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"View" Snoozes with Rosie Home

5/24/2007 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This morning, on an ABC morning talk show, four women sat around a glass table gabbing amiably about pop culture, current events and random marginalia, suffused with self-empowerment -- and they eschewed personal rancor. Huh?

Yo, ABC! Give us "The View" back!

The day after thermonuclear war broke out between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, "The View" was a placid (boring), supportive (boring), and happy (booooring) place once more, with Queen Babs back on her throne to restore order. Rosie was off celebrating partner Kelli's birthday, but the show didn't skirt around yesterday's slugfest, and guest co-host Kathy Griffin compared the dust-up to Christmas dinners in the Griffin family household.

Still, as of this morning, all Rosie was sayin' was that she didn't know when she'd be back -- if at all, according to her blog. And, more officially, Babwa called any suggestion that yesterday's fight was scripted "ridiculous."


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well a few things, rosie is a sick nonhuman,eh is getting to big for her britches,joy is a washed up has been, barbara old folks home soon, and alicia silverstone,well she is a rude nasty UGLY wantabe she is good at making fun of people and shunning them('eh and paris,)but would someone please tell me what this bitch is other than a rosie wantabe.i think the view should wipe the floor clean of all of them start a fresh new day and call it 'the point'

2663 days ago

RM her or hate her.....I have to admit when she came on the show I made sure that I watched it! Not boring at all. We have all made stupid what is the bid deal. I loved it when she told the Mop of Hair..or Thining Hair Donald Duck...Trump off. He had it coming for a long time. I'm willing to bet1 if Rosie got a show.....the ratings will go high! Now the show is soooooooo zzzzzzzzzzzz

2658 days ago


Just proof that this show will fall apart when Rosie her or hate her, she's the only thing making it at all interesting!

2675 days ago


Hope she's gone for good!

2675 days ago

Get a Grip    

Rosie is entitled to her opinion just like Elizabeth. Since when is it Elizabeth's job to defend what Rosie says? Rosie should defend herself. Elizabeth clearly can not support Rosie's opinion. Why should she go even further and DEFEND it? Rosie would never support or defend a statement made by Elizabeth if she (Rosie) didn't agree with it...which is apparently most of the time.

2675 days ago


They can replace Rosie with Jenna Jameson, now I'm watchin!

2675 days ago


Without Rosie, The View will just be circling the drain. And it couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of witches. BW is a back stabber and liar, Joy I feel sorry for, and I've got dirt with a higher IQ than Liz. Once Rosie leaves, I will never watch that stupid show again.

2675 days ago


ROSIE GETS THE #'S .........YOU MAY BE RIGHT.........SHE IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!,,,all of us educated people in America, cant believe that there really is idiots out there who agree w- her,,,,,,,,,,

2675 days ago


ABC... how you like them BORING apples? hahahahahaha

tomorrow might be good - was recorded yesterday while the fight was still fresh

Go Rosie!

2675 days ago


To #1

Is that you Rosie??

2675 days ago

Team Rosie    

Anyone remember before Rosie was on The View? Hasselbeck has had many, many meltdowns, personally attacking other co-hosts and even guests. She has smarted off to Queen Babs too when B tried to calm her down. EH has a long history of cutting people off, wagging her finger in their faces, screeching and dominating anyone that has a different opinion. Rosie was just strong enough to get right back in her face. See for yourself - just youtube Elisabeth Hasselbeck View and watch the older encounters.

As of the day Rosie leaves I will boycott this show.

2675 days ago


TMZ...your just pissed off that you won't have Rosie to kick around anymore. All you ever do is make fun of you miss her??? Well, not me! Good riddance.

2675 days ago



She's having a melt down and no body realizes it......

2675 days ago


First of all I would like to apologize to TMZ, that I thought you guys were up to no good for not posting my comments. It wasn't you. It was me. I'm such an idiot when it comes to high tech stuff...Last week, I rebooted my PC & apparently it wiped out a few things. Anyway, back to normal now...LOL.

Back to Rosie & Betsy.

Rosie is a loud mouth with a good heart.

Betsy is a dumb blonde who is blindly believe in a hopeless, secretive, warmonger & greedy administration, to make her feel as if she is so intelligent & worthy & better than the rest of us. So sick of looking at her close-set eyes. Go ahead to FOX, because no one will care to watch you, nor your male version, namely Bill O'Reily!!!

Granted, I'm not a fan of the show, but once in a while I flip through & watch what Rosie has to say.

I love Joy Behar. She is funny & know when to hold them, and when to fold them.

Babwa is an old hag, who is idolizing herself...Boring!!!

2675 days ago


2675 days ago
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