honest opinion, comedian or not, if you make fun of other people's appearance and open yourself up to the same criticisms. One would think, that her being so grossly obese with rosacea on her face, would make her less likely to poke fun of other's physical appearance.......but apparently not.

2672 days ago


Obviously, Rosie can't stand the she's wants out of the kitchen early. Just like I thought, someone stands up to her and she gets flustered. She expects everyone to back down while she wails away. What a chicken and sore loser.

2672 days ago

how sad    

There is something about EH's voice and tone that is sooooo ANNOYING!!!
Please replace her with an intelligent Repblican. She's embarrassing to the
whole right wing. She's too programmed like a robot.

2672 days ago

Traci Marston    

We applaud you Rosie ! My mom and I dont like Elisabeth and we wish that she would
leave and not you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2672 days ago


Some body finally put that nasty heffer in her place !!!!! Good for elisabeth for standing up to Rosie,all she knows how to do is label everything and everyone. She is the most un-American in human person and does not deserve her celebrity. Time to go rosie dont let the door hit you on your way out !!!!!

2672 days ago
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