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Fan to Jessica: "Once You Go Black ..."

5/24/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is Jessica Simpson into black guys? That's what one loudmouthed fan asked the dim damsel at the airport yesterday.

As Jess walked to her terminal, the pop starlet was hilariously cat-called by a snubbed male autograph hound who yelled, "How do you feel about interracial relationships? Can a n**** stand a chance?" as Simpson could do nothing but laugh.

The man's parting words to Jessica as she disappeared through security -- "Once you go black, you never go back!"


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I was in the LA riots. Plus the OJ Simpson protests. ( the National Organization of Wemn and many upset people hit the LA streets and screamed and protested when OJ was found not guilty. ) Yes, we learned plenty from the OJ Simpson case. never mayy a black person if yopu are female and white, If your husband beats the hell out of you or kills you, there will never be justice for you or your loved ones, THe black race card will be played, and the black man will get off, period, no problem, Especially if he is famous. And killing and beating people in race riots never solves anything, It just makes people hate more. You dont win a viewpoint that way.

2519 days ago


Costa Mesa Boy - My comments were not to make you jealous, get over yourself. They were just to point out that not every white girl who dates/marries a black guy is fat, skanky, blonde, suffering from low self-esteem, or interested only in sex. And not all black guys are drug dealers, crack heads, multiple baby daddies, ect., using "stupid white girls" for their money.

Love Sees No Color!!

2519 days ago


Leave Jessica out of this one! She's sweet talented & adorable.. Anyone that knocks Jessica is extremely Jealous!!!! She's a young woman trying to find her way. Let her be happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2519 days ago



2519 days ago



2519 days ago


.....SUSIE***I know sweetie...i am really happy 4 you, i was N' love with a Japanese/Chinese girl for 3 1/2 years, & probably just like you and your man" THE CHEMISTRY WAS THERE",,,,
i am frusrated with people like simoenesdad who think life is a war........ALOT OF PEOPLE THINK LIKE who cares,,take care EVERYONE,,,,,I GOTTA PICK UP THE KIDS,,,,,,,,,SORRY IF I GOT OUT OF LINE,,TODAY WAS NUTZ ON goes on....

2519 days ago



I don't hate anyone. I do hate ignorance and racial bigotry. I've seen on both sides and it's ugly no matter what the source. I've read lot's of your comments and I actually think there is some hope for you believe it or not. While your comments are generally rude,somewhat uninformed and many times don't make sense at all you're sort of funny (in an Archie Bunker sort of way) You can be converted but more importantly I think you WANT to be converted. Some people get the picture and want to work together. You might be one. I've found that those who have the most extreme views on race, secretly want to find a resolution within themselves. That's when the conversion begins. I realize it is very hard and consumes a lot of energy to carry around that much hate.

2519 days ago

just me    

What he said is so true! I "went black" before it was trendy to do so. It was 1966 when I met my husband and it's true-once you go black you never go back. By the way he was a fantastic father and husband, worked 2 jobs until he was able to open his own business and was always ( and still
IS) a great man!!

2519 days ago


I'm a Brotha from the South, and I've NEVER met a racist Woman. Ever. I've met some that had their preferences for only White Men, etc. but I dont take offense. I have many White Female friends that I have dated (not slept with) because I talked/treated them the same as I would my sister or mother.

I think if you break a stereotype, then you represent your Race in a positive light. I also know MANY White Men who have the typical Southern 'I work with Blacks, but I'd never let them in my house' attitude; but ALL STRAIGHT MEN share the same Lust. They told me they'd screw Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, Beyonce' a heartbeat. So in reality...theres no racism when it comes to primal sex. The world is my proof. It aint about being 'Hung' or 'White guys go down", its really about Respect and Attraction.

Those two factors can get you almost any Guy or Girl. Both Jessica and Ashley have been seen out with Taye Diggs, Diddy, John Legend, Pharrell and other brothas. Poppa Joe know if he could hit some Nubian booty without being caught he'd do it ;) And ANY person saying they wouldnt sleep with a person of an opposite race even if theres Chemistry and Physical Attraction, ARE LIARS. lol. Lonliness is a Mucker Futher.

2519 days ago


I just read Rock's earlier posts, and might I say...WOW. Where are you getting your stats?
Not since the late 90's have Blacks made up the majority of welfare. That stat hasnt existed for nearly 10 years. Not knocking other race, but Hispanics make up the majority now. But with more Hispanic owned business popping up everywhere, they'll make up a a small ratio of welfare soon.
Hepatitus and HIV are also high in the European and S. African and Asian countries, which FAR outnumber Blacks. Watch late night CNN and you'll see nasty old European men infected with HIV sleeping with Black or Asian children, because they think their Virginity will cleanse them of disease. This has gone on since the 60's yet people rarely mention it. Instead they say HIV come from men sleeping with monkeys and it spread...Puh-leeze!
All you have to do to see my proof is do a search on West Africa, Cambodia and the Phillippines with Child Prostitution and see how nasty Rich European Men are.
-Now how'd we get off Jessy Simpson? If she put out, or was good in the sack, John Mayer would still be with her. Is it me, or does she come off as a cold fish?

2519 days ago


She is disgusting. I see her talk and she looks so stupid. She can't sing and her looks are bad. Another bad talent in America. No wonder I don't buy any cd's anymore. and your sister and your daddy need to get lost.

2519 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

So obvious needs to get her life together. Comment #30 was praising black inventors and stating that people may be black or white but we all bleed the same color. That was a positive statement. You are the type of black woman who hates on a black man for dating a white woman. I feel that if a black man is happy with a white woman, so be it. As I said before, I do not agree with the black men who use white woman to their advantage. I am West Indian and my fiance is Columbian and maybe one day you will find someone if you stop being so negative. I am as real as they come. You on the other hand are heading for self destruction.

2519 days ago


that was stupid! huh????? must have been bored.

2519 days ago


why is it when someone posts a racial slur they get called ignorant. I thought ignorant meant you didnt know something. What is it that racist people dont know? Hating black people and being offensive is one thing but what is it that racist people dont know?

2519 days ago


STILL GOING.......FREAKIN' ENERGIZER BUNNY!!!.......haha,,,,,,,who cares,,,,you people broke me,,,,,,,,,,,i broke down & bought a bottle,,,,,,,,haha,,,,,,,I LEAST IT WASN'T DRUGS LIKE TOM SLEAzeMORE........more ,MORE HUH,,,,,,IM NOT PARANOID,,,,HUHUH,,,,,,are you talking about me,,,,,,,,more MORE,,,,,,,,, if she'es cute, GO 4 IT!!!!!TRUST ME

2519 days ago
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