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Maddox Hangs With Mommy's New BFF

5/25/2007 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marianne Pearl, widow of journalist Daniel Pearl, who Angelina Jolie portrays in her new film "A Mighty Heart," played babysitter to Maddox while Brangelina promoted their latest projects in Cannes this week. Hey, who's watching Zahara, Shiloh and Pax?! An army of nannies, that's who!

Maddox, Marianne and adorable son Adam enjoyed the Mediterranean weather and frolicked in the waters off the French Riviera.


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Please, people, Brad & Angelina have four children now. The are deeply in love with their children & each other. Now can we MOVE ON? The only other reason to keep this "ugliness" going, is, they don't have a life. This is a great family. A lot of "stars" as well a parents could learn by their example. They want to teach their children not to hate and be prejudice as most haters on this board. Oh, btw--they both are humanitarian's. They give back here as well as abroad.

2665 days ago


By the way, that wig looks rediculous on her. I will not see her movie. I havent seen either one of their movies in since they hooked up. I will however, see Jennifer Anistons movies.

2654 days ago


They are both amazing women!

2672 days ago


Oh, to be a rich kid.......

2672 days ago

how sad    

Yes TMZ, when parents go to work nannies take care of what?
Are you trying to imply that Brangelina should stay home 24/7? Give me a break.
Stop trying to turn people against Brangelina. Must be a slow news day.

2672 days ago


Angie & Mariane are Extraordinary Women.

2672 days ago


All Actresses in Hollywood Have mannies for their children. why the problem with that?

2672 days ago


BRANGELINA are great & amazing parents. They are so gorgeous together. Brad & Angelina are GREAT !!

2672 days ago


I fell sorry for the kids, mommy and daddy are not around very much, and if they are home the kids still go to daycare, whatsup with that??????

2672 days ago


All you people who think Angie and Pearl's wife are such "amazing women" are religious freaks. What have they done that is so special ?!?!?!?

2672 days ago


Why have a bunch of kids, only to have them raised by a nanny? She is never home, or she drags them around the world. Culture is good, but so is stability.

2672 days ago


Yeah, what is so amazing about Angelina, She steals other womens men. Whoopie.

2672 days ago

Oh Canada    

Joey, are you proposing that the three younger kids stay home unattended? Or that Ms.Jolie shouldn't have a life because she has four young children. Whether they phone a babysitter, a relative, or a nanny service, every mother needs a break from the little ones now and then.
They're entitled.

Like all the pathetic jealous haters out there you just don't like Brad&Angie together, you and al the other homely unhappy or semi-attractive unhappy people will take pot shots every chance you get. It's comical, the happier Brad&Angie looks, the more venomous your comments. Losers. ..

All you haters "concerned" for the children being "dragged" all over the globe; don't worry, I'm sure the little ones have very comfortable sleeping quarters on the private jets their parents charter.
The children are everywhere their parents are, how wonderful is that. Not all parents are able to have their children travel everywhere with them, I think it's fantastic for the ones that can, and do.
The Jolie-Pitts are four very fortunate children. Two parents that love eachother and their children....there's nothing better.

2672 days ago


You guys are just jealous of their life.

2672 days ago


babysis....... grow up. I have a far better life than Angie does. I have morals and appreciate life and my family. I am not jealous at all. One question I have is if Brad is such a wonderful "father" (HA), then WHY isn't he trying to get Angie to mend things with her OWN father? Must be nice to pick and choose your family members, huh?

2672 days ago
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