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Maddox Hangs With Mommy's New BFF

5/25/2007 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marianne Pearl, widow of journalist Daniel Pearl, who Angelina Jolie portrays in her new film "A Mighty Heart," played babysitter to Maddox while Brangelina promoted their latest projects in Cannes this week. Hey, who's watching Zahara, Shiloh and Pax?! An army of nannies, that's who!

Maddox, Marianne and adorable son Adam enjoyed the Mediterranean weather and frolicked in the waters off the French Riviera.


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how sad    

poster # 6, Hey Joey,

Haven't you realized yet that TMZ purposely tries to rile everybody up?
Get a grip. What does everyone write about Paris and Britney? The
stories are slanted the way TMZ wants people to respond.

Sounds like a lot of jealous people are posting right now.
Instead of bashing Brangelina, why don't you all go volunteer somewhere.

2675 days ago

how sad    

Jennifer Anniston doesn't get along with her own mother?
What about her family relationship? Oh I forgot... poor Jennifer...yeah right!
No one knows what goes on behing closed doors. Stop summing
up everyone's life based on headlines or gossip magazines.

2675 days ago

how sad    

WOW...I can't believe people are actually being negative about Brangelina.
These 2 have done so much for the poor...Angelina for the UN and Brad in
New Orleans. You guys would bash the Pope if given the chance.

No one can steal anyone's spouse. If a relationship is healthy, strong and
happy...nothing or no one can break it up. Stop fooling yourselves.

2675 days ago

Tick Tock    

Marianne is a friend - not a nanny.

2675 days ago


I am SO sick of people saying that Angie stole Brad. You CAN'T steal a happily married man from anyone!!! Jennifer Aniston committed fraud when she married Brad. She knew he wanted kids BEFORE they got married!! She watched him renovate & decorate a nursery back in 2002 for crying out loud!! Bottomline is that Brad is 43 with 4 kids. If he stayed with Jen he would still be 43 with NO kids!!! Jen had the nerve to cry a river to the press about how she never said she didn't want to have children. You didn't have to say it bitch, actions speak louder than words...............Life is too damn short not to get what you want!!!

2675 days ago


So many people in Hollywood sleep around. For God's sake, Lance Armstring left his wife for Sheryl Crow, does anybody pick on her? No, she had cancer so that automatically makes her a saint. Angelina has done more for impoverished nations then any other entertainer. What has Jennifer Aniston done for other countries? Buy $400 capris that were made by some kid in Taiwan, who got paid 20 cents to make them? Yeah, what a contributor to something great. You people got your heads twisted on backwards if you think JA is such a wonderful person.

My cousin has four boys and has a nanny. Nothing wrong with that at all. And so what if Brad and Angoe have their kids in daycare? Isn't that what NORMAL people do for their kids? Don't they send their kids off to socialize and learn with other kids their age? Sheesh people. Quit insulting Angelina, get your heads out of your butts, and pick on people that deserve to be picked on.

2675 days ago

Jennifer D    

Ange and Marianne became friends BEFORE Ange hooked up with Brad. Marianne had written a letter asking if Ange wanted to set up a playdate for the boys (Adam and Maddox are close in age). The boys are friends, so they are playing, Marianne is not "babysitting".

2675 days ago


I love you TMZ, but please LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE.

2675 days ago


Good grief, I am so sick and tired of hearing about Angie, Brad, and Jen. They have all moved on, why in the heck can't the rest of the world? Get over it. What about Tori Spelling and that McDermott character. He left his wife with a new baby, for Tori. Is she being crucified, NO. What about Lance and Sheryl?
This photo is of a strong woman who continues to live for her child and try to honor her dead husband. Nothing wrong with that. Hopefully her story will bring some type of closure and comfort to others.

2675 days ago


That's all fine and good, but can't she adopt a homeless kid in the USA?

2675 days ago


I would be so happy to have made friends with a wonderful woman such as Marianne Pearl and I think it is wonderful that a little boy who will live his life under the media spotlight has fun with 'real' people.

2675 days ago


my god, you lot are nutters!!!! nuff said

2675 days ago


I think all you characters who think so positive about people need some help. But keep it up. It makes me laugh. LMAO.

2675 days ago


I'm glad Brad & Jen never had any kids. They both have strong jawlines and Jen has that chin thing. Jennifer wanted a baby alright and his name is oscar. She didn't want to get pregnant just in case the "perfect" role came along. She could have adopted for his sake. He would have been glad to stay home with their baby. I think the last straw for him was when she promised to start a family after "friends" ended. What did she do? She signed on for 4 movies in a row BEFORE "friends" ended. They all tanked except the one with Vince. She only makes about 12 mil opening weekend anyway so 12 mil of the "Break-Up" was hers and the rest was for Vince. She acts the same way in EVERY movie.....

2675 days ago


ummmm..#15, last time I checked, it only takes one time to get pregnant

2675 days ago
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