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5/29/2007 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paging Sally Struthers!

It's a good thing Nicole Richie went on a coffee run on Sunday, because the featherweight femme is in dire need of a wake-up call! Nicole hit up a local Coffee Bean in Los Angeles draped in a clingy orange dress that exposed her skeletal frame. The lovely bones!

Either Nicole's bizarrely proud of her bare bones look -- or she doesn't have a mirror (or a friend!) within close proximity.

It's time to make the donuts. Seriously.


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Yuck! She needs serious help. I cannot understand how you could look in the mirror and and think "I look good" or is it "I look fat?" Ugh. Where are her parents and friends. Disgusting!

2669 days ago

castra regina    

the are people in Darfur with more meat on their bones than this moribund excuse!

2669 days ago


I will say what she would say if she saw that .. "coke whor E"

2669 days ago


dont only say wheres lionel or her mom.. wheres joel?

seriously, if my boyfriend saw me looking like that, he would tell me i didnt look healthy. he would try to get me some help, and if i didnt take it, he would leave me until i did! this is what joel should do.

besides, you know, joel is an attractive man, he could have any girl he wants. why does he hang around this ugly, skeletal-druggie? yuck! he needs to wake up.

2669 days ago

queen elizabeth    

if she's so thin, why does she have a big belly?

and if she's so rich, why is she starving to death?

poor thing.

2669 days ago


Eat a double cheeseburger for crying out loud!!!!!!!

2669 days ago


sad. she looked much better with a few extra pounds..why why why? these spoiled kids (and include paris, lindsey and britney in this statement) have lost their minds. they can be so much more respected and great role models if they only stepped back for a minute and got a grip on things. not sure having all that money really helps them...seems to hurt them more

2669 days ago

Fonda Cox    

OMG - what a porker. She needs to lose at LEAST another 30 pounds

2669 days ago


how very sad.... she needs help ASAP, before something tragic happens.

2669 days ago


She is one fugly creature! When is she going to learn she is not attractive like she is?

2669 days ago

Mysty Maples    

It's not a pot belly. She's emaciated... that's what the Ethiopian kids look like, distended bellies, protruding bones. It's a wonder she wears such skimpy clothes, most anorexics bundle up because they are constantly freezing.

2669 days ago


This girl is "walking death." She looks very unhealthy. Nicole has starved herself, and is by no means in shape and healthy. Everyone, this is what you call skinny-fat. Some parts of her body are like bones, but becasue she is not working out, she has areas of fat.

What is wrong with all these girls? The world is their playground, and they could do so much to help others. Why are they all either drinking, doing drugs, starving themselves, or all of the above?

I guess money cannot buy happiness. Nicole, will be next to die. Her body cannot take much more of her abuse.

Someone should go to court, and intervine to save her life.

The people around her now, are enablers.

2669 days ago


By the looks of her, she must be on a very strict "beer only" diet

2669 days ago


It should be legal for EMTs/Paramedics/Nurses/Doctors/Law Enforcement to force feed people who look like this some Carl's Jr ON SIGHT. Seriously, she looks steps away from DEATH, for crying out loud.

2669 days ago


#25, LOVE it. she does need to lose some more weight, she is looking a little chubby. and what is her talent again? oh, thats right, nothing. anorexia or not, she could make some effort to hide it if she wanted to. the rest of the eating disorder society tries to hide their weight loss. and a padded bra would be an improvment. even though there is not much there, there is no need for whats there to sag.

2669 days ago
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