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Sharon Stone -- Flabulous!

5/23/2007 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Stone might want to think about doing a few squats instead of lounging around on a big boat.

The actress oozed over the strings of her teeny-weeny bikini yesterday as she soaked in the sun off the coast of Cannes aboard Roberto Cavalli's yacht. Seems like she's always had a thing for sea men.


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I'm sure everyone who posted a negative comment has a ass you could bounce quarters off. I think some of you forget that the paparazzi follows people to places where they are relaxing in private!! There is a HUGE difference between Sharon Stone or anyone showing up in PUBLIC wearing something inappropriate than having her privacy invaded and being criticized for cellulite, which, as someone pointed out, is impossible to get rid of. You all would be lucky to look as good at her age.

Try, if you can, to just imagine YOUR privacy invaded, being photographed when you don't want to be, and then have a bunch of cowardly people with nothing better to do sit around and insult you for their own pleasure.

2673 days ago


She doesn't look bad at all for a 50 year old woman. Of course, I'm from the South, where it's quite normal for 20-year olds to have more cellulite, fat and wrinkles than most 50 year olds...

2673 days ago


The problem isn't her body. she just needs to do something about that hair. She's still so beautiful but the hair is awful .

2673 days ago


Oh for goodness sake, report on something actually newsworthy. Sharon looks beautiful for someone close to 50, heck, she looks great for someone 30. ....and we wonder why all of the young hollywood starlets are starving themselves.... just read these posts!!!!!!!!!!!!

2673 days ago


well said, Nikki Bee

2673 days ago

the wise old owl    

I'm 50 years old and my back side does not look like that. However my lifestyle might have something to do with it. Working out arobicly EVERYDAY and lifting weights 3 times a week would solve Sharon Stone's problem back there. Personally if I looked like that from the back...... I would cover it up. I don't like looking at it and I'm sure other people don't really find it attractive either.

A calorie restricted diet will not build muscle tone. She takes care of her face really good but she ignores her back side.

If she was shipwreaked and could only crab for a month and had to do physical labor BELIEVE ME....... she would be coming back home with NO CELULITE. You can get rid of it's just takes dedication and will power. Those aren't stretch marks on her butt and theighs. Those are fat cells that can be erased by " using them up as energy " and exercising. Dahhhh

2673 days ago


at least she doesnt look all fake!!!
she keeps it real and i love that about her!!! no one is perfect!

2673 days ago


Good for Sharon.....she obviously has the confidence that 99% of the rest of these obsessed chicklets out there do.not ..and knows life is about so much more than a bit of cellulite. If you've got a lot going for you in the "it" department...via are much more appealing to any man who is worthwhile ..than if you look like a Victoria's Secret playtoy. The guys who have to have the air-brushed look on all their female conquerings...are pathetic and insecure as well. Way too many women spend way too much time ,money , and effort on looking like everyone else. Do these people with implants not realize they all look alike...and many terribly sleazy ? Let's take the au naturel....of Cameron Diaz...Sandra Bullock...Keira Knightley....Kate Hudson...and give credit where credit is due. Sexy isn't about grapefruits to rest your guys chin on...nor your "abs"'s an inborn thing...and way too many are overlooking the possibility that they may just have what it takes...but are too busy wasting their time thinking they have to keep up with the tacky trends out there. Kudos to Sharon....and to others who know the difference.........

2673 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

Geez - leave her alone. She isn't in her 20's and wasn't posing for these pictures. She still looks better than the majority of people her age.

2673 days ago


Yea she looks good to be 50 in the FACE but give up the two piece swimsuits that is gross........I dont know maybe the tanning bed would help lol......

2673 days ago


I read a comment she made about never letting her hair grow long because she feels after a "certain age it isn't appropriate." Methinks she is definintely not looking appropriate with the cottage cheese legs either and I don't care HOW old someone is with that look!

2673 days ago


Oh comeon, she still has a great body, She just needs to tone up. Shes pretty.

2673 days ago


I'm fifty!!! I am fifty years old. I can kick and I am fifty years old!!

2673 days ago


I actually find this reassuring. She looks like a real person. And she's not ashamed to show it. Good for you, Sharon!

And a previous poster was correct: certain people are pre-disposed to cellulite, no matter how thin or fit.

2673 days ago


Sharon can still turn men on, cellulite or not. She's got what it takes INSIDE, that's where sex appeal is. Pam Anderson's plastic globes and clown make-up and cartoon posing couldn't do it for me the way Sharon's smile does it for me. Sharon can do it for men the way Sean Connery is still doing it for women. Has to be something INSIDE the package, and if there's enough, we don't care so much about what kinda fancy ribbons tie it all up. And don't listen to the tanning freaks, Sharon, your skin is too good to ruin.

2673 days ago
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