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LiLo Loses Birthday Booze

5/27/2007 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's her party, but she won't be drinking vodka if she wants to.

With breaking news of Lindsay Lohan's weekend DUI, Svedka vodka has pulled out of sponsoring Lohan's 21st birthday bash, to be held this July in Las Vegas. According to Gatecrasher, Svedka was set to sponsor the two-day blowout, but recently rethought the deal. It seems the company thought it might seem irresponsible to be associated with the oft-rehabbing, DUI-driving starlet.

Sheen Drops "Loose Change"

Charlie Sheen is no wacky conspiracy theorist. The sitcom star is having second thoughts about being involved in the 9/11 conspiracy documentary "Loose Change," which argues that the World Trade Center attack was an inside job. Though Sheen initially told "Extra" that the film was "a story about the truth, and the truth needs to be exposed," he's now backtracking. Sources told Page Six that Sheen is "having second thoughts" about future involvement with the film.

"Loose Change" also took a hit this week from Rosie O'Donnell. O'Donnell was a huge "Change" supporter, and had reportedly booked the film's producers on "The View," but now that she's quit, it looks like that segment won't be running anytime soon.

Katie Holmes' Tasty Treats

Katie Holmes isn't above trying to sweeten up her coworkers. Each Friday, Mrs. Tom Cruise -- who is on location in Shreveport, Louisiana, working on her new film "Mad Money" -- treats the film's cast and crew to a special treat. This week: snow cones. Holmes hired a snow cone truck to visit the set on Friday and serve up the ice cold refreshments. In recent weeks she's also treated the cast and crew of 300 -- which includes costars Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah and Ted Danson -- to smoothies, pizza, cupcakes and Coke floats.

Party Favors...Cameron Hangs Ten with Surfer...

Cameron Diaz hung out in Hawaii last week with surfing hottie and "just friend" Kelly Slater. Slater took Diaz to a Quiksilver store to pick up some surfing swag.


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Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell think alike? Doesn't that scare either of them, to believe they think like the other one?

2652 days ago


That is an ugly picture of Katie Holmes. She's so plain looking- not the 'Hollywood type' you'de expect.

It's so damn funny that this is what Tom Cruise had to SETTLE FOR. No one else would have his crazy ass, so he had to fine a 'fan' to marry!!!

2652 days ago



2652 days ago


No comment about Lindasy- we all knew this day would come for her.

Too bad she was 'smart enough' to go to the hospital, instead to getting busted on the scene of the accident! I'll have to remember that little trick!

2652 days ago


Svadka Vodka has come to it's senses and pulled out of BloHan's 21 drunk-fest.

Isn't she getting paid $1million to have her b-day party at some Las Vegas club? Could be a big downer if she is under public and legal scruitiny for DUI +/- drug posession.

This girl is in trouble. No parenting, no self-worth, no meaningful relationship except with a bottle and a line.

2652 days ago


Once again, THANK GOD Linds' DID NOT KILL ANYONE !!!! I am thrilled to learn that the Vodka company that was supposed to (allegedly) "be sponsoring" her upcoming (21st)drunken birthday "brawl" in Las Vegas this upcoming July 2nd-3rd has PULLED OUT !!!! Maybe now Linds will go to REHAB and stay there....FOREVER ...if that is what it takes...but knowing the rules for the Hollywoood "prima donna" ... she probably will just get off on some technicality ??!! That sad excuse of a mom of hers will probably do some fast "double-talking" about poor, poor, poor misunderstood Linds' ??!!! Gees !!!!!

2652 days ago


Check out the Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Government Officials, Professors, 9-11 Survivors and Family Members who have expressed significant criticism of the 9-11 Commission Report and/or allege government complicity in 9-11 found here:

2652 days ago


How nice of Katie Homely........

like none of the cast and crew could afford their own snow cones...????!!!!!

2652 days ago


We have a crazy bitch where I work that brings us bagels on fridays... kind of a "you've been a good dog this week, here's a treat for you" thing... needless to say, we all hate her and no amount of bagels or any other treat will ever change that.

2652 days ago

Allred Tree    

I too used (THANK GOD) to work with someone like Katie. She was the worst worker - always behind, always late, read interior decorating magazines, newspaper at her desk, lots of personal phone calls and gossip and ALWAYS KISSING UP TO THE SUPERVISOR! She would think up "gift" ideas all rather expensive all on her own and then take up a collection from the group and have a fit if anyone objected. Went so far as to take up a collection for a newspaper subscription for the man when he was going through a divorce as she felt he was having "a rough time financially." Of course he was a jerk and made more money than the rest of us!

2652 days ago


Is katie holmes that desperate for friends...apparently midget cut of her shopping sprees so she has to sink the allowance into cast mates who have more than enough combined to feed everyone in liousiana...

When you are in Louisiana , the 49th poorest and its neighboring no.50 Missisipi, you can do well to spend the money on those who need it...tactlessly tacky charity to the wrong people.

Oh well..she probably spends a lot more on one pair of shoes than what she donates to the crew...poor little rich skeletor, who knew money would bring out her horrid personality, for a minute there I had her confused with Joey Potter...apparently she was just another wannabe desperate to be rich young girl waiting to find the right money train and go through the hollywood carwash, and feed her emptiness with shopping sprees......Guess the money was enough to sell her soul and her baby to the LRON and...........hey speaking of which, shouldnt SCN be against shoppinjg sprees since Holmes uses it as a kind of Drug,.ahhaha

2652 days ago

jacq said a mouthful!!! Keep it up!!!    

I'm from Louisiana and I'm sure I can speak for all people from Lousiana. Since we believe in God, Jesus and the Bible, we dont want you here.

Stop being a sick person and divorce your creepy "I love Tom Cruise so much that I had a picture of him on my wall as a child" husband (child molester) and do something better with your self.

2652 days ago


That's very nice of Katie.....But I feel like..... She thinks money can buy anything. Sorry to say that.

2652 days ago


CHARLIE SHEEN, DON'T DO IT! ! ! Really, those 9-11 conspiracy theories are very one-sided, uneducated, agenda-based propaganda that IS UNTRUE. People, don't be so easily fooled by these radicals.

I admire Sheen for having second thoughts and I hope he kicks this one to the curb. This agenda-based, prejudicial finger pointing has to stop.

Also, people, remember, Clinton wasn't out of office for long before 9-11, so a conspiracy involving his administration would seem at the very least AS plausible in the realm of likelihood or possibility as a precursor to 9-11 as this conspiracy is, wouldn't you agree?

2652 days ago


Thank you Charlie!!!! I have lost so much interest in some clelebs,I just want to be entertained,I like his show I think it is funny, he has come a long way since his drug problems . Hope he stays recovered,enough crap is going on in this world ,we just dont need to hear such bs that this movie would portray.

2652 days ago
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