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Kevin Spacey

Is a Baller!

5/25/2007 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo of Kevin Spacey on a recent outing at NYC hotspot The Plumm, and let's just say the actor was feeling a little like Diddy while hittin' the club.

Kevin Spacey
Spacey hit the Manhatttan club scene to celebrate his Broadway co-star Eve Best's win of a Drama Desk Award for Best Actress. Sources inside the club tell TMZ that Kevin wasn't going for the normal run-of-the-mill vodka in his VIP booth, instead ordering 5 bottles of Cristal champagne. At $800 a pop -- that's $4000 -- ballin'! Owner Noel Ashman was feeling the love, so he sent over another bottle to add to the party! Bottoms up, K dog!

Spacey was also given the extra special treatment ... exclusive access to the club owner's personal bathroom. An Oscar winner should be able to powder his nose in private!


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# 12,,,,,,,,that is what i heard also,,,,,,,FREAKIN' BUTT PLUGGERS

2715 days ago

Michael K    

Just yet another example of the who-haves-showing up the who-have nots. I am a big fan of KS's work as an actor, but anyone spending that kind of money on carbonated ground up grapes is ludicrous. its akin to these overpaid hollywood types spending 10K for a bloody handbag. they all should be shot. bye the way, when is Kevin coming out of the closet?

2715 days ago


Did they all just come from a funeral?

2715 days ago


If anyone actually deserves to splurge, it's Kevin Spacey. He has more talent than a vast majority of young stars out there right now. Cheers Mr. Spacey!

2715 days ago


Stef & Candy - Hate to break the news to you, but Kevin is



2715 days ago


the guy next to him looks like the boy toy he had with him at the Madonna Concert at Madison Square Garden on June 29th last year. I was directly in front of the couple. GAY!

2714 days ago


I don't really care what his sexual preference's are, nor his political views. Both of which I don really need to hear about
He is a fine actor.That is the depth of my concern.
Dose one need to come out of the closet if that is the case?. What's so liberal about that way of thinking? Live free and equal but as I say you should?

2714 days ago


Well, I am shocked I tell you. GAY? Why would somebody say that about Kevin Spacey?? Not that there's anything WRONG with it, but it does kind of spoil something for me.

I used to LOVE watching Rock Hudson. Now, when I see his old movies, and he kisses a woman, I have problems looking at it. I was in love with Johnny Mathis for years. Why are they doing this to us? Who is next?

Will there only be K-FED left who isn't? And he is a wife beater because I believe that song Britney sings about begging a man to keep hitting her again is about him. Unless it's Timberlake. I get the flaky Hollywood people confused. Anyway, Kevin Spacey gave me what I want from Hollywood - great enjoyment, and I will stick with that.

2714 days ago


This photo looks old Hollywood. Even though smoking is a no no now, it's still a good shot.

Don't know about Kevin's private life ( and that's ok with me) except he is a might fine actor.

Discretion and self control is something a lot of the Entertainment field could use instead of whining about the press always catching them in the act..

2714 days ago


I didn't know that Johnny Mathis was gay??

"Dose one need to come out of the closet if that is the case?. What's so liberal about that way of thinking? Live free and equal but as I say you should?"

MOTHBALLS - People can have their secrets, but it seems like if gay men and women stay in the closet, then they are feeding the public's attitude that there's something wrong with it. I have nothing against gay people, but it seems like they are "lying" to the public when they act straight when they are, in fact, gay.

2714 days ago

He's Boring now    

Hey Spacey you drop that kind of dough for some bubbly, couldnt you have been "paying it forward" in a better way than that---you know, kind of like the roles you play...sorry to learn you dont live the roles you so graciously pursue to play on the screen.

Paying strip club prices for bubbly is just plain stupid.

2714 days ago


I adore Kevin!!!!!!!!!! So what if he blows 4K on champagne. He's helping keep the economy going! I imagine he was tipping his servers well, also. Who cares if he's gay? I can't wait to see how his career unfolds!

2714 days ago

vivian tozzi    

#16 Apparently you are unaware of the following:
1-Kevin donates back his salary as Artist Director of the Old Vic each year.
2-He set up a scholarship for needy students at Julliard.
3-His Triggerstreet production company helps new writers get a foothold in Hollywood.
4-He helps young actors and actresses move ahead in their careers.Colin Farrell, Kate Bosworth and Eve Best are a few examples.
5-He insists on low cost tickets for students and young people so they can learn to appreciate the theater .
6-He is gracious to and appreciates all the support of all his fans.
7-He works very hard to give the best performance he can so the audience gets what it deserves from him.
8-He chooses to keep his private life or rather the "life of his privates" to himself. I find that refreshing in an age where Paris Hilton & pals are literally letting it all hang out .
9- He acknowledges those in the business who mentored him and supported him and is now trying to do the same for others.
If he wishes to splurge on a party for a friend ,so what!

2713 days ago


Completely agree with you - I do not need or want to know about his private life.Thats his business.What he does on stage and screen is my business and he has never disappointed!
Its very refreshing to see someone behave in a dignified way.Old school and cool!

2713 days ago


Eff Kevin who's that smoking guy who is also SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??

2713 days ago
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