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Maddox Hangs With Mommy's New BFF

5/25/2007 1:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marianne Pearl, widow of journalist Daniel Pearl, who Angelina Jolie portrays in her new film "A Mighty Heart," played babysitter to Maddox while Brangelina promoted their latest projects in Cannes this week. Hey, who's watching Zahara, Shiloh and Pax?! An army of nannies, that's who!

Maddox, Marianne and adorable son Adam enjoyed the Mediterranean weather and frolicked in the waters off the French Riviera.


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yeah god bless her for picking the right shades of children.
Angelina Gets Creepier
Saturday, May 26, 2007

What sort of bizarre impression is Angelina Jolie leaving on the people of Prague? The actress, as you know, is in the historic Czech city filming a Hollywood thriller called Wanted. It has in many ways been an eventful visit for Jolie, who at one point early on called the city the most horrible on earth, declaring it "even worse than Africa." This because the paparazzi there had taken some pictures of her adopted children, causing her to have a fit and lock herself in a bathroom. This is not the image she normally projects - typically we think of Angelina as a serene presence, almost saintly, the way she ministers to the sick and displaced people of the world, and occasionally picks one out to take home with her. But we mustn't forget that Angelina was a Hollywood star before she was the savior of the earth, and that an actress of her talent is more than capable of projecting serenity if it's called for. Indeed, at times Angelina seems little more than a performer who has decided to make all the world literally her stage, and all the world's orphans her fellow protagonists in an on-going drama, Angelina Saves the World.

Is she deluded or merely a brilliant self-promoter - what Paris Hilton would be if she had any honest ambition or brains? The people of Prague might be forgiven if they chose the former. At the very least the Praguians must suspect Angelina of having peculiar habits. I bring this up because of an article in the Daily Mail detailing one particular habit of Angelina's that has got people over there talking. The actress, it seems, has herself driven around in a big black SUV, which tends to careen at rather high speeds along the streets (important people can't be bothered to worry about public safety). Every morning Angelina rides with her adopted Cambodian son Maddox to the English-language school she has enrolled him in, so his education won't lapse during their stay in the city. Along the route from the hotel to the school, the SUV is seen to frequently stop, the window roll down and an arm poke out (which the Daily Mail compares to the spindly upper extremities of E.T.). A finger points - inevitably at some individual innocently going about their business on the sidewalk. Witnesses to this daily ritual say the pointee is invariably a person of black or Asian descent - a "person of color" to use that rather sickly, demeaning appellation. The arm quickly retracts, it is said, and the window winds up, and the SUV continues on its urgent, oblivious way.

So why, exactly, is Angelina Jolie going around Prague pointing at black and Asian people? According to the inevitable "sources close to the star," Angelina is in fact thinking of adopting again (shock of shocks), and the pointing business is actually part of her process. It's a little like choosing a shade of paint for one's living room - first you look at samples, and discuss the selection of hues with whoever else is involved in the decision. In this case the pedestrians of Prague are the paint-samples, and Maddox is the concerned party whose council Angelina is asking. Put in simple terms - Angelina Jolie is driving around Prague pointing "people of color" out to Maddox and asking him what he thinks of the shade. This because Angelina has become consumed with the notion that her "ethnic" children must have counterparts in the family who resemble them. And not only in general racial terms - no, it's not enough for Angelina to match Maddox up with another Asian (Pax), and African daughter Zahara with another yet-to-be-selected African. Angelina must get the skin tones right - she must pick a color that exactly matches.

It is creepy enough on the surface, but then you get to really think about it, and it develops layers of creepiness that make Angelina kissing her brother on television seem as innocent as apple pie and freckly-faced toddlers. What, one asks oneself, is Angelina actually saying to Maddox as she points out these "ethnic" people on the street? "What do you think of that one? Is that too dark? Do you think Zahara would like a sister who was that shade? Will that one go with the drapes do you think?" And what of little Maddox, being taught that people are basically pigment-samples - that the folks he spies out his SUV window are not individual human beings at all but examples of various hues whose underlying existence is utterly irrelevant. "Look mommy, there goes an orange one." Is Maddox doomed to spend the rest of his life viewing the human race the same way a home-improvement enthusiast views a card displaying different shades of brown? And what does all this say about Angelina's view of humanity, exactly? When she travels to all these countries full of "ethnic" people, does she view them as people at all, or merely as a collection of different-colored face

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Hey, hey, hey, guess what I found?

All you AJ fanatics, google "X17" and scroll down, you'll all get sooooo twittered. Quick, quick, hurry hurry, don't delay, get your fix today!!

2706 days ago


September 2006, was forced to quickly set up a charity when questions were asked about where $5.5 million for selling photos of Shiloh was, despite a promise the cash would go to charity.

Late 2006 claimed the charity Cambodian Vision in Development misappropriated funds. In turn, the head of the charity Mounh Sarath says they never received the $2 million Angelina promised towards an environmental project. Furious over her allegations, Mounh has signaled his intention to sue.

Has joked that she would rather do sex scenes with women than men because she can talk about shopping with them.

Has a private pilot and Airbase single engine land civilian pilot's license.

Donated many items to Rocky Stone to be given to less fortunate kids as part of the Toy Mountain Campaign.

Used to own a pet rat and snake.

Has a tattoo of a blue window on her lower back, which she claims is because no matter where she was at any point in her life, she always found herself looking out a window, wishing to be elsewhere.

Is fluent in French. Her mother was French. Children often learn their mother’s native language.

Is of Czech and American descent on her father's side, and French and Haudenosaunee (Iroquoian Native) heritage on her mother's side.

Was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Switzerland, after her visits to Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Pakistan.

Has the Latin phrase "Quoi me nutrit me destruit" ("What nourishes me also destroys me") tattooed across her stomach.

Had a childhood dream of becoming a funeral director.

With her brother publicly spoke out to deny false rumors that the two were having an incestuous love affair.

Collects knives and has an interest in mortuary science.

Tattoos include the Japanese sign for death, two pointy black American Indian symbols, a dragon, and a large black cross.

Has made a reservation to fly into space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

A fan flashed Angelina at a Benefit Concert, revealing an 8-inch tattoo of Angelina on her butt.

February 2007 revealed she was looking forward to adopting a third child, sometime in the near future.

Favorite foods include McDonalds fast food and Cheerios cereal.

Was nominated for Worst Actress at the Razzie Awards for four straight years from 2002 to 2005, but each time was beaten by another of her fellow nominees. She has still yet to "win" an award.

Favorite Disney character is Dumbo. Has admitted to crying when he was able to fly.

Graduated two years early from Beverly Hills High School at the age of 16.

Nickname is Angie Cat woman.

Has a country estate in England, for which she purchased for $3.8 million.

During the filming of the first "Tomb Raider" film, spent 2 hours a day in make-up to cover all the tattoos she has.

From "trivial list"

2706 days ago


TMZ. You need to get your facts straight. I know celebrity journalism is not on the same level as hard news, but jeezzzz can't you get something right for a change. The Pitt family does not have an army of nannies. And if you don't believe me, then prove otherwise. I'm talking about nannies currently employed by them. So far we've only seen one older lady who keeps getting mistaken for Brad's mom, plus their two bodyguards watching their children.

And it's hysterically funny the people who jump on them based on what you say, when it's so easy to find the truth using the internet. Doesn't take much time or brain cells.

2706 days ago


the variety story is nonsense. other sites have the full interview, in which angie absolutely discusses the movie and marianne. her statement about taking a year off was in response to a specific question posed by a reporter. what was she supposed to do, ignore the question. remember how you all slammed her when that douchebag ryan seacrest asked her the most inane questions and she didn't want to answer?!? anyway, i fault the journalists and the magazines for running a headline based on ONE response in an extensive question and answer session at cannes.

2706 days ago


Angelina J. and Brad Pee are scumbags. Why do you people think they are wonderful when they both committed adultery???? Broke up marriages? What is so cool about that? And now they are breeding and should be ashamed to adopt. Passing on their bad behavior to innocent kids.

I can't wait until Angelina is old and wrinkled, then she won't think so much of herself.

2706 days ago


It's so predictable. Every time TMZ posts something on Brangelina, those who (rightfully) question Brangelina are labeled haters by the clique-y "baiters" and their one-note harping on "you're still stuck on Jennifer Aniston" nonsense. It's amusing to read their rants -- they're so infantile in assuming every anti-Angelina has a pro-Jennifer bias.

2706 days ago


I do not hate Angelina Jolie. I do not hate Brad Pitt. I despise the treatmen of their children (sic). As I have said many times before in my comments, these adopted chidren have become fashion accessories to many a celebrity. I have a 30 year old daughter of Cuban/American descent who is an actor, screenwriter and director. I have another daughter, 17 years of age, who has played ice hockey for 10 years. She was the youngest player at the '05 Olympic tryouts in Cromwell, CT. I have never missed one of her games since she has started to play, not one. This daughter is of Turkish/American descent. My home is akin to the UN. I raised these girls on my own while starting a business, which has become very successfui. Children need their parents available to them emotionally and physically. I raised these girl's to be strong and value education so they will never, ever have to depend on a man. How are these Pitt/Jolie children supposed to understand the value of living by working hard and having mom or dad there to kiss their boo-boo's or give them valuable lessons of life that is never going to be kind to them.
The religions in my household vary, Muslim, Christian, Quaker, to mention a few. All tolerant of each. That's what Love does, folks.
If you feel a nannie is necessary, well whatever floats your boat. Please, do not take credit for the everyday well being of your kids, though. Ms. Jolie is raising(sic) a brood of kids living the high life, as they are. Don't get upset if someone snaps their photos. it's expected in the life you both lead.

pies, so glad you live across the 'pond', as well. It is commonly referred to these days as the Atlantic. Hope you find a good dentist soon.

Sorry, also with this 'haters' stuff, enough already, it's like 'That's so HOT', eough already. Buy a Thesaurus and fin some new adjectives, okay?

2705 days ago


i meant 'treatment', excuse the spelling error.

2705 days ago


I find it so astonishing that anyone who thinks Ange did something wrong and feels she is fraudulent are some how believed to be homely or average at best. Are you supporters really that unable to handle that attractive people don't like all beautiful people for that mere fact? If so you are the ones that must be ugly. Because if you were pretty you would understand that it just isn't so. We don't just love people because of our beauty. Or else your in junior high and don't know any better.

PS the piece I posted previously was a great piece. But thanks for taking it so seriously here on a gossip site,

2705 days ago


re:mymy Does one have to be beautiful in order to appreciate beauty? I will be 51 tomorrow, Happy B-Day to me, am confused for 39, and am considered quite pretty. But, dear, beauty fades. Angelina is not ugly but she is in no way a great beauty. Young Kate Hepburn, Catherine Zeta-jones, America Ferrara, and naturally my daughters. But in life as we know it, it doesn't matter, it really doesn't matter.
Although, I do think you are in high school with your callow insight(sic).

2705 days ago


mymy, forgot to mention you cannot spell. Alluding to your own beauty was superficial. At least, say what you mean. It's so annoying when someone who lacks a decent education, means what they try to say.

2705 days ago

Yes I TYped IT    

Someone posted about the tabloids being wrong--- well, they were right about those two. Angie n Brad can only redeem themselves with God and not us. Yes she slept with a married man - Yes he cheated on his wife ..Angie got pregnant on purpose to pis Jen off. Count the months between the break-up and the pregnancy. She can save all she wants but the reality is that she is a man stealing piece of trash. Check her history, that's all she's ever done. And Brand , he picked the wrong woman to have kids with . God bless those children because the poor kids may have to suffer for their parents sin.

2705 days ago


"That sort of temper tantrum can't, I think, be chalked up to outrage over her kids being photographed. It wasn't the violation of her and her children's privacy that really bothered her - it was that the paparazzi had made her feel like she was not in control. Angelina, it's clear, is one of these colossally insecure people who feel the need to manipulate each and every aspect of their daily life, so that it conforms with some bizarre image they've concocted of the ideal existence. Angie has clearly bought into her own Mother Teresa act,"

Spot on

2705 days ago


Is it just me, or should Brad and Angelina be forced to procreate? I mean they are the most beautiful couple on the planet. I think as a society we should insist people as beautiful as Brad and Angelina produce at least the same number of children they plan to adopt.

2705 days ago
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