"View" Snoozes with Rosie Home

5/24/2007 4:00 PM PDT

"View" Snoozes with Rosie Home

This morning, on an ABC morning talk show, four women sat around a glass table gabbing amiably about pop culture, current events and random marginalia, suffused with self-empowerment -- and they eschewed personal rancor. Huh?

Yo, ABC! Give us "The View" back!

The day after thermonuclear war broke out between Rosie O'Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, "The View" was a placid (boring), supportive (boring), and happy (booooring) place once more, with Queen Babs back on her throne to restore order. Rosie was off celebrating partner Kelli's birthday, but the show didn't skirt around yesterday's slugfest, and guest co-host Kathy Griffin compared the dust-up to Christmas dinners in the Griffin family household.

Still, as of this morning, all Rosie was sayin' was that she didn't know when she'd be back -- if at all, according to her blog. And, more officially, Babwa called any suggestion that yesterday's fight was scripted "ridiculous."